Vol. 1 Chapter 06: Popular? Who, me?

A week after I was called to the palace, I became popular.

Even now, I was fiercely persuaded by a male upperclassman in the academy corridor.

「—Like that, we will rule the surrounding countries as colonies.

As I explained, you merely need to demolish the enemy’s ground forces. And you don’t need to worry, and I will handle the rest of the politics. 」

Correction, no extreme persuasion, but extremist persuasion.

He’s the most intense radical person I have witnessed in the past week, he speaks passionately about the greatness of colonization. Compared to him, other radicals are on a low level.

Just like the Queen’s prediction, the day after I was summoned to the royal palace, many sons of high-ranking nobles came in touch with me.

The moderates were relatively easy to get along with.

Men will greet me and creating small talk while giving confections as a present, and the women were asking over me to a tea party.

Enough to get them to become acquaintances. Politics were never openly talked.

Afterward, I started interacting with the upperclassman, my schoolmates, who had been taking their distance to retain out of the hassle from the other day, started talking to me little by little.

Had I been considered dangerous to converse with up until right now?

The people from the radical faction had been proactive to curry my favor.

They gave me expensive jewelry as gifts and marriage proposals. Of course, I politely turned down both.

What I heard from their story, the radical faction is a group of nobles who dissatisfied with the status quo.

Rather than using me for war, I get the impression that they were simply attempting to use my house to get to grow their faction.

The insistence on starting a war, the goal is to gain achievement or gain new territory.

「—And finally rule all over this continent. It’s just incredible, isn’t it? 」

It seems he’s done with his speech. The speech was long that I forgets his name, did he introduce himself in the beginning?

「I refuse. 」

I usually said, 「Thank you for the invitation but… 」in diplomatic way to reject something, but not right now.

「You know, it’s not such a bad deal for you. As a black-haired girl, it’s easy for you to be my wife. You will be able to purchase as many dresses and jewels you like. 」

Some moderates and radicals’ attitudes are downright condescending, but he’s special. No one has ever stated anything about black-haired disdain.

「I—my type is people who are stronger than myself. 」

This is a special move I used to reject the marriage proposal. No one can’t understand this.

「In this day and age, we can’t only rely on physical strength power. What’s important is your intelligence. And I’m smart. 」

I couldn’t get through this person. Moreover, he’s making a sound argument.

But when I heard it, it’s just making her sick. Do people get into a habit of trying to use myself as a human weapon?

「That’s right. Well then, you’ll fight the army and hold down the rebels, try not to be rough with them. 」

When I declared that I wouldn’t fight, he becomes disconcerted about what if his purpose can’t be fulfilled.

「Someone with a non-existent talent and only good at fighting like you shouldn’t think anything and just listen to someone as superior as me! 」

He keeps insisting on his excellence, but I don’t view it that way.

「You said that you were smart, then why aren’t you become the student council president? 」

I spoke with sarcasm, and he suddenly lost his voice.

「The test score does not determine the quality of a person…… 」

He didn’t show any sign of giving up, so I tried to think another plan.

「You said you would rule the continent, so who will manage it? 」

「Of course I will. I’m confident in my governing ability. 」

「Governing? Do you mean governing the entire continent? 」

「Exactly. You can be my wife. 」

「For you to rule the whole continent that means the royal family that rules this kingdom will be under your control, right? 」

「Eh? 」

「Are you planning treason against the royal family? 」

「N-no, I don’t mean like that. 」

「Under the law of this country, treason is punishable by death. 」

I easily lead him with my questions; he turned pale and looked around to see if anyone was listening to the conversation.

No way, this is way too easy. His self-proclaimed superiority really helps out on that point, huh.

「I don’t want to hear anything about this anymore.

Some people may have heard the conversation. It’s better if you stay away from me.

Do you want to get suspected when you hang around me? 」

「Don’t tell anyone what you’re speaking about. 」

He seemed frightened when he says that and ran off along the corridor.

I can pick up his pathetic screams when he saw someone passing by the corner.

「Welcome, Yumiela-san. I really want to talk to you. 」

「Thank you for inviting me, Eleanora-sama. 」

Right now, I’m in the school salon.

I was invited to a tea party by Elanora Hillrose, Duke Hillrose’s daughter.

I might’ve refused, but it would be hard to avoid her since we are in the same school, so I decided to join her.

She has long blonde hair with ringlet curls at the tail end and surrounded by her followers. She looks much more like a villainess than me.

House of Hillrose, despite holding the power second after the royal family is nevertheless straining to increase their power. Their ultimate goal is to acquire power over the royal family and control this kingdom from the shadow.

I was filled with the trepidation of why on earth this ambitious duke’s daughter calling for her when she speaks.

「Yumiela-san, give up on Edwin-sama. 」

Why does Prince Edwin’s name appear here?

「His Highness Edwin…?」

「Yeah, and I’ll allow you to join my faction. 」

I can’t really understand her speech, and it displayed on my expression, and she raised her voice.

「Don’t even play dumb! I know his Majesty proposed your engagement to Edwin-sama!

You are not worthy of him. If you don’t want to make an enemy of me, you must withdraw quietly. 」

I don’t think you should talk about this with me. You should’ve spoken to the heroine.

「I have told his Majesty regarding my stance in that matter. 」

「Lie! Did you meet the Queen after the audience? Did you say you wanted to marry Edwin-sama? 」

「No, really, I’m not lying. Is the proof even after a week there is nothing announced not enough? 」

「That’s true… You need to know your place.

Okay, in that case, if you swear that you won’t get close to Prince Edwin, I’ll let you join my faction. 」

「I’m grateful for the invitation, but I’d like to refrain from that… 」

「Eh? Why?

Don’t tell me you are just pretending not interested, but you’re really aiming for Edwin-sama, right? 」

What’s the matter with her? Why is she so troublesome?

From her perspective, marrying the prince and joining the duke’s faction seems to be worth the same thing. But I hate both of them.

「I’m not worthy enough to be with Prince Edwin.

I think Eleanora-sama is a good match for his Highness. 」

「Hmph! At least you have good eyes.

I’ve been dancing with Edwin-sama many times. When he was dancing, Edwin-sama looks cool–」

I said something I didn’t really mean, and she was in good spirits. She began talking endlessly about how wonderful Prince Edwin is.

She really seems to like Prince Edwin, and not for the house.

Easy, I thought it’s going to be troublesome. 

Afterward, Eleanora kept talking about Prince Edwin, and I was forced to listen. Even after the tea party finished, the question about the faction still left unanswered.

I’m feeling worn out, and today I met with two intense people. Moreover, I was invited to the tea party again, did I please Eleanora?

And the next day, I never expected I’d be involved in more trouble than they are…

t/n: i might update faster for the following week since im social distancing myself from people. stay safe everyone!

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