Vol. 1 Chapter 27: Epilogue

The large town square in the town was bustling with activities. When the bard appeared in one of the corners, people gathered around him.

He starts to sing but got interrupted by the children’s voices.

「The Bard is here! 」

「Bard? Who is that? 」

「He’s a singer and he sings a tale in his song. 」

「Children, come forward. 」

The man doesn’t look uncomfortable and welcomes the children with a smile.

The youngest of these children was about five years old and the oldest was about twelve. They appear to get along well with men and women and regardless of their age.

「Hmm? You have an unusual hair. 」

「My mum has the same colour as mine! 」

「I love it. I wish I had black hair too. 」

He was right, there was one girl with an unusual hair colour mixed in with the children. The girl is proud of her hair and the other girls looked at her with envy.

「The story of the prince and the dark-haired maiden who defeated the Demon King— 」

The bard began to sing.

It’s a story about a prince and a saint, a swordsman and a magical genius, working together with the black-haired maiden to fight the Demon King. The Demon King defeated the three of them, but the Prince and the Maiden didn’t give up and they eventually defeated him.

「—So far. The prince and the maiden did not stay together, but they lived happily ever after. 」

The square erupts in applause. The children are excited to hear the song for the first time.

「Wow! Wow! I didn’t know that there were people like that! 」

The bard curiously looked at the impressed girl.

「Eh? You don’t know this? Because the black-haired maiden is— 」

「Oh, Ryuu-kun is back. 」

One of the boys pointed at the sky. A pitch-black dragon was flying lazily in the sky at the tip of his finger.

The bard was surprised to see a dragon for the first time and had his mouth wide open, but the townspeople didn’t seem to care much.

The children waved loudly at the dragon.

「Ryuu-kuuun! 」

The dragon whirled around in the air and spun sideways as if answering the call.

When the dark-haired girl saw this, she blurted out.

「Oh, Mom is fine, but I feel bad for Dad. 」

The identity of the person that’s riding the dragon is still not visible from here.

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