Day 21: Expedition quest

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I will continue my routine activities like guest events and library checks today. 

I acquired a new skill today in the library called 【Drafting】.

This is extremely useful. It is a shortcut skill that allows you to make a paper pattern based on a recipe instantly. This reduces a lot of time spent on copying drawings by hand. 

But given what Takenaka-san said, if I were to aim for Miracle Creation, wouldn’t it be better to draw it by hand?

Even without the Miracle Creation thing, I want to improve existing drafts, and I think there will be many opportunities for me to do manual work. This is just for fun. Let’s not get too hung up on the system and tailor it to want I want to do. 

I’ll stop by the guild today. 

I became curious about the expedition quests Takenaka-san mentioned, and I researched. These jobs are done in outdoor fields such as Serenity Hill, and they seem to cover a wide range of tasks, from material gathering to monster extermination. 

Through this connection, I learned that there is some expedition support NPC that the guild can introduce. 

The main NPCs in this game can be divided into customer characters who come to the store to shop, expedition support characters who help with expedition quests, and production support characters who help with production work. 

Some characters are said to have more than one of these roles, such as Mikoto, a customer and expedition support character.

It was time to try outdoor fields other than the hills, so I rented a supporting character to help me get to the next area, 【The Tomb of the Ancient Kings】.

This character rental system is designed for solo players. For someone like me, who has no self-defense skills and is weak, there is another way to deal with the field’s dangers by forming a party with other players. 

It should probably go without saying that I didn’t even consider that option. 

When talking to the receptionist at the guild, I found a new conversation branch had been added. I can choose 『・What is an expedition quest?』 and 『・What is a production quest?』 among the options. 

Wow, there are production quests, too. Is it different from the missions?

These options weren’t available when I first came here, which probably means they were opened up after some condition was met. 

No wonder I don’t know anything about it. Takenaka-san was so rude for looking at me like I was a flea. 

After listening to the quest explanation, a new function for placing quest orders was available from the multi-table. 

The differences from missions are that the client or NPC is identified, there is a time limit, and in most cases, the number of people who can receive orders is limited, and it is first-come, first-served. If the order is not completed within the time limit, the mission will fail, and a penalty will be imposed. 

While most give money or guild points upon completion, some give items or rights as rewards. 

【・Deliver 10 Yellow Ivy 
Time limit: 3 days 
Client: Willifrea 
Reward: 100GP, 3000 Kima】.

I accepted the quest because the recommended level matched, and there was enough time to meet the deadline. I didn’t have time to do it today, but I just accepted the order and do it tomorrow. I remembered the client’s name, and only one slot was left to get the quest.

As someone currently rich because of Takenaka-san, I have mixed feelings about the meager rewards, but I guess I’m not interested in profit. 

Then I would also apply for expedition help. The meeting place is decided upon application, and the next step is to meet the Helpman at the designated location. There should be no problem in preparing for this now. 

Initially, the members seem to be decided at random. Once the character’s favorability is raised, a partnership can be formed with the possibility of nominating a member. 

The application price is 10000 Kima per person. …Isn’t that somewhat expensive? If it weren’t for my commission reward, it would be a price I would hesitate to pay. 

The contract terminates when you are disbanded in a place other than an open field. Without a proper plan, which includes completing multiple quests simultaneously, I could quickly go into the red. I mean, I am in the red right now. 

Anyway, it’s just a trial for the first time. 

Up to three helpers can be invited, and I applied for the maximum number of helpers. The purse strings are loosened when the purse is warm, aren’t they?

My excuses are that I have never tried another field and have no idea how difficult it is. And I can make more acquaintances. It will be easier to nominate them later. 

Besides, I heard that quest help is one of the opportunities to see interactions between players and NPCs and between NPCs. It sounds interesting. 

The members were revealed when the necessary information was submitted, and the confirmation was pressed. The receptionist lady finished her PC-like operation and turned to me. 

“The members who will help with your work have been decided. 【Conner】, 【Viti】, 【Mikoto】 are on the way to help. Please work together and do your best.”

Oh, Mikoto is here! 

I exclaimed in my heart. 


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・Expedition Quest Discussions】

I forgot Viti exists…

Don’t forget the first place in popularity rank among the initial members from the beta version w

Viti, Dirk, Mefumo?
They lost their positions to the regular version due to the difference in performance

I miss those days
Back then, people didn’t know it was a casual game, so the neki population was small
All the popular characters were girls

Now they know w

>> Woona
Dirk is still around in terms of both performance and popularity

I kept playing it, believing that with this atmosphere, this quality, and these graphics, there was no way it would be a casual production game all the way through
But it is

[Saya Fukase]
I can relate to that w
When I was in beta, I was scared that the war would start and the herb garden I was growing would be destroyed 

Come out w Maizpolis refugees w
I’m one of them

Don’t talk about Maizpolis 

It wasn’t popular with the girls during the beta phase because of Maizpolis, wasn’t it?
It’s a ruthless territorial war game disguised as a beautiful town-building game (´;ω;`)

Maizpolis’s message board, the main thread is out of date, and the complaint thread has become the main thread LOL

I didn’t know it still existed

[Saya Fukase]
The in-game chat in Maizpolis is closed indefinitely because it got out of control

[Don’t deny it]
I thought I opened the main thread 

Now that I’ve finally acquired diving skills, should I continue specializing in underwater skills…

I forgot about Yuka-san’s question w
If you want to specialize in underwater, we have Viti, which isn’t a bad idea, but we’re talking about the alternatives

Depends on whether you prioritize party play or solo play
If you party frequently, I think you should prioritize self-defense

If you don’t have self-defense and play with strangers, you’re doomed

It will ruin you

I don’t mean to be annoying
I’ll learn self-defense

No, no, no
Whenever you invite people to join, you always reveal your stats in the chat room, and people who can communicate politely like that don’t bother at all
You seem to be committed to the underwater business. It’s okay to have a hobby

Sa-something is stable personnel in this chat

>> Nekota
I don’t think so

Sasa and the association are the flowers of Kimakura

Don’t forget the dot 

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