Chapter 13: A simple tent

The next morning, I decided to gather materials to build a house in the forest.

First, I gather the bamboo growing near the area.

Looking at the bamboo I’m trying to see if I could cut the bamboo with my nails, it cuts through like butter.

…Am I a monster?

Let’s see if I can cut the trees.

I see.

Um, it feels like soft-serve ice cream.

It cuts really well.

Crack crack crack…

The tree I’ve been trying to cut falls.

One tree is sufficient, and the size is big enough for me to lie down.

To start with, the wood is processed into a long stick.

I cut up three sticks from the tree.

And the remaining tree will be put inside my Four-dimensional Space.

The two sticks were hung up and tied.

My hands were so clumsy since they were all round, do I do that with my mouth.

It was simply tough.

I stick the stick diagonally to the ground.

Using the previously set up sticks, I climbed to the top and made the frame for the tent.

Once the basilisk skin is taken out, I cut it into appropriate sizes, make a hole before tied it to the frame.

I did that until I run out of basilisk skin.

It might look simple, but we have started working on it since morning, and it’s already evening.

Although it took a long time since I had a nap in the middle.

When the tent was finished, I went inside.

The space inside the tent could fit two people.

Finally, I got the house that I wanted.

It’s a modest tent, but enough to protect me from the rain and wind.

Tomorrow I’m going to visit Nell at the inn.

I take out the basilisk head and use it as a pillow.


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  1. kirindas says:

    Thanks for the new chapter!

  2. random says:

    Some pillow that is…

  3. Rikka-chan says:

    Thanks for the chapter

  4. Philip says:

    There are some very common sense smashing moments there, and a little bit creepy. Using a monster’s skin as tent is not a bad idea, but it’s head as pillow? This cat is something.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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