Day 23: The aforementioned girlfriend (Part 2)

I saw a lone male player when I walked out the back door. 

I had seen the young man with the goat horns from time to time recently. He seemed to own the plot of land across the street from my home. 

He is operating the system panel while staring at the building, which I assumed is his home. 

Then suddenly, the window shape of the building changed from arched french to round fitted ones. It seems that the building is being remodeled. 

House renovation, huh? It’s like a dream but will cost a lot of money. 

Thinking this over, I headed toward the meeting place. 

The central plaza was more crowded than usual, with a somewhat uneasy atmosphere. 

This is Sunday. Even though I could understand it was crowded, what was this unsettling atmosphere?

With this thought in mind, I let my gaze wander for a few seconds in search of Take-san until my eyes were glued to a particular young lady. 

Her long, wavy golden hair plays with the glistening reflected light. Her azure eyes are shadowed with the same long golden lashes. Her graceful face and straight back showed a youthful nature that was both noble and challenging. 

She is a beautiful girl. She was the perfect avatar in every way. It was also good that she appeared to be not just charming or have a friendly atmosphere acceptable to everyone. 

This person is someone whom even I, an internet illiterate person, would recognize for frequently appearing in advertisements and related goods and is probably Kimakura’s representative character. I’m sure she’s an NPC by the triangular icon attached. 

After seeing her in person for the first time, I could understand the reason for her popularity. 

She made my heart race. 

And this famous character is wearing clothes I made. I delivered the Imperial Guard set outfit to Mr. Take.

It suits her perfectly. The sweetness, elegance, freshness, and boldness make her the best. 

That means… the gentleman next to her in matching outfits is Mr. Take, which means they are a couple? Was his girlfriend an NPC girl?

My head was already in turmoil.

Despite this, my feet naturally moved. Attracted by the beautiful and enchanting girl, I stagger through the crowds. 

While walking along, somehow, I realized Takenaka-san and his girlfriend caused this unsettling atmosphere.

The conversation was inaudible to me, as I was still in semi-active mode. I can hear nothing but friend players and the NPCs. But I could still see many people’s eyes on the two of them. 

“Ah, Boutique-san! You’re here!”

When Mr. Take, who was talking to a player with dragonfly-like wings, noticed me. He waved his hand with a big smile on his face. 

“I would like to reintroduce you. This is my girlfriend, Rylstein-chan.”

At this line, Dragonfly-san next to me interrupted. The expression on their face suggests some accusation.

“No, it’s okay. I won this event so I’m Ryl-sama’s boyfriend for the day.”

Mr. Take casually said that. With such exchanges on the side, I glanced at Rylstein-san, dressed in a Vivia brand outfit. 

I did a good job!

This is it. The date event. I see… I can get them to wear my favorite outfits at these events. 

Until now, I’ve had little interest in this event, but it’s so lovely to wear matching outfits and go out like this. 

I can even indulge in going on a date wearing a matching outfit with a cool NPC boy. 

But I would instead dress up a pretty girl. My favorite girl wearing a matching outfit would look good. 

While I’m not on any SNS, I’d love to take a bunch of screencaps. 

And when I get close to the girl, she has a speech balloon icon. While Mr. Take was arguing with Dragonfly-san, I tried secretly using the speech balloon icon. 

“Huh? Nice to meet you. Are you Take-kun’s friend?”


“My name is Rylstein. You are… Vivia-san. Hee, you are a tailor. I have a great interest in fashion. A dress is a lady’s armor. If the opportunity arises, please let me visit your shop.”

Ah, how adorable~~!

She has a sweet yet calm voice that is very pleasant to the ear. Her ever-changing facial expressions and gestures are all very ‘precious.’ 

Alright, I’ve made up my mind!

My next goal is to befriend this girl, increase her favorability, and tailor my special outfit! And if possible, I want to go on a date with her too!

With renewed determination, I quietly left the scene while the two quarreled. 


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・General】

This game is only a year old, for what it’s worth
It seems like a long time ago that the sick forest was closed

It was a rough time
I can say that now that we’ve gone through a few revolutionary events since then
The management didn’t expect it to be the first one to happen

[Milk Kingdom]
Especially after the Maizpolis incident, everyone was on the edge
Et tu, Brute?

[Don’t deny it]
I know what you mean w
Experiencing Maizpolis makes you defensive
It wasn’t something that caused a disturbance as much
The revolutionary event is balanced with compensation in exchange for disadvantages, which can be enjoyable once you get used to it

Maybe because you work in the production industry
Because the hunters, gatherers, and beastmasters who were directly affected by the ladybug crisis still hold a grudge about it

Hey, I think I just saw Takenaka went on a date with Ryl
When did you start being able to dress the other character in the clothes of your choice in a dating event?
How do you do that?!

Why is no one answering?!

Because no one knows 

At least read the logs before you speak

Once you’ve calmed down, please don’t bring it up again

[Song Sari]
Please stop with the strong reaction… (´・ω・`)

[Piano jam]
Laughing how we’ve become like this whenever this topic comes up

[Don’t deny it]
Honestly, today wasn’t that bad. Everyone who hates to see other people’s date events aren’t in the game talking about it
The pandemonium will start tomorrow

No, the screenshot started circulating, and you can hear the scream

I didn’t know you could do that… fuck the management… 

Here come the zombies

It’s infuriating that the winner this month is Takenaka, and it’s also infuriating that he discover a new feature.

[Milk Kingdom]
Conclusion: it’s all Takenaka’s fault

[Yoshio www]
The mysterious combination of Takenaka, Valletta, and Boutique was found www

I’ve had enough of this topic

[Song sari]
But I’m curious about what happened (´・ω・`)
Valletta-san, did you get Takenaka-san to tell you the story?

He’s gonna sell the info to an informant later

Hey~ don’t make me hit you~

Oh, sorry
All you beggars will have to kneel to me tomorrow

[Wind chime]
I will start at 10.000 ^^

Don’t be stupid. You can afford 100.000

While I was arguing with Take over some trivial thing, Boutique was gone… Sorry… 

The dangerous person radar didn’t react

I’m jealous of their costume
I want a custom outfit from Boutique too

[Song Sari]
I know how you feel (´・ω・`)

Me too

That’s it

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