Vol. 4 Chapter 05: Yumiela’s ultimate life form

We both got overheated and felt each other’s blood rushing to our heads, so I invoked my trump card by saying I would return to my parent’s house.

If you hold a grudge related to the wedding, it will get you in trouble later.

For example, a relative’s sister divorced her husband two years later after a fight. The quarrel started at the wedding because they couldn’t change the wedding dress due to budget limitations.

It was not the only reason. There were probably minor personality and value disagreements, but it was a fatal cause.

While I don’t understand her attempt to prolong that hellish event further, we should take that as a lesson.

Let’s calm down a little. Therefore, returning to my parents’ house is another option.

Patrick calmly said when I was about to get up from my seat to prepare my luggage.

“Isn’t this where Yumiela’s parents’ house is?”


Right. This is my parents’ house.

As for the cake thing I mentioned earlier, it sounds like I’m someone who says nothing but strange things. Nobody will listen to such a person’s opinion.

Somehow, I must do something about it without admitting I’m wrong. I was wracking my brain trying to create a family home for my parents that doesn’t exist. It’s a difficult challenge to resist the nobleman pressuring me for a wedding—oh!



“I’m from the Moon. I’m going back to my parents’ house on the moon.”

“There are no people on the moon.”

Looking out the window, I saw a full moon shining just in time.

For unknown reasons, I pointed to the moon, which had the same pattern as the one in my previous world, and said,

“Look, don’t you see the rabbit?”

“I don’t see any rabbit….” “Were you the type to see crab?”

“I don’t see any crab either.”

Patrick stares at the full moon and shakes his head.

It doesn’t look very elegant, isn’t it? It certainly doesn’t look like a rabbit or a crab.

“Well, I’m going back to the moon.”

“Yumiela, please calm down and listen to me. You can’t go to the moon.”

“Are you saying I can’t fly to the moon?”

“No matter how good your flying ability is, it is impossible for you to go to the moon.”

No, no, you can go to the moon. Some people have been there. There are conspiracy theories about Project Apollo, but I believe in Captain Armstrong. Because how can someone with a strong arm lie?

On what level would Patrick say it is impossible? Does he mean scientifically speaking that it is impossible to travel three days through space, or conceptually and religiously impossible to get to the moon where the Heavenly Gods are? Let me make that clear.

“In my previous world, there were people who made it to the moon. More than one person.”

“…No way.”

“In this world, the planet is a sphere with the moon orbiting around it. You can even go to the moon if you fly physically high enough.”

“I have heard that the world is a sphere. When I saw ships coming from afar at sea, the top was the first thing I saw.”

No religion in this world accepts anything other than the geocentric model.

Although I don’t know much about it, there is enough awareness permeating the world that the sailors seem to think the world is round.

Somehow, I think this is the first time I’ve been reincarnated in another world to showcase my scientific knowledge. I could utilize it more effectively, but the opportunities are surprisingly few.

“I’m going back to the moon.”

“Wait, wait, wait. Is there any danger along the way to the moon?”

“…There is no danger.”

“There’s something! Yumiela’s in danger. Hey, wait—”

Shaking off Patrick’s restraint, I run outside.

Hmmm. I started to get into the mood for a trip to the moon that should have been carefully planned and executed. If not for opportunities like this, I’d say I’d do it and never do it. Let’s go to the moon.

The problem is that there is no oxygen in space, but it should be manageable. I heard somewhere that the lack of air in space is an urban legend.

Being the poster child for science and logic, I jumped out, hoping there was oxygen in the space.

“Ryuu-kun, are you awake?! I know it’s bedtime for good boys, I’m sorry.”

It was bedtime for good boys, but the naughty dragon, Ryuu-kun, was awake.

That’s my boy. Staying up at night without following rules is definitely in my DNA.

Ryuu greets me with his wings spread wide. I couldn’t believe how good he was at sensing an emergency and getting into position to take off at once.

“I’m going to the moon. Take me halfway until the altitude limit.”

Once I jumped on his back, he roared in confusion and took off.

Ryuu seems to be skeptical about going to the moon too. Can we really go? Is it safe? I could feel his emotions.

Ryuu leaves the ground at a tremendous speed, accelerating with each movement of his wings.

Could this reach second cosmic velocity? Second cosmic velocity is the speed required for an object to exit the earth’s gravitational sphere.

Please don’t confuse it with the first cosmic velocity, which orbits around the earth like a satellite. At the third, it would be outside the solar system. We don’t want to go that speed because it is scary.

For the record, I have no idea approximately how fast the second cosmic velocity is!

But Ryuu-kun is the first booster, enough to take me up to a certain height. Once separated from the first booster, there’s no second booster. Is it possible to go to space with just one booster?

At this point, the air is getting a little thinner. It is almost at Ryuu’s altitude limit.

As I think it’s time to get ready to detach, I hear a sound behind me. A voice I shouldn’t have heard caused my shoulders to jump in surprise.

“How far are you going?!”

“Eh!? Patrick?!?”

Patrick is chasing us through the sky, getting very close to Ryuu.

Even I can’t fly on that level. I’m changing trajectories in mid-air and slowing down while falling, but releasing pure magic power is ridiculously energy-intensive.

Flying is as tiring as firing Black Hole consecutively.

Putting aside dark magic’s poor usability, there is only one type of wizard who can fly. It is a high-ranking wind wizard. Only a few can fly freely in the sky.

A high-ranking wind wizard. Patrick fit the requirements perfectly. He should have been able to fly for quite a while, but he’s afraid of heights.

He yells as he closes the gap even further.

“Ryuu! Stop!”

“Ryuu! Don’t stop!”

I’m his foster parent, and Patrick, his parent’s lover, is not related to him by blood. It was obvious from which one Ryuu would follow.

Ryuu slowed down as Patrick told him to do. What.

“Huu… Ryuu-kun, I’m sorry!”

Luckily, we are now way above the clouds. We are already near our critical altitude.

Patrick’s wind magic would have lost some of its power with the thinning atmosphere. I apologized to Ryuu and kicked him in the back.

Naturally, I’m trying not to kick him too hard. He’s too precious for me to do that.

“Ryuu-kun, first booster!”

With a slight increase in speed, I take off even higher.

The magic power is released at full force downward. This acceleration method is more effective than dragon’s wings or wind magic only in this place where the atmosphere is thin.

Between Ryuu’s rising power and my jumping, I was able to accumulate a considerable amount of speed. I went higher and higher, converting kinetic energy into potential energy.

I’m boosting as fast as I can, but the speed is getting reduced more and more. Will I stall?

Looking down, I could see Ryuu and Patrick as they were walling. Once they fell a certain distance, they should be able to take flight again.

I was going up, they were going down, the relative velocity was incredible, and in the blink of an eye, Ryuu and Patrick were getting smaller.

Sorry, I’m going to the moon.

This must be the impact of surpassing level 99. Even after firing this much magic, there is not much sensation of my magic decreasing.

But the output is lacking, and the speed is dropping rapidly.

Would I make it in time….

And I was released from the planet’s gravity.

“   ”

I tried saying it was pretty, but all I got was gasping for air.

I guess there was no air in space after all. That’s right.

I’m probably in a satellite orbit, going around in circles. That means I didn’t reach the second cosmic velocity but the first cosmic velocity.

The first cosmic velocity is not exactly the same since it is the initial speed at zero altitudes. The speed at which the satellite can go into satellite orbit without accelerating on its way.

I looked at the planet spread out below me. The planet was still blue and much more beautiful than the Earth I had seen in photographs.

The continents were different from what I knew they would be. I never thought I would be in another universe, but you never know what life has in store for you.

It really is beautiful. I never get tired of looking at it.

“   ”

I was getting bored. Forgetting that there was no air, my mouth started gasping again.

It’s time for me to go home. Going to the moon is an impossible dream. I’m not sure I can hold my breath for that long.

I will have to practice holding my breath to get my revenge.

“   ”

How am I going back?

…I never learn.

Without being able to return to the ground, my miserable future awaits me as I continue to orbit satellites until I die.

But will I, with a life force beyond level 99, die from lack of air?

I will remain here, wandering in space forever. And since I can’t die even if I wanted to—

“   ”

At least I had stopped to think about it. I know it’s not much, but I wanted to say it out loud.

I have to think normally and do an upward mana release.

If what I’m releasing is air, it would freeze, and I wouldn’t be able to get back home.

Let’s begin the Yumiela drop.

I spew a little mana upward and head down to the ground. If I apply a little force, the planet’s gravity will catch it and pull it towards the ground in a flash.

This time, I direct the magic downward. I have this image of a rocket having more accidents upon entry into the atmosphere than upon launch. It may be more challenging to return than to go. I’m going to be very careful.

My body was getting warmer as I was falling.

The thing that turns bright red when entering the atmosphere is not the result of frictional heat with the atmosphere. For a long time, I had also mistaken it for friction, but what makes spaceships, meteorites, and mobile suits burn red is a phenomenon known as adiabatic compression.

Heat is generated by air molecules colliding with each other as they are crushed by objects moving at ultra-high speeds.

Thank you for the lesson! I’m getting closer to the surface.

I pretended to be relaxed even though I was almost at my limit.

If I failed to slow down, I crashed into the ground. This is no joke. Half of the earth’s population will die in this Yumiela drop.

It continues to fall while slowing down as fast as it can.

Too focused on slowing down, it wasn’t until I saw the building’s roof that I began to think about the landing zone.

Ah, I’ll never make it in time for this. Where are we right now? We’re not in Dolknes territory, are we?

From what I could see from the sky, it is a flourishing town. While smaller than Balshine Kingdom’s capital, it is much larger than my town.

The former would be far less prosperous if it were a human settlement. Was I lucky or unlucky?

I crashed into an unknown rooftop in an unknown house, through an unknown ceiling, and finally ended up in an unknown room.

Sitting on the ruined furniture with arms and legs sprawled out, I become disoriented.

Then I heard someone running up the stairs. They must have heard the explosion and come to see what was going on.

A gray-haired, severely tired-looking young man burst into the room.

He lights up the provided magic tool and sees me.

“Who are you?”

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