Chapter 25: Alchemist Nico

Franbel IV POV

「Your Majesty! It appears that McDawn Howell has entered the castle! 」

「Let him through now. 」

「Hai! 」

The soldier leaves the room.

It’s a rare visitor.

McDawn Howell is a rare genius alchemist.

His alchemy theory was treated as a heretic among his fellow alchemists because it was as far removed from the traditional stone-based one.

So he was studying on his own in an unknown location.

However, his reputation was overturned when the magical weapons created by his research were so powerful and efficient that they overwhelmed the Demon King’s army.

Now all nations are doing everything they can to welcome him…

「Could it be that he thought about joining our country? 」

The Minister of Defense says, but that idea is too optimistic.

「He was probably living in self-imposed exile after being targeted by many different people.

So why did he bother showing up here? 」

「Your Majesty! McDawn will be here shortly. 」

If anything, we need to find out what his purpose is.

So if a bargain arises, we can ask for his help.

This would give us an advantage in the battle against the Demon King’s army.

Knock knock. After knocking, a boy appears.

「Who is the cat that lives in the forest?!

Please tell me! 」

That was what the boy said.

What the hell is he talking about?

「Oh, let’s talk about that later.

King Franbel, my name is McDawn Howell.

I’m an alchemist and I’m in trouble because many different people have targeted me.

I’ve run out of money for travel and food, and I don’t know what to do now…

I’m offering my technology. Can you cover me? 」

Even though the boy is a genius alchemist, he’s still a fifteen-year-old kid.

While he was desperately trying to get away, he probably lost his fortune and had no way to fight back.

I felt a little sympathy for his situation.

「The room next to where the heroes lived was open, right?

We’ll let you stay there.

McDawn-san, may I ask you to use an alias and live under a disguise? 」

「As the King wishes. 」

「And if anyone here says a word, I will not only behead them but their family members as well.

All of you, you understand? 」

Several soldiers and the Defense Minister nodded.

「So, alchemist, what is your name? 」

「I shall call myself 『Nico』, Your Majesty.」

「Hmm. May Goddess Hardis bless you, Nico. 」

I had Nico escorted to his room and fed him.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to obtain valuable alchemy skills.

I will never waste it.

…By the way, the first thing he said was about the cat in the forest
What was it?

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