Chapter 47: The ancient dragon’s revival

The ancient dragon’s Flamberge POV

The magic stone that was offered to me was large and quite tasty. 

On top of that, he prepared a dragon-shaped yorishiro with a fine mixture of mithril ore. 

This cat is more talented than I thought. 

Mithril is an ore with the highest efficiency in magical conductivity. 

This would make it easier for me to use it for a medium even in my weakened state. 

I will possess the yorishiro he prepared. 

Hmm, I was able to move more flexibly than I expected. 

I took the skewers he offered at my grave and ate them.

Nomnom. It’s delicious!

How can I eat when I have no digestive tract?

We take it into our souls. 

It’s a common thing for the superior magical beast.

The body is then rebuilt using the meat consumed as its flesh. 

Hmm, there is still not enough meat to completely transform my body. 

I would like to eat more meat. 

Nevertheless, I am a proud holy dragon. 

Hunting for magical beasts in the forest recklessly is not a noble thing to do. 

…Right, let’s visit the human town and collect some offerings. 

My current form still looks like a dragon-shaped mithril gargoyle, but someone in the royal family should know about me. 

I will have them prepare a tribute for me. 

Then, I can return the favor by rewarding the cat as well. 

I believe in giving back the favors I received. 

The descendants of those who have offered offerings in the past deserve a fair amount of reward as well. 

I glanced at the cat.

…He is pretending to be asleep.

He ended up opening his eyes to look at me.

“Kyouuuhhh (Wait a moment, wonderful cat. 

Soon I will bring you your reward.)”.

Flapping my wings, I fly away.

The destination was a nearby town. 

And people call it the royal capital?

The royals live on that big rocky mountain… a castle or something?

I guess they live there. 

That’s where I was heading.

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