Day 1: Indoor Production

Day 1 login.

From today, I’m starting to play “Kimakura Utopia.”
Popularly known as ”Kimakura,“ the game was released about a year ago and brought a concept where you can live freely and craft freely.
I saved up my money and could finally buy a compatible full-dive VR set. Now I’m going to get started on this particular game title I’ve wanted to do.

After completing the character creation, the first thing that appeared in my sight was a small room about five tatami mats in size.
It was furnished with a simple desk and chair that looked like a workbench, a lamp hanging from the ceiling, a bed, and a mirror. The walls, ceiling, and floor are made of wood, making it a simple but relaxing space.
I suppose that means this is my room.

In the mirror is a petite girl with deer antlers and ears.

This is my character, which I just carefully designed. Her name is “Vivia.”

Usually, I use more silly names online or something random based on my real name. Since my character looks cute, I also decided to give her a western fantasy-style name. Someone that won’t look lame when she greets you with a good morning. 

The job I chose is “Tailor.”
Supposedly this game allows you to give clothes to the characters you get along with and get them to wear them! I know. I want a cute girl to wear cute clothes that I like.

The next thing I noticed was the paper on the desk. I walked up to it and read it.

[Dear Vivia-chan,

Welcome to the royal capital of Lestein!
This is the house where I opened my first shop, do you like it?
The place is small and empty, but it’s not uncomfortable.
You can do whatever you want with the things in the house, and feel free to renovate and stuff.

If you don’t know where to start, you can refer to the guild’s mission list.

You can find the “Guild Information” app on your multi-tablet. 

I’m looking forward to the day when Tailor Vivia’s reputation reaches my ears! 

From your teacher, Tefana.]

It appears that I’ve moved to a place called Lestein, the royal capital, and I’m the apprentice of someone called Tefana.
There were six locations to choose from, urban and rural, in three countries, and I decided on “Lestein, the Fortress Country.”
Is it common for all players to be set up as Tefana’s disciples? Or does it change from job to job?

In any case, I’ll start by activating the tablet as recommended by my teacher.

This “Multi-tablet” is one of the items you can have from the beginning, but in essence, it’s an embodiment of the game system’s commands. 

We, as players, don’t have to take out the real thing. But we can call up the screen by using specific movements registered in advance—shortcut keys. 
The key I registered was the one where you snap your fingers. It doesn’t snap because I’m not very good at it.

Well, let’s see the mission list.
When I tapped on the <Job Mission> column, I found this list of items.

・Make a ★one clothing item
・Make a ★one cotton shirt
・Make a ★one cotton pants
・Make three ★one cotton shirts

Okay, so they want me to make clothes first.
The [★] stands for quality, and the range seems to be from 1 to 3. 

The tutorial taught me how to make it, and I’ve received the pattern and materials as a first-time reward, so I stand in front of my workbench immediately.
Then the system panel appears in my view. Players select tools, recipes, and ingredients using the panel, and the items are made automatically.

The tools are [Beginner Sewing Kit], the recipe and pattern are [Short Sleeve Shirt], and the materials are [Cotton Cloth (White)] and [Sewing Thread (White)].

Once all the selections are made, the tools and materials start to move by themselves on the workbench. And with a tinkling sound effect, the completed item lands on the table.

[Cotton Shirt ★1] is complete.

Not long after that, another tinkling sound came from the notification. Looking at the 『M』 mark that appeared in the corner of my vision seems to be a signal for completing the mission. 

When I switched to the tablet screen and tapped the guild’s app, in the mission list entry『Make a ★one clothing item』『Make a ★one cotton shirt』were marked with 『Clear! 』 and『Reward:10GP』to each item.

『GP』 is Guild Point, which you can get by completing a mission. The more you accumulate these, the more you can exchange them for items and various other rewards.

I don’t think I can get much for a mere 20 GP, so I’ll just focus on the mission list and work hard on the production activities.


[Kimakura Utopia. Chat Room (Official)・General]

>> Koppepan
I only use it for fuel
It burns very well and will last longer

For now, I try to leave five trash items of any kind behind
I still can’t escape the trauma of ladybug shock
This game scares me as it doesn’t afraid to betray the users’ common sense

The unforgivable tragedy of the fall of Cliffeus

It’s a drama full of upheaval in Giltoa

I’ve been told not to mention it because it’s going to get as messy as the Mushroom and Bamboo Wars

[Yoshio www]
Shut up. It’s the Bamboo and Mushroom Wars.

[French Salad ★]
Do you have to play this game?

It’s recommended but not required
But depending on the character, it may be required

Since when did Kimakura become a character game?

It was from the start

It’s a gal game 

Isn’t it an otome game?

[French Salad ★]
Character? I don’t know what it is, but does it affect the game’s efficiency?
I’m a craftsman
I don’t know where the reroll factor was in the first place

I don’t know if it’s the right way to describe the reroll factor, but if there is one, it’s the initial title and the guest character
It’s about who gets the letter and who comes in as an early guest
I don’t know anything about craftsmen, so go to the specialist’s thread

The craftsmen are recommended to reroll for efficiency
Fashion-oriented? The lady customer, Rylstein, is an incredibly talented patron.
If you don’t meet her before you clear all the beginner missions, the next time you’ll meet her is a long time in the future!
I’d recommend graduating from college for a degree, and you can use the library right away

[French Salad ★]
I’m done for
Give me back my four days

t/n: i was supposed to translate another series but then BAM 8 chapters done

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