Chapter 71: Skill experimentation completed

When I woke up after a nap, it was time for dinner. 

Flamberge had put away his treasures and was relaxing.

Aurene was busy making bows and arrows, and Sylph baa-san was knitting. 

After catching about four spiders at random, I use my [Detoxification] skill just in case. 

I take out a handmade copper pot and spread oil on it. 

Once the oil is nice and hot, I throw in the spider about the size of a human palm. 

The spider made a sizzling sound and gradually became browner with time. 

Yosh, it’s time to go. 

I put the fried spider on my plate with my handmade copper fork. 

It looks delicious.

“…Nyanko-san, I will pass~.”

“Bastet-sama, I’m not a fan of spiders….”

“Grawwrwrr (How can you eat those creepy things?).”

How sad, they can’t appreciate this fantastic food. 

I nibble on the deep-fried spider. 

It tastes like fried chicken. 

Mmmm, delicious. 

Not to mention that oily food is not good for cats. 

It makes them fat. 

Just like me. 

I will make a fried bear called Ogre-faced Bear for the others. 

It’s a scary-looking bear with horns. 

Speaking of karaage, the first time I made it, they wondered how I could fry it using a mix of flour, potato starch, and eggs.

Aurene and Sylph said they had never seen this dish before. 

They are seasoned with salt only. If I had soy sauce and garlic, I could make it even tastier. 

Since then, I have been making karaage once in a while. 

I want to eat it, too. 

Though I’m trying to restrain myself from doing so because it’s bad for my health. 

“Nyan (It’s done!)”

“Ooh, you’re cooking karaage~!”

“Grawwwrr! (What kind of food is that! It looks delicious!).”

This was the first time I made karaage for Flamberge. 

I hope it suits his taste. 

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


I’m trying out the rest of my skills. 

First up is [※ Eavesdropping Lv1].

I caught a small bird nearby and was reminded to use my skills. 

“Cwaak! (Huweee, I’m going to get eaten by a monster?! Okaasan, heeelp!)”


I released the small bird. 

This skill shouldn’t be used when hunting. 

The guilt is too much. 

Next is [※ Telekinesis Lv1].

My target is the pebble over there. 

Whoa, move. 

Ohh, it moves. 

The pebble rolls around without being touched. 

It also floats and plunges to the ground. 

It’s an interesting skill. 

After turning off the skill and looking at the MP used, I saw that the MP had decreased. 

This skill seems to have very low MP consumption. 

Later I experimented and found out that this skill consumes 2 MP per second. 

According to my experiment, the amount of MP consumed doesn’t change even if the weight or number of objects moved slightly increases. 

Okay, next is [※ Shrinking Lv1] skill. 

When I thought about it, my body shrank down about 1 cm. 

The bracelet and pochette I was wearing also shrunk to fit me. 

Hmm, this skill also consumes 2 MP per second. 

That makes sense. 

I canceled my skill and went back to my original size. 

This ends my skill experimentation. 

I have lost a lot of MP, and it is already late at night. 

Let’s go to bed. 

I write [Oyasuminasai] to Sylph. 

“Oyasuminasai, Bastet-sama.”

I enter the wood house and get into the crate.

This wooden box has been in use for three years.

It is probably made of good quality stuff that it is still usable. 

Good night. 

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