Vol. 1 Chapter 15: The prince’s apology

There’s a girl in a rural elementary school who doesn’t have someone else in the same grade as her. The closest thing is a boy two years older than her. He didn’t hate her and listened to her stories, and he also teaches her how to study.

He will be her first love.

「My situation is the same as that girl, I guess. 」

「What? Who’s the girl? 」

「Since I didn’t have to interact with many people, I think I am mistaken between affection and love. 」

「So, what are you talking about? 」

I let Linus, the neighbouring kingdom’s spy escaped, and I also used the same route to escape.

When I returned to the academy, I thought with a cool head, and I concluded that I misunderstood my feelings for Patrick.

Right now, I’m speaking to him. I’m so embarrassed I didn’t say the last part. Naturally, it didn’t make sense, and he couldn’t understand it, so he asked me what I’m talking about.

「Etto, I told you I wanted to be friends with Patrick. 」

I muster up my courage to say that, and he replied with a tone of disappointment.

「Did you never thought that we’re already friends? 」

「Eh? 」

「We are friends already. 」

Combined with his appearance, his answer made him look even cooler.

No, such a person didn’t exist. There must have been something behind it, I won’t get tricked.

「I’m not going to attack Remrest, but I’ll defend from it if it’s necessary. 」

His hometown lies along the border. I’m sure the Count Ashbaton territory’s utility is immeasurable. 

「Considering your distrust about other people… Will it become a bad influence?

I’m ashamed to have to repeat this, I won’t take advantage of Yumiela’s strength. In the first place, I don’t want to do that myself, and I know if that’s happening, you will run away. 」

Patrick says as he stares fixedly into my eyes. Even when his face began to turn red a little, he keeps looking at me.

「Even if you became Level 1, I’ll still stay by your side. 」

「It’s okay. I can raise my level from the start again. 」

「That’s not… haa. 」

Patrick sighed heavily.

Is it embarrassing to raise your level again? Well, I can understand if he feels embarrassed.

「Right, I want to tell you something. Someone wants to meet and talk to you. 」

How unusual, it’s not every day Patrick tried to introduce me to someone. Do they know me?

Right now I’m in a good mood, so I’ll meet with anyone and let’s have a conversation.

「Sure, who would you like me meet? 」

When I asked who I should meet, Patrick seems to have a hard time answering me.

「I know you don’t want to see him and didn’t trust him, but he’s reflecting on it… 」

Who? Tell me quickly.

「…His Highness Edwin. 」

When I heard the prince’s name, it suddenly gave me a terrible feeling.

In the school parlour, this is the room that used when the principal summoned me. And now we sat face to face in silence.

The prince doesn’t seem to like to start talking. He supposed to speak when he’s the one who wanted to meet me, especially when he asked Patrick for help.

「So, what’s the story? 」

It was unusual for him not to bite when I asked, when he’s ready to answer, he opened his mouth in a determined manner.

「…I’m sorry. 」

「Eh? 」

「I’m sorry for my disrespectful behaviour to Miss Yumiela. My assumption was wrong, and my stubbornness also didn’t help at all. 」

My thoughts stopped when I heard his words. He keeps saying his piece even with my confusion.

「From the start father already explained to me that there’s no way you can be the Demon King. I dare say myself understand what it means.

But I couldn’t bring myself to admit what I said was wrong. And all those conversations around me, I only heard things that were convenient for me.

Due to my immaturity, I must have caused trouble for Miss Yumiela. It would have been unpleasant. I’m terribly sorry about that. 」

There’s no anger when I heard Prince Edwin’s apology, it was just a feeling of resignation that I wasn’t a child.

He wasn’t the only child; every student in the academy are basically children. They’re swallowing all those groundless rumours, rejecting those who stand out being conspicuous and the minorities.

Because the class leader dislikes me, everyone just ignores my existence. What I experienced here could also happen in Japanese senior high school.

「Why the sudden apology? 」

I questioned what the reason for the sudden change of mind was.

「I listened to Patrick. 」

Patrick? Why did you mention his name here? Speaking of which, he was also the one who told me the prince want to meet.

Prince Edwin continues to answer my question.

「Patrick told me what Miss Yumiela said. That’s your strength is based on efforts that are incomparable to us. I’ve been hearing everyday stories about you, and I finally understand that you were an ordinary person.

I was blind to believe that I was making the most effort, but deep down in my heart, I was scared that you weren’t normal.

I know it sounds like a poor excuse. And how selfish is this, but can you forgive me? 」

「I understand his Highness situation. I was also aware that I lack common sense myself. Please treat me well. 」

I don’t know whether to forgive Prince Edwin or not, and it’s not that I don’t want to get along with him, nor do I want to retaliate. I don’t think this will change my behaviour in particular.

「I’d like to do something to make up for my mistakes, is there anything that I can do for you? I’ll try my best to make it happen. 」

「Then, will you allow me to accompany to the subjugation of the Demon King? 」

Every time he did something, my peace became distant, so I don’t need anything else. If possible, I don’t want you to get involved as much as possible.

「Ah, just like what Patrick said. 」

Prince Edwin looks satisfied. What did Patrick tell him?

「Your Highness, may I ask a question? What did Patrick have to say about me? 」

I hope I can ask this much. I’m worried to hear it.

「He said that Miss Yumiela has no interest in power and fortune, basically a good-natured person with a strong personality and even though you have a bad reputation you didn’t give up. 」

It was way more than I expected. There’s just one thing that worries me.

「Basically… What do you mean? 」

「Patrick said that… Sometimes your mind and behaviour are strange but you are a good person. 」

…I knew it, I shouldn’t have said anything. The prince, who felt my gaze, explains.

「I’m answering your question sincerely… 」

You can’t help but be serious in a strange place. Somehow, I found out what Patrick thought about me…

When Prince Edwin finished with our discussion, he left the room, passing Principal Ronald who came in.

「How was your talk with His Highness? 」

「I thought he was a different person. It’s not his body double, right? 」

When I gave him my honest impression, he gave me a wry smile and said.

「It’s been a strange year, from the start Prince Edwin was a well-informed and flexible child. I’m relieved that he finally opened his eyes. 」

「Well, I can cooperate and help to raise his level, will he managed to take care the Demon King? 」

I can’t help but feel grateful to Patrick for his intervention, and I might be able to spend a decent school life.

「However, the other three are still being their usual self. 」

The other three that being mentioned here would be Alicia and the two capture targets.

「It would be good if his Highness could convince them… 」

「I did that, but it’s not working. Alicia-san is stubborn, and the others are blind to her. So, I decided to intervene by forcing Alicia-san, even if she didn’t want to level up.

But, I’d like to ask is this okay? As long as she didn’t die, it’s fine, right? 」

That stupid prince, since you apologize, I wanted you to persuade the others. Looking back a little, I feel the same way.

I don’t mind with Alicia’s power levelling since I’m the one who suggested it to the principal earlier.

Alicia may be a little bit more reasonable if she learns the fun and joy of leveling up.


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