Chapter 48: Thanks, but I’m not a suspicious person

Shortly after midnight, the dragon-shaped stone that I gave offerings flew away after talking and eating the skewers.

I couldn’t understand what it was saying to me. 

The whole thing had me so spooked that I didn’t sleep well until the following day. 

“Hm~mm, good morning~.

Huh? The stone statue is gone~?”

[They flew away.]

“Ho~! So that was the golem that Nyanko-san made~!


[No, it’s not like that. It looks like it was possessed by Flamberge’s ghost.]

“Ghosts are just superstitions. There are no such things as ghosts, right~?”

I see.

So, ghosts don’t exist here?

That’s good to hear. 

…Then, what was that thing?!

“Nyanko-san, you have been making funny faces for a while now. What’s wrong~?”

The lack of sleep must have caused some strange hallucinations, huh.

We decided to go back to the house and check on the situation.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

There were many soldiers around the house. 

The three heroes were there, too.

Even Mac joined. 

“Nico-sama, is there really such a thing as a great mage?”

“What? Do you think I’m lying?”

“No, we didn’t see anything suspicious while we were watching out.”

“Yeah, of course not.”

“I detected something. A cat and demi-human are hiding in the bushes over there.”

“A demi-human?! It’s the elf!”

Oops, the heroes and Mac-kun are approaching us. 

“…Nyanko-san, can I run away~?”

I grabbed Aurene’s leg before she could run. 

“Kyaa~! They’re going to kill me~!

No, I will shoot them before they kill me~!”

Aurene aimed her bow at the boys, but I knocked it off with a cat kick. 

“Why are you stopping me~!”

“I know you’re in there, you damn Elf.

Come out so I can kill you.”

Come on, kid. 

Don’t say that so casually.

Life is precious. 

After I confiscated Aurene’s bow in my four-dimensional space, I revealed myself. 

[Thanks, but I’m not suspicious.], I wrote on the board.


Strange, isn’t it? The hero boys seemed to have grown more alert.

“You gotta be kidding me, you stupid feral cat.

I’ll kill you! Let there be light. Come forth, Holy Sword!

The boy pulled out some kind of shiny sword from somewhere. 

Let’s try to appraise it.


Appraisal Results

【Holy Sword Lv30】

Description: A holy sword that can cut through any object appears in your hand.

The amount of time it can be used increases depending on the level. 



Maybe it was a skill. 

It could be useful in many ways. 

Is he trying to cut me with it?


I dodged the shining sword that swung down at me, slipped through his legs, and cat-punched his knee from behind. 

There was an unpleasant sound. 

Oh no, I went easy on him but it wasn’t enough. 

“Kyaaaa, it hurts!”

If I had punched him in his stomach or his back, he would be dead. 

But since he’s the one who started it, I don’t feel sorry for him. 

I climbed on his back as he fell in pain. 

“Hero-san, what are you doing?

It’s Neko-san! Neko-san is the great mage I was referring to!”

McDawn comes running up to me. 

Upon hearing all the commotion, the soldiers gathered around. 

“Hero-sama! Nico-sama! W-what the hell is this?”

I took out the board again. 

[Hello, I’m not a suspicious person.]


“Everyone, please calm down! 

Neko-san is not an enemy!”

The soldiers lowered their swords in response. 

“Then, what about the elf hiding behind the bush over there?”

The girl asks. 

“She’s an enemy.”

“Uwaaa~h! How cruel~!”

Aurene ran away.

The soldiers are chasing after her, but they probably won’t be able to catch up. 

“I’m sorry, Neko-san.

I didn’t know the heroes were short-tempered fools….”

“Huhh?! Who are you calling fools?!

I’m a hero!”

“Yeah, he’s a fool.”

“…If Neko were an enemy, he would have taken your life.

He’s either an ally or a neutral force….”

I stepped off the hero and heeled him over incidentally and wrote on the board. 

[What do you want from me?]

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