Day 9: Library

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After one day of changing my pricing, the sales have remained almost the same as the day before. 

But given the increasing sales with each new release, does the fact that there has been no change in sales means that the momentum may be declining a bit? Some of them must have bought it because of the low price. 

Based on Memeko-san’s opinion, this will be better in the long run. Currently, I’m not in a situation where I can’t advance in the game due to a lack of funds, so I’m going to work steadily. 

Today I’m going to visit the Royal Library. I heard that new recipes and, in rare cases, skills could be learned there. 

Not sure about the fact that the entrance permit is a shady one bought from Magdalene, but you never know. It’s a game world. It won’t be something that can’t be undone. 

The Royal Library in the town center was an old-fashioned, huge white-brick building. It has stylish, neatly arranged lattice windows. 

When one enters the building, the entire floor is atrium-like, and bookshelves are arranged in regular rows above and to the side of the building. Multiple staircases, aisles in the air are connected to the bookshelves, and even an elevator lift. 

The place is like a maze, you might get dizzy from watching people moving around. 

“Hello. Please present your entrance permit here if you are using the library.”

While stunned by the vast amount of information, I heard a voice from the side. 

A lady with rabbit ears is smiling at the counter. This is where the reception desk is located. 

Nervously, I handed her the 【Royal Library Entrance Permit】 that I had bought from Magdalene.

The woman reads some numbers from it and types the letters into a machine on the desk. The device looked like a combination of a typewriter and a PC, antique yet not-so-antique. 

“Yes, I have finished checking. Thank you.”

Without hesitation, the sister gave me back my permit. No questions asked. 

Wow, it really is okay. 

A world where you can buy official credentials like this from a traveling merchant is a cultural setting I don’t understand. Anyway, if they say it’s OK, I have no complaints about going along with them. 

I want to look for recipes and skills, but how do I do that?

“Yes, How can I help you?”

After entering the command to speak to Onee-san, the options appeared. 

 →・Please teach me how to search for a book

  ・Please give me some book recommendations

Oh, good. This is it. 

Please teach me how to search for a book.

“The library is like a sea of books—no, it’s like a universe of books. Finding what you’re looking for in this vast collection may seem difficult. But finding a book is not a miracle. Just as you search for the book, the book is waiting for you to find it. The book will shine brightly like a star for you in this universe. I hope you have a wonderful rendezvous.”

Huh. Why is it so abstract?

She repeated the same line when I asked her to teach me again. Something about books shining like stars. It’s an occult thing. 

Something twinkled at the edge of my field of vision. Looking up, I see something shining a blue light at the end of one of the bookshelves.

Eh, is that a book where I can get the recipes? This kind of system?

Onee-san was explaining very meta contents, not occult. I see… finding the book is nothing short of a miracle. 

Now I know how to find the recipe. 

With the help of stairs and aerial passages, I reach the bookshelf, which is much higher. And when I opened the book, which emitted a blue light, a dialogue appeared. 

【Chester Coat】 recipe obtained!

A coat, nice. It looks like it could be arranged. 

I looked around the library to see if there were more, and this time I saw that it was located a bit lower than the entrance floor. It must be underground. 

Had this been reality, the amount of exercise and distance traveled would have been good for dieting. 

Even though I was having a hard time with the complicated path, I was able to obtain 【Lolita Headdress】, 【Engineer Boots】 and 【Repair】 skills.

【Repair】 is a skill that can restore worn-out items to as good as new ones. 

Only for items in the area of expertise, though. The manufacturer can only repair items with brand tags on them. 

What is a brand tag? I need to do some research. 


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・General】

Finally done gathering 10 Fog Crystals
Now I can host a library 
Wait for me, Giltoa~~~~

Good morning
I had a good memory of when I used to take notes and suffer

[Milk Kingdom]
I gave Rylstein Fog Crystal and got Comet Crow Feather back in return?

That’s on you 

I’ve been carrying 10 Fog Crystals for a week because I want long ears, but I can’t find Magdalene

I heard Danama is the easiest to find

Ding ding, you got the point

You need long ears to search for Magdalene
I think you gave it to the wrong person

Speaking of Magdalene, is the library permit she sells a normal one? 
I have had one since I graduated from the academy. I was kinda wondering about it

That’s a semi-trap
The receptionist will let you go through. Otherwise, you’ll be fined and got your permit taken away

Also, you aren’t allowed to enter the library
If you try to enter, you need to show your permit, which will get you out on the spot
Be careful, you can get a criminal record

Emilia’s part-time job is confirmed w

Wow, that’s amazing
Does this game have a criminal record system?
Living carefree…

Don’t be fooled
Kimakura is a social educational game that confronts us with the responsibility that comes with freedom

You forgot

My bad
Typo: Kimakura→Kimakura.

If it’s just permit fraud, the conviction period is short
Two days, iirc

What? I used to go to the library using that permit
I haven’t used it again after knowing I could get caught by the receptionist and get a regular one. Did they change it with the update?

[New Money]
What will happen if I get a criminal record?
Please tell me, criminals

[Milk Kingdom]
You are forced to set your title as “ex-convict”
If you talk to NPC, you will lose favorability or won’t be able to receive services
Advice from a criminal 

Lol, I like you

Efy is the hero of justice and Damu is the antihero

Efy is a weirdo with a sense of justice

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