Chapter 49: Will you travel with us?

I’m finally inside the stone-walled compound. 

This semi-enclosed space is calming. 

Some soldiers, three heroes, and McDawn-kun are here. 

The rest are probably guarding the perimeter. 

“If only I had reported it correctly, none of this would have happened!

I apologize for my mistake!”

McDawn-kun bowed his head deeply. 

But why in the world would they send a bunch of soldiers to do this?

[What’s going on?]

“There’s a report about the Demon King army’s leader in the forest, so a subjugation party was dispatched.”

[The Demon King army’s leader?]

“I’m sure it’s that elf.

What were you doing together with her?”

The girl asked me and I wrote, [She just settled here on her own and followed me.]

“So does that mean you have information on the Demon King army’s leader?

Please accompany us back to the castle!”

The soldier said. 

“Neko-san, please do me a favor. 

I believe this is one of those things that can’t be dismissed even though you’re trying to lead a quiet life. 

Would you mind coming with us to the castle?”

McDawn-kun lowers his head as he asks for a favor. 

I guess he can’t help it. 

Maybe going into town for a bit isn’t so bad. 

“Hey, wait a minute. 

The cat was in a position to kill that elf at any time, right?

Why hasn’t he killed her? He must be related to the Demon King.”

“Enough. That’s rude of you. 

Have a little faith.”

“It’s a cat, not a person.

I don’t believe him and I don’t care. 

More importantly, I’m going after that elf. 

I’ll definitely kill her this time.”

The boy climbed over the stone wall and disappeared. 

“…This is hopeless.”

“What can we do? Let’s go help him.”

The other boys had left following his steps. 

“Let’s be on our way, shall we, Neko-san?”

The soldiers and I made our way to the royal castle.

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