Chapter 32: This isn’t God Heal, but Heal

“Is this the cat that Aurene was talking about that understands human language?”

The old witch, not the Demon King (?) walked closer. 

She walked as if she was dragging her leg. 

This might not be a good idea. 

I’ll try casting Heal to see if they work. 

“Nyaa— (Please heal this person. Heal.)”

I tried to cast recovery magic on the old witch.

“Huh? W-what is this?! The numbness on my leg is gone?”

Huh, it’s a success. 

That’s impressive recovery magic. 

“You can use recovery magic, too~!

Nyanko-san is amazing~!”

“Aurene, the cat just did divine magic called God Heal.

Perhaps this cat, no, God called Bastet-sama.

Bastet-sama will protect us from the disease.”

That wasn’t God Heal but regular Heal.

I’m pretty sure Bastet is a female cat god from Egypt?

They seemed to have misunderstood many things, so I took out a wooden board and wrote it using a pencil. 

[That was Heal, I’m not Bastet.]

“That was a regular Heal?!

As expected of Bastet-sama. 

The more knowledgeable someone is about a disease, the less MP they use for recovery magic and the more effective it is. 

I’ve tried fooling around using Greater Heal, but you cured my numbness with the second-lowest recovery magic!”

This old witch is hopeless. 

She seems to be listening to me, but it’s going in one ear and out the other. 

I told you I’m not Bastet. 

I leave the intense Sylph oba-san towards the blond girl, Aurene, and write. 

[What are you doing here?]

“We’re trying to get this forest under control.”

“Bastet-sama! Please listen to what this old woman has to say!”

Sylph oba-san began to talk, interrupting Aurene.

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