Chapter 51: A nice wooden box

“Come on, this way please.”

Our party was led by a soldier into the castle. 

…Ah, you can see a wooden box, about 40 cm long and wide and 35 cm high. 

The cover is open.

And it’s empty. 

Before I knew it, my feet automatically moved towards the wooden box and I dived into it.

Ohh, this fine wood smell, this corner, this narrow and dim sensation. 

It was wonderful. 


“…Um, Niko-sama, is this cat really a grand mage?”

“Why are you asking that question?”

“No, no matter how you look at it, it looks like a stray cat happily enjoying an empty box.”

The soldier tries to take me out of the box. 

“Meow—! (Whoa! I’m not getting out of this box!)”

“Damn it! Get away from the box!”

You’re wasting your strength.”

“Why don’t you just carry the whole box with you?”

“Mhm… I have no choice.”

The soldier lifted the box. 

I’m sorry. 

We eventually stand in front of a large, imposing double door.

Except I’m just rolling around inside the box. 

“Niko-sama and I brought the aforementioned grand mage with us!”

“Alright, bring him in.”


He brought me through the door in front of the fat, middle-aged man from before. 

“…What’s with the cat?”

“Huh… Niko-sama said that this is the grand mage?”

The King looks at me and mumbles, “Where have I seen you before…?”


Are you certain this is the grand mage who defeated the basilisk in the forest?”

“I’m certain, your Majesty.”

Ahh, I’m sleepy. 

It feels good to be here.

“…No matter how you look at it, it just looks like a stray cat taking a nap.”

“Neko-san! Wake up!”

Mhmm, five more minutes….

“Hey, you’re acting rude in front of His Majesty.”


The soldier grabbed and threw me off. 


I landed on my feet on instinct.

“Meow— (What are you doing?)”

Suddenly, I remembered what I was doing here. 

I took out my trusted board and wrote, [What do you want from me?]

“““Four-dimensional space magic?”””

“See, he isn’t an ordinary cat.

You understand why I thought he was a grand mage, right?”

“If he defeated the basilisk, then….”

[Ohh, you’re talking about him. 

I defeated him. 

I have no more meat left to prove my involvement and they took the skin.]

“C-can you tell me how you defeat the basilisk?”

[I believe I blinded him first and then bit his head off.]

“There is no doubt any longer.

You were my kingdom’s savior!

I am King Franbel IV.

I apologize for my rudeness.

Seems like the heroes are indebted to you again, I must give my gratitude once again!”

I walked back into the wooden box and wrote, [Please give me this box.]


That would not reflect well on me as a King.

You must ask for something more expensive.”

[Then, please give me the forest over there.]

“…And you went for the jugular.”

Thus began my discussion with the king.

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