Chapter 30: Pseudo-wild boar

Good morning. Another beautiful day with fine weather.

I take out what looks like graphite.

The graphite shaved into a stick-like figure before wrapping the ivy around it. 

A simple pencil is complete.

I took out a wooden board and tried to write on it.

Shine on darkness. Light.

Then, I add a note on Lighting and Heal spells.

Even when people say they will remember, there’s something I’m bound to forget.

I’m a cat, though.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


I was taking a nap when I heard the noise coming from below the house.


When I looked out, I saw a boar trying to dig up the tree where my house is.


Appraisal Results

Lv: 10(4 years old)

Race: Killer Boar

Skill: 【Charge】


HP 74/74 MP2/2


An omnivorous wild boar-type monster.

It was named after the fact that it kills and eats with its tusks.


「Nya—(Stop it—!)」


Oh no, he’s not going to stop.

Then, I have no choice.

While I don’t condone needless killing, if you’re trying to destroy my home, I won’t spare you.

I climbed down from the tree and cut the boar’s head off.

This will make it easier to bleed out.

Oh my god, he broke my furnace?!

Horrible! This is too much!

Should I rebuild it? But the same thing might happen to my furnace again.

It will need to be addressed.

I thought about it for a moment, and then I remembered the massive amount of rocks I stored in my four-dimensional space.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

After soaking the boar in the river, I was digging around the treehouse.

The excavation ability is astonishing, not just for the mole but also for the heavy equipment.

No water is put in the ditch.

It’s a pain in the ass to draw water, and if it floods, it would be a disaster.

Once it’s finished, the stones are piled up to shield the home. Then the shield is reinforced with a coat of clay.

It’s a two-tiered structure with a moat and stone barriers.

There were three thin trees across the moat, which served as a bridge.

People could easily pass through, but it would be impossible for a huge body like a wild boar to do so.

I finished my work and it’s already evening.

Then I collect and dismantle the boar.

Dismantling them was easy.

I used to dismantle a bunch of rats in my research work on new drugs.

A mammal’s body structure isn’t that different.

The only internal organs consumed are the heart.

However, the other parts could be used as bait or a trap, so I won’t throw it away and store it in the four-dimensional space.

The part known as heart was grilled on a bamboo skewer with some meat.

As long as the heart is fresh, I can eat it.

It was good.

But of course, I can’t finish everything, so the rest of it goes to four-dimensional space.

The makeshift furnace was made of stones arranged in a U-shape.

Once I ate, I rebuilt the clay furnace.

The work continued until late at night.

Since this was my second time making it, the work was much more efficient and quicker.

When I returned home, I was flooded with drowsiness.

I just slumped down.

Good night.

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