Chapter 34: Warding ()

“My goal is warding the elves and expanding this forest to the west~.”

“Nyaa— (I see.)”

“Let’s do our best together, Nyanko-san~!


The blonde elven girl, Aurene, raises her fist to the sky.

I never said I would help her, though. 

“As a start, I’m going to set up wards around this dig~.

[Spirits, please protect us from threats. Sanctuary!]”

Isn’t Sanctuary means sanctuary in Japanese?

Isn’t the nuance is different from warding?

As I was pondering this, the incarnation that Aurene cast caused a thin layer of something membrane-like to appear outside the dig. 

Hoo, is that the ward?

I approached the thin layer and tried to touch it. 

Snap! The thin layer of ward broke down. 

“Aaah! What are you doing, Nyanko-san~?!”

[I don’t know, the ward kind of fragile. This is laughable.] I wrote on my wooden board. 

“But you can only cast warding magic once every ten years~!”

[I mean, you can’t just put wards around people’s houses without permission.]

“It was supposed to be useful for Nyanko-san, too! Ah, this is embarrassing~.”

She then proceeds to give me a detailed explanation about warding. 

When they set the wards, only relatives or authorized people will be able to enter. 

The elven tribe lives with wards around their village. 

To maintain the wards, it is necessary to use gems called magic stones, which are sometimes buried in the magical beasts’ bodies. 

The more magic stones are needed, the bigger the wards are. For now, she only put the wards around my house. 

I took out the stone that was buried in the basilisk’s heart. 

I kept it because it is such a beautiful stone. When I showed it to Aurene, she said it is a magic stone. 

Magic stones can also store and release magic. The bigger the stone, the higher the price. 

Unfortunately, I’m a cat. I don’t know how I can sell this stone to a merchant. 

I heard that magic stones are used in daily life using something called magic tools. 

If I remember correctly, they were using something like flint at the inn. 

I was told that if a qualified person doesn’t process it, it could cause a massive explosion. 

That’s scary.

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