Day 7: Dyeing

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I want to stay at home today and concentrate on production work. 

With the money and GP I made from selling gathered items, I have a variety of new materials and patterns. I want to use the fur I bought from Magdalene as soon as possible. 

I started by making a pattern for a dress, using the pattern for the shirt and the skirt as reference. 

The sleeves are one-half, and the upper body part is like a typical polo shirt with a triangular collar and three buttons. The skirt portion is slightly gathered to spread modestly. 

While there are templates, making patterns is almost entirely done by hand. It’s a bit of a challenge. When it comes to handicrafts, this is probably the most challenging part. At first, I remember having difficulty deciphering and remembering various marks. 

But once you have made some rough patterns, the game makes it easy by allowing the cutting and sewing shortcuts. 

The best thing about this is that the pattern you create is made into a shape instantly, so you can quickly make adjustments, such as making the waistline thinner or adding more gathers. 

This is where real-life handicrafts are so much more difficult. 

There is no shortcut key for unraveling a sewn garment, so the more you insist on making adjustments, the less material you will have. 

Since inexpensive sheeting fabric for temporary sewing exists in this world as well, I have been using it without about it too much. 

Since the pattern I modified can be named by myself, I registered 【One-half Sleeves Shirt Dress】.

Now for the fun part. 

I started by making them from various colored and patterned cotton cloths that I purchased at a textile store in town. There was a deep indigo color, a muted beige color, and a green tartan. 

While making various kinds of dresses, the job level has increased, so all the finished 【Cotton Dress】 are now 3★ quality.

Then I decided to try using the 【Simple Dyeing Kit】 that I exchanged at GP. as its name suggests, it is a tool for dyeing cloth. 

Furthermore, I was informed by the tool shop owner that it is possible to add special effects to dyes by mixing other items with them in this world. He also showed me how to use them. 

These items include pots and pans, tong-like metalware, and glass containers for measuring. 

Since I couldn’t afford to buy dyes, I’ll use the special materials this time. 

The whole point of dyeing is to boil the cloth in dye to soak up the color, right? This means that granting special effects is also done by boiling and letting the material’s ingredients soak into the cloth. 

As long as you only need water, clothes, and materials to give the effect, I should be able to make it work. I had already prepared water from a public well. 

As an experiment, I decided to start with 【Sheeting Cloth】 and 【Healing Mint】 which I had plenty leftover as synthesis materials. 

Next, here comes the 【Simple Stove】 I exchanged using GP. 

I use Phantom Stone as fuel. After dripping it with oil, the fire was lit. 

Heat a pot of water and put the ingredients into the pot. All that remains is to stir the fabric properly with tongs, and it is done when it makes a Ding sound. 

Thus, unlike the tailoring process, this fake dyeing work is a manual process that is almost identical to reality. 

The reason is that I’m not a weaver—dyeing is part of this job, so I have no related shortcut skills. 

If a professional weaver did this, they would probably just select the materials, and the rest would be done automatically. 

Compared to that, doing other jobs alone is quite a hassle. However, the time it takes to boil and the ingredients to soak into the water are all game-specific and much easier than in the real world. 

The presence or absence of shortcut skills makes the difference between different jobs in this game. With time and effort, you can get into other job fields, which I think are quite friendly to people like me who love to play in solitude. 

The finished product, which took a little time and effort, is shown here. 


Quality: —

Industrial waste. It may or may not be used for something. 

Common usage: —

Ding. No way, my first garbage creation. 

While I thought there were various material options, not all of them were correct. Maybe using medicinal herbs was my mistake. 

What about 【Wise Nuts】? The description says 『Widely used as a production material』 I guess there’s a chance it might work. 

Then I started the dyeing process. 

【Intellectual Cloth】

Quality: ★

A cloth with brain-enhancing power. 

Common usage: sewing

Oh, I made something! The cloth is made from a very coarse sheeting cloth, so it’s not very marketable. Wise Nut was a winner. 

Which means 【Ladybug】 can be used too, right? The item description says the same. 

The experiment was a success.

【Light Cloth】

Quality: ★

A cloth that holds hidden light power. 

Common usage: sewing

Great! Okay, let’s synthesize a decent cotton cloth as the base fabric. 


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Unofficial)・Answer Beginner’s Questions in Two Lines・Personal and Biased・No Thanks Needed・Volunteers・Until 00・The Rest is Hidden】

[akane k]
My job is tailor, what should I start with?

Go to the guild and join a clan
If you live in the town, you can become an apprentice in a tailor’s workshop

What do titles mean?

Depending on the title you have set, events may or may not occur, and NPCs may or may not respond to you
NPCs will judge you by the title you set

[akane K]
Joining a clan out of the blue is scary, do you have any recommendations for newbies?

There are clans set up by NPCs
NPC owns the workshop where you can apprentice

Are there any jobs that have advantages in this game?

Merchants and inventors

Merchants are fucking cheats

Out of topic

[Yoshio www]
Are you crazy about recommending merchants to newbies? www

You too

What should I become if I want to fish?


What’s the advantage of starting in the countryside?

Big house and garden

We can move, right?

You can

The event progression for Ciel Shanta isn’t moving after the third
What should I do?

Give up

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