Vol. 4 Chapter 03: Level 13 Villainous

◆4-03 Level 13 villainous

I remain calm and accept the measurement results. I am calm. 

Then, speaking calmly, I state what we need to do next. 

“All right, let’s ruin the world.”

“Calm down, Yumiela, stay calm.”

All I want is to prove that the level measurement results are wrong. I will find evidence that I’m not level 13 at all costs. 

“I’m calm. If these results can’t be proven wrong, I will destroy everything in the world.”

“You’re taking out your anger on the world.”

If I couldn’t prove it by any means, I would destroy everything. There is no way that someone at level 13 could destroy the world, so the measurement results would be proven wrong by destroying everything.

“Right. It is not about the result to make the world disappear, it is about the process. It was a necessary sacrifice.”

“I’ll prove it to you. Just stay calm.”

Patrick tried to dissuade me, but I hope he doesn’t take it so seriously. If I’m right, it should be soon.

Checking the edge of my vision as the shadows flickered, I chuckled that it worked. 

Following Patrick’s low voice, the high-pitched voice of a prepubescent boy came to stop me. 

“Wait, Onee-san! There’s no way you’re level 13! Wait a moment before you do something to the world!”

I would never say something so awful like destroying the world or something like that. The statement I made is a trap to call for someone who knows more about level measuring tools that can’t be manufactured by humankind. 

“Thank you, Remn. I knew you would come.”

A black-haired boy jumps out from my shadow. It is Remn, the God of Darkness. 

Since I would have noticed if he were lurking in my shadow, he seems to have hopped in from outside of my perception into my shadow. This God is a bastard with no regard for individual human beings, but when the whole world is involved, he starts to act desperately. 

Remn caught on to my motive and changed his impatient expression to one of frustration. 

“Whaat, my impatience cost me.”

“I didn’t think it would be this easy that you’d fall for it.”

“Of course, I’m going to be frantic. One way or another, I know Onee-san can handle the whole world.”

“Do you think I’m the type who would take it out on others just because my level is lowered?”

“I do.”

Is that so? Do you think of me like that? But Remn has particular abstinence from understanding human emotions. Besides, I had only known him for a short time. 

Patrick would have known that I’m not that kind of person. 

“Patrick knew that, right? You act like you wanna stop me. You read my thoughts, didn’t you? Amazing.”

“I was trying to stop you.”


They thought I was the kind of person who would be willing to go to any lengths to destroy things because of my low level. 

But that is only because Patrick and Remn are two people who love their security. The two of them always assume the worst. I know it may be an unfounded fear, but I think it’s important always to be cautious. 

The one who truly understands me is none other than Elanora, who has the spirit of swinging and playing with tight ropes. I turn to her as my last hope. 

“I… I wouldn’t start acting weird when Yumiela reached level 13! I’m acting natural!”

Eleanora doesn’t make eye contact with me and looks anywhere but me. 

I know how people usually look at me. 

And I’m not fighting people with the same level as I am. 

Are people still incapable of understanding each other? Is there no way to understand each other deep down inside?

I have lamented about human beings’ imperfection, but now there is work to be done. 

I must unravel the mystery soon. I can’t possibly be level 13. As a matter of fact, I feel the mana in my body that exceeds anything I felt when I was level 99.

“Given that I’m not getting any weaker, it’s natural to assume that my magic tool is malfunctioning, isn’t it?”

“Well, the most absurd thing would be assuming that Yumiela is level 13.”

“Right, didn’t I say so? I’m chill.”


After repeated assurances that I was calm, Patrick was not convinced. 

I’m calm. And in my calmness, I had to prove that I was not level 13. There is no rush, but it’s not something I’m going to put off. 

“Look, Remn. Please examine it quickly. Is this magic tool normal?”

“Onee-san… are you on edge? You’re calm, right?”

“I told you, I’m calm. Let’s get to the bottom of this as soon as possible. Didn’t you claim to be the God of Magical Tool or something?”

Being the calm person that I am, I glare at Remn while unconsciously tapping my foot. 

The God of Darkness pokes at the crystal with his finger and says slowly,

“This is out of my jurisdiction. It was already there when I was born, you know. We are managing the world and not involved in the world creation.”

“I need to know that the device is working properly. Assuming it works properly, it will help narrow down why I’m getting this result.”

“I know… put your hand once—”


Before Remn finishes saying his instructions, I quickly put my hand on the crystal. 

Quick, I need the result. I’m not in a rush, not annoyed, but very calm. 

After looking at the magic tool with interest for a moment, he opens his mouth. 

“The magic tool is normal. Onee-san is level 13. You’re getting weaker, and level 13 is like a child.”


Along with my uncontrollable emotions, magic power rushed through my body. 

Somehow I managed to stop the dark magic from bursting out of my body, but I didn’t know when it would collapse if I didn’t do something about it. 

There is no way I can go outdoors and shoot some random magic to release it. 

Although the capacity to hold mana has increased due to the recent incident, the output hasn’t changed much. The faucet has remained the same, but the water tank has increased. 

Even after firing several Black Holes at maximum output, I doubt if I would make it in time. That’s how much magic power I have left. 

Everyone reacted to my unusual behavior, but I didn’t have the time to respond. 

“Yumiela-san! Yumiela-san has broken down!”

“Are you okay? Hey, why are you fishing for trouble?!”

“Is this something you’re struggling with? I didn’t expect this to happen. Sorry.”

“That’s not how you say sorry!”

The magic finally broke through my body. 

The rush of magical power blasting out from the back. The force that blows outward and the force that tries to hold back compete with each other, and the magic is locked in place. 

The magical power, initially fluid, solidified and unfolded behind my back. 

While I could not see it with my eyes, I could feel it as if it were a part of my body. 

On my back appeared thin, crystallized wings made of magic. 

The twelve black wings, six pairs in total.

I was gradually lifted into the air—

“No, no, no, I lied! I was just teasing, Onee-san! I know why it says level 13, but it’s not really level 13!”

At the same time that Remn’s voice reached my ears, the magical outburst ceased. 

The twelve wings disappeared, and the levitation subsided. I landed without making a sound. 

“Right? I’m not level 13, am I? I already figured it out.”

“Are you okay…?”

Patrick approaches me with a concerned look. 

My body was just a little startled, it was like jumping into a pool that gave me heart palpitations, so don’t worry about it too much. 

“It’s okay.”


“I’m fine and calm. I’m not level 13, I’m not level 13, okay, it’s okay.”

Assuming that even if I were level 13, I could make it to another level. 

The thought of all my hard work, only to start all over again, shocked my body. I feel like I’m about to go crazy. 

“This is not okay! Hey, Remn! Quick, explain it to Yumiela!”

“I have never seen such a high mana density. I know Onee-san could destroy the world if she wanted to.”

“It’s not the time to be impressed!”

“Ah, sorry. Let me explain.”

Remn started to explain. I listened attentively, trying not to miss anything. 

“Actually, I just found out that the function of this crystal is not to measure and display the level.”

“What does that mean? Are you saying that the previous results were wrong?”

“The results until now are accurate. That’s why I didn’t realize its actual function.

Why doesn’t this God jump straight to conclusions? Why is he so good at making me feel annoyed? No, no, I’m calm, I’m always calm. 

The true function of my fifth magical tool is revealed. Remn, the God of Darkness, opened his mouth pretentiously. 

“The proper function of this crystal is to measure the target level and display the last two digits of it.”


“Whoever made it, they don’t see a problem with double digits numbers. They probably don’t expect anyone to go over level 99.”

“So, my level 13 is the last two digits?”

“Yeah. but I don’t know whether it’s level 213 or 1031.”

Are you saying it could be

Hmmm. While wondering what is going on, I notice something happening around me. Patrick is standing his ground, and Eleanora and Remn hide behind his back, watching the situation. 

“Onii-san, Onii-san, is this okay?”

“Perhaps it’s okay now….”

“I don’t know, Yumiela-san can go crazy from time to time.”

What is it? Did I do something that would make them keep their distance?

I called Remn, and he said something to me, and then… hmm? My memory is a little fuzzy. 

“Guys, what’s wrong?”

“You seem all right. I thought you were going to sprout some wings again.”

“Wings? What are you talking about?”

Wings? Do you mean those things that grow on birds?

The three of them looked at each other and shook their heads when I asked them back. 

“Nothing, don’t worry about it.”

It’s worrying me… but, well. 

For now, the mystery of level 13 is solved. Knowing the last two digits aren’t really useful, but I can see when the level increases. When the display reaches 14, I know that my level has increased by one. 

Now I will be able to decide on how to proceed. 

“If the crystal shows the number 99 and it doesn’t go up anymore, that means I’ve reached the new level cap.”

“Huh, are you trying to reach the level cap again?”

“Of course.”

“Maybe there won’t be a new level cap?”

“We’ll see then.”

It is great to have an estimate. I can certainly see that I’m moving closer to my goal. 

It was perfect. Crystal-kun, you will keep being a great help. Every time I wake up and before I go to bed, I measure my levels without fail. Imagine a hundred or more digits that don’t show up, I have to hang on.

Thank God it didn’t result in the crystal breaking.

“Huh? Where’s Crystal-kun?”

The crystal isn’t where I should put it. 

Looking down, there is a shattered transparent pieces of shrapnel. 

“When did it fall?!”

“Uh, when Yumiela floated?”

“I floated?”

“No, Yumiela doesn’t float and doesn’t have wings.”

“Wings, huh. Did you mistake me for an angel or something?”

Even with my natural grace, I don’t grow wings without warning. 

The level measurement was the lamest joke: the crystal broke when it fell to the floor. 

The three were secretly talking to each other while they offered their condolences to Crystal-kun, who had been killed in the line of duty on the day he was reinstated. 

“I think she was more of a devil than an angel?”

“It’s a good thing she doesn’t remember. Yumiela-san would definitely say she’ll do it again.”

“I agree. That winged-wing was shaped just the way she likes it.”

Since my mind was occupied with leveling up, what they were saying had fallen on deaf ears.

From now on, I will always carry a crystal with me to measure my level. 

I whispered quietly so Patrick and the others wouldn’t hear me. 

“I’ll have to get some spare crystal.”

Being the careful person I am, I have a spare. There was the one that I had kept together with the shattered crystal. 

Since I didn’t have any more spare, I made a mental note to treat my second crystal with care. 

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