Chapter 81: Nell becomes an older sister (part 3)

Yosh, the baby’s head is out!

While turning the baby, the midwife gently supports it. 


“The baby is here! It’s a healthy baby girl!”

After laying the red-haired baby on a cloth, the midwife ties the umbilical cord in two places and cuts between them. 

Using her practiced hand, she wipes the baby and places it beside Nancy-san. 

“Fufu, please take care of me.”


Almost everyone breathes a sigh of relief. 

Except for the midwife and me. 

We’re not done yet. 

After delivery, the placenta has to come out properly. 

You’re at risk for uterine prolapse during this time, which can cause heavy bleeding. 

We can’t get distracted until the end. 

We kept a close eye on Nancy-san, checking for cyanosis and other signs on the baby. 

After ten minutes, the placenta is safely ejected, and we can relax. 


Don’t wrap the baby’s legs in cloth to keep them straight!

You’re going to dislocate her hip!

I write Mac-kun to tell her to stop. 

It was immediately untied. 

Oh, dear. 

A soft, light cloth covers the baby in a basket lined with fabric. 

We meet eyes in the middle. 

There’s no way the baby can see adequately yet. 

My imagination must be playing tricks on me. 

“Did you really have a baby?!”

“Nancy-san, are you all right?!”

“Where’s the baby?!

Upon hearing the news, neighbors rushed to the house. 

There was a lot of noise.

As expected, the midwife became angry with them and asked them to leave. 

Nancy-san was tired and went to sleep.

Her midwife was staying with her all night. 

“Wow, Aka-chan—”

Nell touched the baby’s cheeks with her fingers.

The baby turned toward her fingers and sucked on them. 

“Nell-chan is a big sister now. 

Make sure you protect her well.”


Neither Mac nor I said a word as we watched this scene silently. 

On that day, Nell became a big sister. 

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