Chapter 33: Sylph the Demon King

The following summary is what Sylph oba-san told me.

A long time ago, when oba-san lost in the forest, she was rescued by an elf who sent her to the human settlement. 

As her gratitude, she told the adults where the elves lived and entrusted them with a jeweled necklace. 

However, the adults use her information to capture the elves and then sold them off. 

The necklace was lost in the wild. 

When Sylph grew up, she found out about the crime against the elves and got angry. She killed all the humans who participated in the act. 

She fought against the persecution of the elves and other demi-human. Meet some elven friends along the way, protecting the magical beast that the elves have as companions, and eventually known as the Demon King. Something happened and now she’s here. 

She’s indeed humankind’s enemy.

But she’s not evil at heart. 

“Did I make a mistake, Bastet-sama?”

“Nyaa— (I don’t know.)”

[Huh?] I write. 

Justice is different depending on where you stand. 

For the elven tribe, humankind can fuck off.

I can understand why she became Demon King. 

While it may be true, in her quest for revenge, Sylph oba-san wound up killing people unrelated to the crime.

From humankind’s point of view, they looked like enemies that should be defeated.

[By the way, what are the elven tribe like?]

“They’re just like me~.”

She looks pretty human to me; what’s the difference?

“To Bastet-sama, the difference between demi-human and human must be trivial. 

They’re a tribe who live in the forest and have long ears.”

Hmm, did they get persecuted for having long ears? That’s terrible. 

Before I died, there was a history of discrimination against people with darker skin. 

I’m thirsty. 

Let’s drink some water. 

I took out a water jug and glass from the four-dimensional space, scooped up some water, and drank it. 

I’m a cat, so a little goes a long way.

Glug glug. Fuahh. 

It’s refreshing. 

“Nyanko-san, can I have some water, too~?”

“Aurene, how shameless of you!

…I’d be happy to have some, too.”

I fill up glasses made of clay with water and give it to them. 

Hydration is a serious business. 

It’s important to stay hydrated especially as you get older, you don’t know when you’re dehydrated. 

Afterward, Sylph oba-san left in a flash of lightning. 

She left the blonde girl behind. 

“From now on, I’ll be living here, too~”

No, you should go home too. 

I mean, what is she doing here?

t/n: if you read this, drink your water.

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