Chapter 12: The one who overthrow the king

I used magic and decided to try to see how much MP it will cost.


Appraisal Results

Name: Tomita Minamoto

LV: 28(20 years old)

Race: Cat

Skill: 【Appraisal Lv100】【Four-dimensional Space Lv100】

【Light Lv2】(NEW!)【Lightning Lv2】(NEW!)

【EXP 100x】【Learning Lv100】


HP 1,910/1,910 MP1,281/1,292

ATK336 DEF286 MAT396 MDF264 SPD469 INT308 LUK101

Title:【The One who Overthrow the King】(NEW!)

An orange tabby cat that has been transmigrated to another world. He was initially a human.

It has the strength and resistance of a dragon.


…The level and status increased.

The cost of using light and lightning magic was only 10 MP.

Then, if I used the light magic again, I’ll be able to calculate the MP cost.

「Nyaa—(『Shine on darkness, Light. 』)」

I made another ball of light.

Let’s see, appraisal… it seems like the MP cost is 2.

So that means, the MP cost for lightning is 8, right?

Also, what’s up with the title 【The One who Overthrow the King 】?


Appraisal Results

【The One who Overthrow the King】

Description:A proof for defeating the king. ATK +15


Did I defeat the king? I don’t remember defeating anyone.

The strongest of all I’ve killed was the basilisk, was he the king mentioned here?


That’s a big surprise.

It seems that I’m able to obtain a skill easily.

Is this an effect from 【Learning Lv100】?

If I obtained a lot of skills, my current livelihood inconvenience would feel a little bit better.

But I don’t know how to obtain the skills.

Is it possible to obtain a skill that you can’t see, or do you have to know how to get it, or is it possible to obtain it by yourself?

Since I have 【Lightning】, I have a hunch that I can get the skills by myself.

It’s nice to experiment when your livelihood is taken care of.

I curled up at the fallen tree spot.

Hmm, I want a house.

It’s small, and it would be easy to make, right?

Well, I could try to make it tomorrow.

Good night.

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