Chapter 79: Nell becomes an older sister (part 1)

It was one fine day. 

I was playing cards as usual with Nell and Mac-kun. 

There was a knock at the door. 

“Eh? Who is it?”

“Niko-san, I’m sorry.

I think contractions… ouch, could you go get the doctor?”

It was Nancy’s voice. 


Huh, contractions?!

Oh, my God!

“What is contraction, Neko-san?”


Don’t you know anything about health and physical education?!

I wrote, [Get a doctor quickly, the baby might be on the way].

“What? Alright, I’ll go get the doctor!”

Mac-kun opened the door and ran. 

“Mama, are you okay?”

“Haa, haa… Nell, be good, okay?”

“Nancy, is it true you went into labor?”

Mac-kun must have called for help on the way. 

The neighborhood Oba-san took Nancy-san to her room. 

They took off some of her clothes and put her on the bed. 

They were working hard to prepare cloths and boil water. 

Shortly after, a male doctor in his fifties came in. 

There must be no female doctors in here. 

The doctor was examining her and checking her pulse. 

We were watching the scene from the corner of the room. 

I secretly look at Nancy-san with my appraisal. 


Appraisal Results

Delivery status: 1st stage (2.3 hours to 2nd stage)


The appraisal skill can reveal anything if you focus on what you want to appraise. 

As an example, we can try to appraise the fetus’ sex. 


Appraisal Results

Fetus’s sex: Female


Let’s appraise the fetus’ sex chromosomes. 


Appraisal Results

Fetus’ sex chromosomes: XX


By doing this, I could determine the fetus’ sex and whether there were any abnormalities in the sex chromosomes. 

Once I found out that Nancy-san was pregnant, I began to check her for any potentially dangerous infections or diseases. 

In Japan, babies are born with congenital rubella syndrome and deafness because the rubella vaccine is not administered properly. 

There are probably many more congenital diseases in places where the vaccine is not widely available. 

After a while, the doctor finishes his examination. 

“I’ll leave the rest to the midwife, but if you need anything else, call me again.”

With that, he left. 

A middle-aged woman was telling Nancy-san all sorts of things about childbirth. 

She must be the midwife. 

“Neko-san, what’s going to happen with Mama?”

[You are going to have a little sister.]

“I’m going to be a big sister?”


The delivery should be quicker than the first time.

Given that we have 2.3 hours left in the 2nd stage, I’d say we have about 4 hours to go. 

Some of the Oba-san went back. 

They are taking turns watching Nancy-san.

The only thing they can do is to support her since the midwife is here, too. 

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