Vol. 2 Chapter 24: Intermission: leaving

Eleanora Hillrose was running down the Duke’s mansion hallway in the capital. Her beloved father had summoned her to speak about something important.  Her habit of barging into people’s rooms was no different when it comes to her father. 

“Father! I’m here!”

“Eleanora, please learn to knock before you enter a room. And be mindful of your volume.”

“Yes, sir!”

When she responded cheerfully, the Duke sighed and asked her to sit down. 

He then handed a large envelope to his daughter who was sitting with an excited expression on her face. She accepted the envelope with both hands and tried to open it with a puzzled look on her face.
However, Duke Hillrose stopped her.

“Hold on. The envelope isn’t for you. I want you to deliver it to Ronald now.”

“Are you writing a letter to Onii-sama?”

“Yes, after you deliver the letter, your brother will take care of you.”

“I understand?”

She wasn’t sure what he meant by taking care of her but the Duke explained in simpler terms. 

“You will be staying at your brother’s house for a while. Take everything important with you.”

“A sleepover?!”

Her eyes lit up with delight. The Duke reminded Eleanora, who was laughing and wondering what she should prepare. 

“Since you won’t be able to come back here again, take everything important with you.”

“Huh? I’m not staying! I won’t be able to meet father, then.”

“That’s not what I meant, I will see you again. I love you, Eleanora.”

“I love you, too!”

After giving Eleanora a light hug, the Duke asked her to leave the room, telling her that the conversation was over.

She left the room in a good mood and didn’t look back, so she didn’t notice the grim look on her father’s face. There was no way she could have known that this was her last chance to see her beloved father.

The Duke was all alone in his room, he shut his eyes, trying to hold back his tears. He had a mission. There was no time left to cry.

He took a deep breath and his mouth twisted into a grin.

“The time has finally come for the Ducal family to fulfill our mission and rise up against the royal family. The preparations are complete, all that remains is to prepare those who will carry out our will.”

He was confident that the plan would succeed with one hundred percent certainty. He trusted his son who will receive a copy of his plan to pull it off.

“Let’s go to the Dolknes territory.”

The Duke long-awaited for this moment. He was heading to where he kept an eye on his successor.

Up until this point, his plan was working perfectly. Except for one thing. 

       ◆ ◆ ◆

After she left the Duke’s room, Eleanora was rummaging through her things, deciding on what she needed for the sleepover in her private room.

A knock was heard and a servant’s voice was heard. 

“Miss, there’s a letter addressed to you.”

“A letter? Who is it from?”

“It’s from Count Dolknes.”


Normally, Eleanora always was the one who initiated contact and rarely the other way around. So it was understandable that she would be happy to receive a letter from her best friend. 

She snatched the letter from the servant, tore off the seal, and skimmed over the writing.

“I did it!”
“Miss, please calm down.”

She made a sudden triumphant pose.

The letter announced Yumiela and Patrick’s marriage. It also mentioned that the wedding would be held in six months.

Disregarding the servant restraints, Eleanora bounced up and down in joy.

“I’m so happy for them! Oh, I must hurry and congratulate Yumiela-san! Prepare the carriage! We’re going to the Dolknes territory!”

Eleanora rushed out of the mansion wearing nothing but her casual clothes. She couldn’t help it as she went on her way to celebrate with her friend. 

In her arms, she carried the large envelope she received from her father.

Although it was believed that the turmoil would begin and end in the royal capital, the decisive battle would end up taking place in the Dolknes territory.

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  1. nightwing405 says:

    Lol 100٪ the Duke’s fault. Why would you leave anything important to either Yumiela or Eleanora?

  2. DataProwler Netizen says:

    Oh no… the misunderstanding about the marriage is having fallout beyond the Dolknes household…

  3. CrusaderJerome says:

    What misunderstanding? Patrick had Yumiela sign the wedding invitations without telling her, lmao.

  4. kirindas says:

    Thanks for the new chapter!

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    Hillrose you fool

  6. Mimisan says:

    She snatched the letter from the servant, tore off the seal, and skimmed over the writing.

    “I did it!”

    ^ Surely it should be “He did it!” right? Why would Elenora say “I did it?” when Patrick is the one who proposed?

    • Kojiro_S says:

      Probably because she is the one who gave advice to Patrick on how to coerce Yumelia into marriage, since last chapter he said “someone told me to…”

    • Lando says:

      She probably said “Yatta!” that translates to “I/he/she/they/it did it!”, but it also can be translated as “Hooray!”

  7. So the duke was planning to bring trouble to Dokness territory? Instant karma

    • Sebastian Jost says:

      I don’t think so… It’s much more likely that he thinks of MC as an ally…
      This is going to backfire…. Badly…. For him…..

    • Jonathan Chow says:

      We don’t why the duke doing this but we can assume that he is not a bad person

  8. Momo Chan says:

    It seem the duke planned to play villain and sacrifice himself to save the country, and make a big mistake… Let Eleanora take the envelope!
    Yumiela will certainly get involved and saving him, it’s her friend’s dad after all.

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