Chapter 45: Psychic phenomenon?

Hiding in the bushes makes me hungry, so I decided to change places and have a BBQ.

Aurene followed me. 

“Those humans are going to stick around for a while~.”

If I hadn’t broken the barrier, this situation might not have happened. 

Not that I feel bad about it, but it’s a bit inconvenient.

In the process of finding a place to have the BBQ, I procured some dried wood and walked out to an open area. 

There is one isolated grave there. 

It said, [Here lies the ancient dragon, Flamberge].

“Flamberge? I’ve never heard that name~.”

In Nico’s novel, there was a brief mention of a holy dragon involved in the founding of this kingdom. 

The grave seemed rather lonely with no flowers on it. 

All right, I’ll make an offering.

I poured water into a cup made of clay and place it on the grave. 

I picked up some flowers, made a flower decoration using my golden forceps, and placed them next to the water.

Wild boar skewers sound good. 

I took the leftover meat from the previous meal out of my four-dimensional space and set it down. 

“Let’s eat our dinner, Nyanko-san~.”

Aurene seems to have shot a big bird with arrows. 

Let’s have our dinner here. 

I arranged the stones in a U-shape, placed the dried wood on the top of it before dripping lava onto it to ignite the fire. 

The bird that she hunted is then dissected with her nails. The meat is put on bamboo skewers and sticks into the kamado. 

The wild boar meat is similarly skewered. 

Recently, I’ve been cooking my meat, hoping to reduce parasite infections so that I might live longer. 

Although it tasted better raw, there was no need to shorten my life by being a glutton. 

I ate the bird skewer. 

Mmm, it was delicious. 

The wild boar meat is too rich for me. 

Sometimes it’s good to have some refreshing bird meat. 

“Huff… huff….”

“Nyoooom (Delicious.)”

Huh? The skewers that I had offered at the grave are gone. 

I wondered if some wild magical beast had snatched it. 

Did you hear that?


I placed a piece of meat on the grave. 

The poultry disappeared in an instant. 

“Nya—! (Eeek—?!)”

“What’s wrong, Nyanko-san?”

[A psychic phenomenon has occurred!]

“Psychic phenomenon?”

[The meat offering disappeared.]

“If you leave such an offering, the bad crow will come and steal it~.”

[No, it disappeared right in front of my eyes!]

“There, there~.”

As a test, Aurene offered a piece of the wild boar meat. 

But the meat didn’t disappear. 

“Look, the meat didn’t disappear~.”

This is absurd. 

No, is this normal?

“Now that I’m full, I will go back to check on the house~.”

I leave the grave, still unconvinced. 

When I turned around, I saw the black crow nibbling the boar meat that I left. 

I guess I was wrong. 

I must be exhausted from all the work that I do. 

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

??? POV

Although they became bones and were buried in the grave, they did not die. 

While passed out, the body lost a little bit of its physicality and just became a spirit.

Perhaps they’ve become a self-binding spirit, but they can’t move from here. 

Their spiritual power was also weakening. 

This was because there had been less offerings lately. 

And that’s not the only reason. 

Only those things that are sincerely intended for my offering can be eaten by me. 

The offerings that aren’t genuine won’t reach me. 

The believers who used to worship me as the Holy Dragon have stopped coming these days, probably because their life span has expired. 

As I was thinking that I would be soon in the tender care of Hades, I noticed the skewers. 

For a cat, you are quite thoughtful, aren’t you?

I shall write in front of my grave.

[Next time, I want to eat magic stones.]

This alone caused me to lose the power I had gained earlier from the skewers. 

My body is not very efficient. 

I wish I had some energy left for possession. 

Darn it! I should have asked for that!

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