Vol. 3 Chapter 20: #2’s goal

It is the morning after Yumiela #2 appears. 

She is sitting at the breakfast table with her usual expression. She’s too comfortable with it. Had she been able to use her abilities to the fullest, the evil god wouldn’t have driven her to the point of destroying the world.

Then, #2 asked in an inviting tone as if inviting me to do some shopping. 

“Do you have time later?”

“I do, but why?”

“Just wait for a little.”

What is it? Since everything is undecided about what she will do from now on, it is nice to be asked for advice by #2. But I don’t think it would be that serious from the atmosphere. 

“Where do you want to talk? Should Patrick be there, too?”

“Right… Perhaps we should go somewhere a little bigger. That guy might want to be there.”

A bigger place? Is she going to talk about something that could lead to a fistfight? There’s not much to predict. One of us will get involved in the end. 

I guess we could talk in the garden. 

We went outside as soon as we finished breakfast, keeping Eleanora at home since she wanted to join us. 

Ryuu didn’t seem to have returned from his morning walk and was nowhere to be seen. I’m sure he’ll be back soon. 

We have chairs and a table in our large garden that we don’t use often. They look like something you would find on the coffee shop terrace. 

“Do you want to sit down and talk?”

“No. I’ll have to stand up shortly, anyway.”

Whoa? Are we going to fight?

We were standing a certain distance away from each other. Oddly enough, we’re in the same position in our first encounter. 

Yosh, let’s hear what #2 has to say, shall we? And depending on the subject, it could lead to an instant brawl. 

“You know why I came to this world, don’t you?”

“I know.”

“I would like to reiterate that I came to this world because you have something I needed.”


“I’m going to finish that business.”

I gulped.
Her goal is to kill me and release her level cap. I knew somewhere in my mind, but it seems that fighting #2 is inevitable. 

“I thought we still had time and would happen a little later.”

“There’s nothing good that can come from taking it slow?”

“That may be true, but….”

It pains me to fight her. #2 and I had several arguments and fistfights yesterday, and she even left me with no clothes to wear. I can fight. I’m getting motivated. 

Considering the damage to the surrounding area, using the garden would not be good. But, let’s go. 

“Let’s get started.”

“Um, ano—”

Victory goes to whoever makes the first move. #2 was talking, but I didn’t care enough to listen. 

Kicking off the ground, I accelerated rapidly, closing in on #2. 

“—Shall we defeat that nasty evil god?”


When she had finished her line, my fist was already pounding into her cheek. 

Caught off guard, #2 throws the Yumiela Punch… no, the Yumiela #2 Punch… wrong, a rider kick is a rider kick, and so is a Yumiela Punch. She took the punch and was blown away. 

I don’t care what #2 said, though. I was ready to chase her, but Patrick stopped me. 

“Oi, Yumiela! Stop!”

“Don’t stop me, Patrick! We’re destined to fight! There is no other choice!”

“No, that’s not it. She said something, didn’t she?”

“……I knew it?”

Could it be that I was wrong about the battle development? But #2 said she was going to finish her business… It’s puzzling. The one who can clear this situation is now standing up, slightly wobbly. 

“It might be better if I kill you first, easy target.”

“If you don’t intend to do that, I don’t see the point in fighting.”

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about when you are the one who initiates it.”

Yumiela #2 says and points her hand at me. 

In an instant, dense dark magic begins to overflow. Ah, this must be it. 

“Black Hole.”

Most of my body was enveloped in a jet black sphere. 

Next, my body will disappear along with the black sphere if I don’t move. 

There are two phases to the attack: the sphere appears before it finally disappears. Though it may be a split second, there is a time lag between the start and completion of the attack. 

The point is, you have the time to avoid the attack after you’ve seen it. 

“It’s dangerous.”

Kicking off the ground, I jumped into the air and twisted my body to escape the black hole’s range. 

It startled me. It was easy enough to avoid, but to be shot with instant death magic was terrible for my heart. 

“Eh… how come you’re still alive?”

“Huh? I just dodge your attack normally.”

“You could normally avoid them? You—”

Her words are interrupted mid-sentence. 

Patrick jumped out and put his sword to #2’s neck. 

“Don’t move. If I sense any magical activity, I’ll cut you off.”

“Eh? Patrick? Why are you suddenly so angry? You’ve been the one stopping me from my rage all this time.”

“I’m pretty sure Yumiela was almost killed just now.”

Patrick is exaggerating when he says that I almost got killed. It would have been easy for me to avoid that. 

“Don’t worry about me. Patrick could have avoided it, too, couldn’t you?”

“Black Hole is impossible to avoid. There is no way you could dodge it because you can’t predict its range.”

“Pay attention and dodge when the time is right.”

“……That’s exactly something you can’t do.”

Huh, really? Are you telling me that Yumiela #2 is seriously trying to kill me?

No way. If that Black Hole had hit me, I wouldn’t be dead. 

“My head was out of the black hole’s range, right? As long as my head is safe, I think we could regenerate everything with recovery magic. Not that I’ve ever tried it.”

“……Can you even do magic with just your head?”

“It’s hard to say without experimenting. I’ve been wearing a protective amulet for a long time, so I shouldn’t die just yet.”

Why am I defending #2? Arguing with Prosecutor Patrick over whether or not there was an intent to kill is too futile. 

The defendant, Yumiela #2, opens her mouth. 

“I used my magic intending to kill you.”

She confessed even though I tried my best to defend her. 

Hmm, there’s no way I will die from something like that. Is #2-chan at an age where she wants to act naughty?

Somehow the two of them got into a tense situation, and I had to intervene. This is a very unusual situation for me to be in. 

To make him lower the sword, I roughly grip the easy-to-grasp part of the blade. 

“Put it down. You can’t cut with this thing.”

“Oi, if you grab it, you can’t cut it.”

He looked at the sword and said the sword had a good quality. For me, a sword or a cudgel have the same strength, and I don’t necessarily care if it’s not sharp as long as it’s strong. Cheer up. 

However, it was strange that Yumiela #2 was told not to move, and she was standing still in an upright position. 

“Why didn’t you move?”

“I thought I’d get cut if I moved, so I stayed put.”

“You said your body doesn’t get cut off easily.”

“That’s just you.”

What? I was betrayed by someone who has the same Yumiela defense. 

Right. Was it a kill or be killed situation, or was it just an emergency? Of all people, I didn’t realize it.

Since I was the one who initiated the fight, let’s hear more about what Yumiela #2 was talking about. 

“Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. You were about to say something, but….”

“Where should I start? Judging by your reactions, it seems that you misunderstand my purpose.”

“Aren’t you trying to defeat me to unlock the level cap?”

“That’s what I was going to do just now. It’s a means to an end, not an end itself.”

“What do you mean? Didn’t you say I was the one you wanted in the first place?”

“Yeah. I’m here to see you.”

“Huh, is that so?”

#2 said that she came to this world for me, but she never said anything about defeating me. 

What was her purpose in coming across the world to see me? It cannot be for some trivial reason that she wanted to see her parallel world self.

After a long pause, Yumiela #2 told me her true purpose. 

“I was about to say this earlier… my purpose of coming to this world was to slay that evil god. My current self is no match for the evil god. I was debating whether to beat you and get stronger or ask for your help, but the way you avoided my Black Hole attack… I doubt I’ll be able to beat you.”

The conversation is taking a weird turn again. What evil god? No, more importantly…

“Why don’t you tell me something as important as that before you begin to act?”

“I thought you knew.”

“How would I know?”

“Because you said it yourself! That is why I didn’t tell you because I thought you’d know what was going on.”

Huh… #2 is a terrible communicator. That must give people a wrong impression of her. 

So, she wants the strength to defeat the evil god. Evil god? I have an idea of what this nasty evil god looks like. He should be still spying on us from the shadows, so I called him out. 

“Remn, are you there?”

“……I’m not the evil god she’s talking about, okay?”

After a short pause, a black-haired boy appears from my shadow. 

Remn, the God of Darkness, denies the allegation, but I’ll ask #2 for confirmation just in case. 

“He isn’t the one you mention, is he?”

“He is not the evil god, but part of the resistance.”

“Remn is quite nasty, and he’s shady.”
“The evil god is even nastier and shadier.”

The evil god must be something else if they can surpass Remn. I don’t want to meet them. 

Ooh, I get it. Remn in the parallel universe had been defeated by Yumiela #2. There was no way he was the formidable evil god. I’m sorry I doubted you. 

After emerging from the shadows but still too wary of #2, Remn hid behind my back. 

“Huh? If Remn was part of the resistance, then who is his opposition?”

“I don’t even know their name. The same one said they were here to stop me but didn’t even show any fighting signs. They had white hair.”

“White hair? Can they let out a beam of light from their forehead?”

“Ha? What are you talking about?”

What? I thought she was talking about Sanon?

I don’t think she’s part of the non-resistance. Strangely, a beam of light came out of her forehead. 

Oh, if she’s part of the non-resistance, then no beam would be coming out?

Remn opened his mouth when I was fed up with the evil god and a new god’s involvement. 

“That non-resistance god is known as Sanon.”

“Ohh, Sanonism’s god? Come on, tell me their name.”

“It shoots a light beam from its forehead, though. If you get hit, you’re in danger.”

“Even you?!”

Why didn’t Sanon fight her? 

She turned to face Remn, who had refused her offer to form an alliance with her in the parallel universe. He shakes his head and says,

“Whatever. Why don’t you ask Sanon?”

“Can I?”

This is getting off-topic. 

Rather than the already done battle between #2 and gods, now it’s against the evil god. 

“What do you mean by evil god? What do they look like?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

“Its appearance is blurred, or perhaps… it’s visible but unrecognizable.”

Do they really exist? Could it be #2’s hallucination?

She must have noticed my doubtful glance because she quickly spoke about the evil god. 

“The first time I met the evil god was after the prince had defeated the demon king. That was when I made up my mind to destroy the human race. He told me I needed to get stronger or I’d die.”

“Did they give you any powers?”

“I didn’t get anything. They just taught me how to level up more efficiently.”

“How?! I’m curious.”

What kind of leveling method was taught by God? This knowledge may be useless to me, but I’d like to hear it for future references. 

“Like, killing all the dungeon bosses by yourself… there are so many other crazy ways to do that.”

“Isn’t that normal?”

“The evil god was just showing me how you do it. Haa… I thought the person who came up with the idea was crazy when I first heard about it, but I was right.”

“……Someone who comes up with the idea to destroy the world had no right calling me crazy.”

Anyone would have thought so. Generally speaking, it’s always better to go alone, where you can get all the EXP you need, rather than with multiple people with shared EXP. 

Everyone can come up with other ways to level up. It’s just that no one does it for some reason. 

I guess the evil god is real. There is no way for her to know my way of leveling up by herself. 

“Ah, did the evil god power allow you to travel to another parallel universe?”

“Yes. The evil god’s goal is to get a strong pawn. They told me to defeat you to raise my level cap.”

Hmm. An evil god. I believe this is the same evil god that Remn talked about who is working behind the scenes. 

An entity that holds a higher rank than Remn and Sanon, who manages many parallel worlds and is not bound by the level cap. Moving from one world to another would be an easy task. 

With the information provided by the evil god, #2 became stronger than the other Yumiela and drove the world to destruction. And she came to this world to become even stronger. 

This is why she could defeat Alicia and the others, unlike the other Yumiela. How did she manage to move between worlds in a way that not even Remn could? What was unknown finally came to light.

Patrick opens his mouth as I try to sort through the information in my head. 

“But you’re not going to defeat Yumiela, are you?”

“I refuse to be the evil god’s lackey.”

“Will… the evil god allow that?”

“They won’t let me. That’s why I’m begging you to help me.”

I looked at #2’s head, which didn’t seem to drop slightly, and thought. 

Hypothetically, I could work with her to defeat the evil god, and then what? Her world will not return to normal, nor will I benefit from it.

There was no reason for me to fight. I’m willing to help #2 if that’s what she’s doing to relieve her grievances. I have no obligation to go along with her, though. 

“What if I say I’m not willing to help?”

“You can’t do that.”


“That nasty evil god is listening to our conversation, you know? Now that they realized they’d been betrayed, they’re going to try and deal with me, aren’t they? And you could use that opportunity to deal with that annoying little pest.”

“Don’t drag me into this!”

Putting aside the fact that the evil god has a reputation for being difficult to deal with, it seems I’ve been dragged into a situation where I have to fight. But #2 is still a bad guy. 

“The evil god does not care if the world is ruined, right? Would it not be better if you beat them?”

“So, they’re the ones who ruin the world….”

That’s not good. This is the first time I will fight an opponent who out-leveled me.

I cannot even imagine how strong the evil god is. While they may be over level 99, 200 and 2000 are entirely different. 

We need to analyze our opponent’s strength first. I asked Yumiela #2.

“How strong is the evil god? Just give me an estimation.”

“I don’t know. I have never seen them fight. They seemed to be reluctant to exert themselves.”

Wow. Thank you for the useless information. 

Regardless of how much power I’m willing to spare, I will come with all my might when it comes to cleaning up traitors. 

Leaving the useless #2 alone, I cast a glance at Remn. 

“Do you understand, Remn?”

“……No matter how strong Onee-san is, you’ll never be a match for them. And as long as the level cap binds you, you’ll never be able to beat them. This world might as well be over. Ahahaha.”

A dry chuckle escaped Remn’s lips, I examined his face, and his eyes were dead. He may be the God of Darkness, but I’m sure he hasn’t lost the light in his eyes this much. Are we in that much peril?

We have too little information about the evil god. Since we are not well situated or equipped, I suggest to #2 that we avoid a battle right now. 

“Maybe we should hold off a little? Not that I’m afraid of losing or anything. I’m stronger than you.”

“We can’t. Haven’t I told you? The evil god is watching over us. I know you’re there. Show yourself!”

She dared into the void. 

Remn quickly jumped into my shadow. Oh, he escaped. 

The space shimmers as it did when #2 appeared, hoping in vain that the evil god would not come out. It was right next to us. 

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