Chapter 70: Skill increase

Wearing the bracelet Flamberge gave me, I put on my pouch and read the skill books. 

Wonder what happened to my status.


Appraisal Results

Name: Tomita Minamoto

Lv: 68 (23 years old)

Race: Cat

Skills: [Appraisal Lv100] [Appraisal Obstruction Lv8] [Appraisal Disguise Lv1] (NEW!) [Four-dimensional Space Lv100]

[Light Lv75] [Lightning Lv6] [Search Lv1] (NEW!) [Heal Lv41]

[Blacksmithing Lv38] [Accelerated Alchemy Lv100] [Transformative Alchemy Lv100] [Separation Alchemy Lv100] [Construction Lv8]

[EXP Value 100x] [Skill Acquisition Lv100] [Detoxification Lv1] (NEW!) [MP Consumption Reduction Lv1] (NEW!) 

[※Eavesdropping Lv1] [※Telekinesis Lv1] [※Shrinking Lv1] 


HP 2,639/2,639 MP 1,854/1,855

ATK 482+20 DEF 346 MAT 457 MDF 298+40 SPD 599 INT 381 LUK 112

Title: [The One Who Defeated the Champion] [The Savior] [Super Miner] 

[Fake God] [Fake Grand Mage] [Fake Demon King] [Fake Cat King]

[King of Alchemy] [Lord of the Forest]

An orange tabby cat that has been transferred into another world. He used to be a human. 

He has the strength and resistance of a dragon.


Skills with ※ are probably due to equipped items. 

Let’s try out my newly acquired skills right away. 

First, [Search].

Hmm, I am searching for Nell. 

Once I recited the spell, I somehow knew Nell’s direction. 

This skill is very useful. 

Next is [Appraisal Disguise].

Hmm, it looks like I can configure it myself. 

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. 


Lv: 3 (6 years old)

Race: Cat

Skills: None


HP 12/12 MP 3/3

ATK 4 DEF 6 MAT 4 MDF 5 SPD 11 INT 3 LUK 10

An orange tabby cat. 


This is how my appraisal results will appear to the other party. 

And the next one is [MP Consumption Reduction Lv1].

Woohooo, let’s use it.

…Why there’s no reaction?

Hmm, I don’t know how to use this skill. 


Appraisal Results

[MP Consumption Reduction Lv1]

Description: Passive skill that reduces MP consumption. 


What is a passive skill?

A defense skill?


Appraisal Results

Passive Skill

Description: The skill is automatically used when you have it.

The skill can be switched on and off.


Is it not an auto skill?

Well, okay. 

And we have [Detoxification Lv1].

Frankly, it’s a skill with a name that sounds like it’s picking a fight with me and reminding me of my life as a pharmaceutical researcher.

Poison can also be medicine and vice versa. 


Appraisal Results

[Detoxification Lv1]

Description: It eliminates poisons from the body.


In general, the term ‘poison’ can mean anything from binding to receptors and inhibiting cell activity, blood clotting and dissolving, to directly damaging tissues… the action mechanism is also totally different from one poison to another. 

Oh, well. 

I took out a magical poisonous herb and tried to use the skill. 

The poison removal from the herb was completed. 


This skill would be great to use on a magical beast that uses poison.

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