Day 3: Communicative missions

Day 3 login 

Today is the day I’m going to go outside. But first things first. 

There is some update from the guild app. Let’s check them out first.

When I open the app screen, I see that new types of missions are added. They are called [Daily Missions] and [Interactive Missions].

The Daily Missions is a series of simple tasks, like a login bonus that would be reset every other day. For example, [Produce three items] or [Deliver three items to the guild].

The [Interactive Missions] are missions that can be completed by interacting with NPCs. My conversation with Ciel yesterday seems to have triggered it.

Besides the standard commands such as [Talk to the townspeople], there is also an entry with the specific character’s name written as [Ciel].

When I opened it, the following text appeared and a full picture of Ciel, whom I met yesterday.

[Ongoing Event]

・Ciel’s fashion check!



By interacting with individual characters repeatedly, the event will progress, and we will complete the mission. 

Each time you advance one square, you will get a reward. I got 100GP right away, which is pretty good. 

Now that we’ve confirmed the mission let’s go check out what happened to the items we put in the store yesterday. 

I walked over to the shop and checked the shop’s status at the counter—Oh, the sales amount is increasing! They’ve been selling while I was gone.

I only managed to sell two pieces, but it was my first paycheck, so I’m happy~. Knowing that I could sell even if the shopkeeper weren’t around, I decided to add all the other items to the shop.

While I was popping the panel, the bell rang, and the door opened.

Oh, it’s Ciel! I wonder if she likes me so much that she showed up again today.

“It’s still a shabby store. Oh, but you’ve got a little more stuff now.”

That’s right. It’s a good thing you noticed. 

I give her a blushing, embarrassed smile stamp. 

If I do this, it will make the stamp’s face without consciously moving my facial muscle. This is perfect for those who have trouble communicating.

“You’re still not worthy of me. I hope you learn how to be one soon and make clothes that make me swoon.”

I’ll do my best. 

“By the way, which one do you think is cooler, what I’m wearing today or yesterday?”

Oh, here it comes—the one from the Interactive Mission event. The choices are… 

  I like yesterday’s better.
  You look your best today, always!
  I’m not sure.

Based on her mood, it seems she dislikes being vague. The third and fourth choices are no good. I decided to be honest and give a straightforward answer based on my preferences. 

With that thought in mind, I take another look at Ciel’s outfit for today. 

She was wearing a gray hoodie over a yellow over-the-knee dress today. On her feet, she is wearing brown western boots. The pearl necklace and the fur-covered basket were the accessories she wore. 

While yesterday’s look had a sense of unity and balance, today’s look is a bit more casual, with items being mixed and matched in a way that creates a relaxed vibe. 

I like this one better.

But Ciel’s hairstyle is a neat updo, with her long blonde hair tightly braided and tied up at the top. Is this her default hairstyle, or did she have the same hairstyle as yesterday? But with this hairstyle, yesterday’s outfit suits her better. 

I picked the second choice. 

“Oh, yeah?” she replied without changing her expression. It’s the same as yesterday. 

“I see what you mean. I’ll keep that in mind. I’ll be back, you’d better work on your skills.”

After saying that, she left the store with ease. It wasn’t a bad response since she said she’d be back again. 

Ciel’s mission page showed no change in the event’s progress. 

She seems to have a complex personality. I’ll have to be patient and get to know her better. I’d like her to wear my clothes someday. Fufufu. 

Anyway, yesterday and today, Ciel appeared right after I showed up at the store. 

I doubt she’ll show up again on the same day. But maybe there is a system where if I enter the store, the customers will enter, too? If I went back and came back one more time, would somebody else come back?

That thought crossed my mind, so I gave it a try—

“Ara, I never knew there was a store here.”

—The bell rang, indicating that a customer had arrived. This time, a lop-eared madam—whom I can’t tell her age from her appearance because this game defaults to youthful and cute character designs—named Wilifrea.

Again, and next came a boy named Mikoto with dog ears. This boy purchased some items from me. 

Both of them are NPCs. Or rather, when I was messing around with the store settings, I discovered that the current settings were unavailable to players. 

It suited me just fine, so I left the setting as it is. If they do show up, my lineup will probably be considered shabby, and I’m not ready for that yet. 

After the fourth time, no one came. Maybe it’s limited to three people a day. 

Since I was a little curious about this, I looked it up and discovered that only three people a day could come using the exit strategy. The other customers would come in at random.

At that time, the bell would tell me even if I were in another room. As the store gets bigger, the number of customers will also increase. The expert suggests muting the bell at that point. 

 These customers are different from the ones who purchased items while I was logged out. 

I didn’t realize it until I looked it up, but the items I sold in my store yesterday were also registered in the ‘World Market.’ It’s the default setting. 

The World Market is the equivalent of an online shopping platform. 

All the transactions I didn’t serve seemed to have been done automatically on the market. 

The default for this one seems open to both NPCs and players. As long as it’s done automatically, I don’t mind if it’s open to the public. 

I’ve also noticed about the World Market that you can complete production and trading from home.

Opening the World Market app, there are countless material items for sale. Wow, what a recluse-friendly game. 

No, I won’t stay indoors. The money I’ve earned from the market and Mikoto-kun doesn’t buy me much. 

However, due to this sales-related stuff and contact with the characters, even if I don’t save money, I do save GP. 

…I’m sorry. I’m going to stay at home again today.


[Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official) – General]

The character disparity is terrible
Mikoto’s part is too much that it could make a whole movie, while Dirk is so little
Isn’t that too much favoritism?

[Yoshio www]
Anyway, what about this month’s world event?
Is it over?

It will start tomorrow to match the holidays
Read the notice 

wktk *excited
I’m always impressed by the graphics in the beginning
Too excited to sleep, I’ll play all night

. there isn’t any
You fucker

[Pan Festa]
There are no consecutive holidays

Should I talk to the customers as much as possible?

I used to do it a lot in the beginning
If you’ve got the time, you should do it because you can complete character missions and get stuff
It won’t affect your sales

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