Day 27: Queen’s costume

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Let’s get to work on the outfit right away.

I will start with the main character, Ciel’s costume.

This reddish-purple damask fabric is the main attraction. Silver threads are woven into the pattern, white lines on the edges, and it is very elaborate.

The item name was [Blitz Cloth (`・ω・´)]. It seems to be a fabric with lighting attributes.

This material will be made into [Cloak].

The bottom hem should be long enough to be draggable. Not worrying about dirt or functionality is one of the best parts of game fashion.

The pink-striped ribbons are used to fasten the cloak.

I used the leftover fabric to make a headdress by adding ribbons and laces.

Initially, I wanted to attach the parts directly to [Lily Crown], but I couldn’t change an item that isn’t recognized as material. Thus, I decided to make it a one-set style by putting on the headdress first and then the crown on top of it. 

As long as it looks like it, all is well in the game world. 

The dress inside is made of a pure silk-like fabric called [Royal Silk].

The recipe used is called [Princess Dress]. It has a tight waistline and flowy skirt, a classic princess silhouette.

On the front, I added several layers of shirring extracted from [Summer Dress]’s draft.

This technique is quite troublesome in real sewing but very easy in Kimakura. as long as the drafting is done.

The skirt is knee-length, and the sleeves are seven-tenths. The hems of both are ballooned and decorated with large white lace. 

I’m proud of this simple structure dress, but with delicate fabric quality and shading, it has a lot of movement.

I made purplish red [Stiletto Pumps] for the feet out of [Single-horned Ox Leather].

With silver paint, I painted a curved arabesque-like pattern on the surface. Although I’m not a good painter and can’t draw anything complicated, I think this is good enough.

This pattern is to match the original design’s tights.   

I’ve been buying it from “Please don’t call it Kimchi(ʘ言ʘ#),” the same as Blitzcross.

It’s a great store name. I didn’t understand what it meant the first time I saw it. But I couldn’t resist the allure of what they were selling.

And here are the beautiful tights, [Scale Legs(´;ω;`)]. It looks like an underwater-specific item.

The overall color is white, but from the toes to the calves, the pattern is made from silver threads that look like ivy. The design of the pumps was chosen to match this pattern. 

The paint I used was mixed with [Royal Moss Scale]. I made my own since I can’t find silver paint at World Market.

The outfit for Ciel-chan is now complete.

The cloak and headdress made from the same cloth become set. Huh? The dress and pumps can be made into a set as well.

Could it be the connection between the [Royal] fabric and paint? Royal Silk is a fabric made from Royal Moth Cocoons.

Since it was an excellent opportunity, I set the items as set and finished the work. 

Here are the finished items.

【Queen Cloak (For Ciel)】
Quality: ★★
This clothing conceals the power of lightning.
Main usage: wearing
Effect: Water damage reduction (medium)
Consumption: 100/100
Set bonus: 30% chance of absorbing lightning damage + convert consumption value (medium)

【Queen Headdress (For Ciel)】
Quality: ★★
An accessory that conceals the power of lightning.
Main usage: wearing
Effect: —
Consumption: 100/100
Set bonus: 30% chance of absorbing lightning damage + convert consumption value (medium)

【Royal Dress (For Ciel)】
Quality: ★
Clothes made of royal silk.
Main usage: wearing
Effect: —
Consumption: 100/100
Possible skill acquired: Intimidation
(Intimidation: optional skill consumption 30 put the target in a [Tense] state)
Set bonus: [Sleep] Resistance

【Royal Shoes (For Ciel)】
Quality: ★★★
Shoes made of Single-horned Ox Leather.
Main usage: wearing
Effect: —
Consumption: 150/150
Set bonus: [Sleep] Resistance

It’s good for a hastily made product. 

I made it as a gift with no regard for functionality. The effect and skills feel like a waste. 

That’s not so bad, considering the amount of love I have for Ciel-chan.


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・Expedition Quest Room Discussions】

[Bird egg]
As someone with a production job, I’m bothered when they release hegemonic official equipment, so this is fine
It’s not necessary for old players, but it’s not garbage either
But it’s usually useful for the newbie or mid-level player

I don’t need Lily Crown
I can go around the old castle just fine

Endurance 10% up, inspiration 20% up, affection 20%, other abilities +2
It’s usually very strong (´・ω・`)

Are you trolling?
When you mix expedition and production stats, you get half-assed stats. And the abilities combination is
the worst.
It’s not about having a lot of abilities, you know

I’m talking about who the equipment is for
I feel underestimated

If it isn’t for collection, it’s a waste

I don’t think it’s a collector who bought it

Being a collection is better than letting it get to waste


Ah, learnable skill?(・w・)

The player is gonna use that equipment now

[Milk kingdom]
Yesterday I was like, “I will sell it for 1.100.000.”
And today, I was like, “Ah, there’s an idiot who bought it. (((^ω^)))”

Newbie, “The newest equipment is on sale>< since I can’t go get it myself, I have to buy it. ><”

Please don’t bully the newbies ><

What kind of newbie can afford that price tag

A spoiled one?

With that kind of money, you could buy top equipment from players
They might be an impatient person who can’t wait since the supply is uneven

Maybe they bought it for the design
As someone with a production job who doesn’t want to go out, I’d buy it if it was 500.000

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