Day 25: Two people (part 2)

“Let’s put an end to this game, Shanta.”

Ciel-chan sighed with a scowl on her face. I don’t think she knew what she was talking about, nor did I.

“Aah, Vivia, you’re so mean. You always favour Ciel.”

“It’s not favoritism but competence. Right, Vivia? My coordination was better, wasn’t it?”

The late Ciel-chan gave me a look that made me nod my head.

And the early Ciel-chan turned away with a huff and suddenly untied her hair. I gasp as I watch her messily comb her hair with her hand. 

—She looks good.

Her chic yet open, retro fashion suited her current long, soft hair better than her neatly tied up.

“Let me introduce myself again.”

They stood side by side and smiled that provocative smile before me as I gaped. 

“I’m Ciel.”

Says the late Ciel-chan, her hair neatly tied up. 

“And I’m Shanta.”

The early Ciel-chan follows.

“We are twins.”

—Ehhh… twins?!!!

“We were playing game.”

“Pretending to be the same person to find out who has the better fashion sense.”

“Body shape, facial features, personality, social history, everything is all fair and equal, head-to-head.”

“But Vivia, you noticed along the way that there are two of us. Or else there is no way to explain it. How could Ciel be superior every single time? Besides, if either of us showed up in a row, there would be no merits.”

“Ufufu. You’re the first one to see through us. I like you.”

“Ciel, you’re getting carried away. You must be blind if you can’t see my fashion sense.”

While I was confused, the two of them proceeded with their conversation smoothly. Then Ciel-chan or Shanta-chan, who had started the conversation first, left the shop with an angry look on her face. 

Ah, sorry, Shanta-chan. It seems I’m mistaken, but I didn’t realize you were twins.

If you had worn your hair down, I might have made many indecisive choices.

Staring dumbfounded at the door where Shanta had left, I suddenly heard a sweet voice from below me.

“By the way, Vivia, even though you are the shop owner and I’m a customer, we have been acquainted with each other for a long time. Don’t you think we are friends?”

Ciel-chan is leaning forward from the counter, looking up at me. Sparkling gray eyes and loose lips.

Nodding my head like a marionette, I hit a series of stamps that sent the flowers flying. 

Yes, I’m Ciel-sama’s friend. Or her servant. Might as well call me her dog. 

“I think friends are supposed to see each other outside of work. Going out, having lunch or enjoying tea time together.”

You are right. I agree with Ciel-sama.

“Then let’s meet this weekend or next monday. Let me know when you’re free.”

Alright, I’ll let you know. Eh…



【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・Dating Event Discussions】

I appreciate that you don’t show yourself in the picture
But considering you’re in front of smiling Mefumo, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to ask you to go fuck yourself

The reaction after drinking coffee is so cute
My single-minded heart devoted to Tefana was shaken

[saya fukase]
I can feel the smugness when they show off Erin

But Erin’s composure

[song hair]
Erin, “Thanks for taking care of me!”
↑ the way she asserts herself (´・ω・`)

[pan festa]
Here’s the list of this week’s members

Good job
You got the right to press your face into Dark Moth’s belly and fluff it up

[pan festa]
That’s torture, isn’t it?

The only highlight is Clifeus
It’s quite lackluster

There’s Dirk
That’s enough

Angelola-sama is enough

Ciel-sama is here

[saya fukase]
I know that both Dirk and Ange have some deep-rooted popularity, but they don’t intrigue me as much as Ryl stan and Miko stan fights

It’s finally my turn

>> momotaro
>> mimi.
Shouldn’t they be hiding like Ryl stan?

[song sari]
Ciel, please don’t ignore me (´;ω;`)

That guy’s turn won’t come on forever

>> nejiko+
The only reason Ryl stan doesn’t participate in the first half of the date event talk is to avoid the guys who win the right to date and brag about it
There was someone who did that, and it was frowned upon
It is also good manners not to show your face in the talk room so you don’t make the same mistake by accidentally slipping up
…Something like that
They have that peculiar culture around it


[pan festa]
Bamboo will speak whether he wins or loses

And he manages to talk to another player when he’s on a date with Ryl

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