Chapter 18: Downpour

The weather today, unfortunately, turned out to be heavy rain.

Let’s say I don’t want to get my fur wet, so I’m cooped up in the treehouse.

To pass the time, I took a tree from the Four-dimensional Space and made some deep plates.

I made about six of them.

And I put it outside.

It collects rainwater.


When the wind blows, my body gets wet.

Unlike in a tent, there are no walls.

There isn’t enough wood left over for me to build a wall.

If I were to make it, I would have to go and cut down a new one.

But if I leave now, I’ll be soaked for sure.

A true dilemma.


Aah, you blew my plate!

And the rain is cold!

Damn, when the weather clears, I’ll build the wall.

I should have made it without skipping any corners.

I cut the remaining wood as thin as a katsuobushi (sliced dried bonito) and twisted it to make a string.

This is the same one that I use for the treehouse.

There’s a way to boil the grass down to a string, but that’s not possible now that we don’t have a pot or a fire.

I repeated the same process over and over again, making a lot of string.

When I finished, I stored the strings in the Four-dimensional Space.

It wasn’t until later in the evening that the rain stopped.

With that, I jump out of the house.

Now, let’s start gathering the materials.

Let’s collect more of it.

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    Thanks for the new chapter!

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  3. Philip says:

    Poor catto, suffering due to rain. Since those adventurers stole the nice-ish, basilisk skin tent.
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