Chapter 78: Gutenberg sensei

The next day, I brought the paper and paper-making set to the town’s workshop. 

“Ah? What is it?

Is that the cat that came yesterday?”

One of the dwarves answered me. 

“Nyaa— (That’s right).”

I took out the paper, handmade mixer, and wooden crate.

“Hmm… this looks like parchment paper, but it’s made out of a plant. 

What about this?”

[it’s a sample of the paper we use for typewriters, which we also need to mass-produce.]

“You want to mass produce this paper?

…Hoo, is this manual machine used for crushing plants?

There is room for improvement, but we could make something similar to this. 

The person who makes the paper could be a day laborer.”

[The thickness is important, so they have to be careful.]


I’ll gather some people and have them make one just like this paper.”

Thank goodness the old man was a quick learner. 

And while we’re at it, let’s teach them Gutenberg’s letterpress printing technique. 

Technically, it should be possible. 

For simplicity, this involves preparing many stamps with a single letter written on them. 

They are then inserted into a mold so that they become a sentence. 

Then, a huge stamp that can duplicate a sentence can be made. 

Come to think of it, a cat worked in a letterpress shop in Night on the Galactic Railroad.

I immediately and carefully explain the situation to the old man using my wooden board. 

During the explanation, the old man gets excited and takes one gulp of sake. 

Stop it, you’ll get acute alcohol poisoning. 

“Pfftt! What is this revolutionary technique?

If we can mass produce the paper we just used and make large quantities of books using this method, then the time will come when anyone can get books at low prices!”

That’s right. 

The reason why the Bible is available in large quantities is because of Gutenberg sensei’s work. 

For the record, the book the scholars are using seems to cost about 1.000.000 G.

That’s about 1.000.000 Japanese yen. 

It was expensive. 

The book Nell has was thin, maybe it cost around 100.000 G. 

Still, it’s expensive. 

“If we could combine it with the typewriter taught the other day and make it possible to set up just by typing….”

He immediately came up with the idea of combining it with a typewriter. 

As expected of a craftsman employed by the king. 

He is brilliant. 

This should help boost the kingdom’s printing technology. 

Once the typewriters are mass-produced, I’ll take one and write something too.

It’s a good way to pass the time. 

Besides, it would be good for society’s sake, and I can kill two birds with one stone. 

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