Vol. 3 Chapter 12: Countermeasure against Yumiela from the parallel world

The next morning, Remn was sitting at our dining table again. 

I had already explained my past life to him. Since this was the second time, I was able to explain it smoothly with some omissions. 

“Hmm, memories from another world….”

Remn, who had been chewing his bread without reservation, seemed somewhat skeptical. 

His reaction is normal. It doesn’t matter if people will think I’m lying about my previous life. The only thing that matters is that they believe me when I say that I have no intention of destroying the world. 

“I don’t think I can get you any proof. You’ll have to trust me.”

“Oh, Onee-san’s peculiarity can’t be explained without having such an unexpected reason.”

“Isn’t it enough to know that the parallel universe version of me that destroyed the world and the one here now are two different people?”

I feel bad for the world that has been destroyed, but that was beyond my control. 

There was no relationship between Yumiela from the other side and me. We live in a world that will never cross and will never be able to meet. All right, that’s it. 

My turbulent days are over now. It’s time to say goodbye to Remn, who had been dutifully stuffing his face with my scrambled eggs. 

While my brain was working out a plan to get rid of the God of Darkness, he gave me a charming smile and said. 

“Then, we are going to have a meeting to discuss how to deal with Onee-san’s twin.”


“Haven’t I told you? Yumiela Dolknes from the parallel universe will definitely come to this world.”

Wow, isn’t destroying one world enough for her? Isn’t she too violent?

“Why would she come all the way here? What does she want?”

“Remember what we talked about before? She wants to uncap the max level.”


One method of lifting the level cap is to kill your parallel universe self. Right, that was what she was after. 

“But it doesn’t mean she’ll come to this world? There are countless parallel universes out there, aren’t there?”

“There are concepts like distance, even in the same parallel universe. The world we’re talking about is quite close to this one. Adjacent if I was specific.”

“Then, there is the possibility of her coming over. Fifty percent probability… is pretty high.”

“No, no, no. There is a one hundred percent chance that she will come here. Because Yumiela Dolknes from the other universes are no more.”

Ah, so that’s how it is. Most of my twins have been defeated according to the otome game’s scenario. The exception was me in this parallel universe, who had defeated Alicia and friends who had taken a completely different route. 

Out of many parallel worlds, only two of us are left alive. Remn’s concern was justified. 

“Is it possible to travel to another world? You can’t do that, can you? There is no guarantee that she knows how to release the level cap.”

“Well… there is someone else who is working behind the scenes.”

Remn, who had been acting hesitant until now, spoke softly. If I had to guess, it’s an entity higher than Remn. The kind where there is only one person in the parallel universe with a level cap over 99.

“I think you’re more of a threat than me in this world.”

“Don’t worry too much about that. There are many restrictions on how they can interfere with the world. They wouldn’t want to spend their hard-earned resources.”

“Do you think I should be ready to beat the crap out of her?”


Not that I believe the information is coming from Remn, but I will have to take his word for it. 

The battle between me and I…. up until today, I’ve won many battles by relying on my high specs. It may be challenging to fight the upcoming battle if that doesn’t work. 

While I was thinking about the strongest enemy that might ever exist, Patrick entered the dining room. 

“Good morning, Yumiela. Sorry I overslept.”

“Good morning. I was also tired after everything that happened yesterday. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, you need to take it easy.”

Patrick glanced at Remn as he sat in his chair and continued. 

“Have you told him about it?”

“I explained it to him in general and told him about my past life’s memories. And we were just talking about how we should deal with her.”

Also, we have Patrick here. I feel bad for Yumiela from the other side who will be coming alone, but my victory will be assured with Patrick’s assistance. 

My reliable partner, however, had a gloomy look on his face. 

“This… shouldn’t be something you have to deal with. You have nothing to do with that girl.”

“She is apparently after me, which makes the encounter seem inevitable.”

“…Are you sure?”

“Eh? What?”

“Isn’t it too much for you to fight against yourself from a parallel universe? Someone with the same face, albeit a different person inside.”

He speaks with an almost sad look on his face. 

Is it really too much? I could imagine a scenario where we fight each other. 

Unlike me, who had the advantage of having memories from my previous life, she didn’t have that. She was tossed into the harsh world with nothing and no allies to watch her back, she hated the world. 

While I had been spending time with Patrick and Eleanora, she had been all alone. 

She is definitely the hidden boss, an absolute evil, and a threat to this world. But I’m not qualified to judge her. 

She walked up to me with her cold, expressionless face and punched me in the stomach. She probably suffered more pain. I’ll take this blow in stride.

She slapped me on the cheek… I thought there was an unspoken agreement not to hit faces! You’ve done it, bitch! Your face pisses me off! I also don’t like how expressionless you are!

I leaped at her and raised my fist in the air… 

“…Oh, it’s okay. You don’t have to go easy on me, it’ll be easier for me to hit you than the others.”


“I just tried to imagine the fight in my head. We got into some serious fistfight, both trying to get in each other’s faces.”


I didn’t expect it to get that far. 

My predictions for the future are usually wrong, so we might be able to work something out through peaceful discussions. 

“I’ll try to be civil, alright? But it all depends on her.”

“Please do your best. If the situation calls for it, I’ll step in but it’s hard to fight Yumiela.”

“No, no, no, parallel universe’s Yumiela is a different person from me. No need to be considerate, okay?”

“Even if you’re different on the inside, can you fight someone who has the same face as you?”

Do you mean to say she’s a bad person outwardly?

How can I forgive her for doing so many evil deeds in my lovely figure? The first thing I’m going to do is change her face. I’ll beat her so hard that it won’t stay in shape….

“Eh, I can fight like normal. It’s rather motivating.”

“…Okay, then.”

I felt a pang of sadness when he answered curtly. Why? 

With Patrick and Remn present, we began a meeting on dealing with Yumiela from the parallel world.

“What are we supposed to do about it?”

“We don’t even know when or where she’s going to come, I don’t think our traps will work against her.”

The atmosphere of exhaustion begins to set in from the beginning, but Remn starts laughing uncontrollably and says.

“Have you forgotten about my authority? I’m in charge of managing dungeons and magical tools, you know? Having the strongest magic tools that one normally wouldn’t be able to find would give us an advantage, right?”


Amazing. He can control the item drop rate? Adjusting the random numbers is truly the work of God.

When I gave him a look of respect, Remn was in a better mood. 

“How about getting a weapon with a light attribute which is Onee-san’s weakness? There is a place the humans call Barias Dungeon and it is one of the best dungeons out there. The sword of light that cuts through the darkness, one that the God of Light, Sanon, was involved in creating.”


“Not many people can reach the deepest part of that dungeon. I’m sure that the Holy Sword is still lying there. Although it would be difficult for Onee-san to hold the sword, how about Onii-san… what’s wrong?”

Barias dungeon is a thing. That is where I present most of my time during the school’s summer vacation. After going through many dungeon runs to get a sword for me, I finally get my hands on a sword with dark attributes. 

During one of my dungeon runs, I got a sword with a light attribute that was almost impossible for me to touch directly. 

Since I didn’t need it, I sold the sword and it ended up in Alicia’s hands. She then used that sword to stab me in the back and I don’t know where it went after that… Oh, I remember. That sword was a danger to society that I had to Black Hole it away.

“The Holy Sword is gone.”


“I got rid of it using Black Hole. If it’s gone, does it ever get respawned?”

“…It’s impossible to get one now.”

Remn said in a dejected tone. 

I feel bad about what I did. Something must be done to cheer him up. 

“I’m sure there’s something else we can use! After all, Remn managed the magic tools.”

“Mhm, there are others. …There’s a magic tool that can create barriers, though it’s under Sanon’s control. It has light attributes, so it must be useful. But I don’t know where it is now… it’s probably at Sanon’s church.”

“…Sorry. I think I broke that one, too.”

Remn became quiet. How unfortunate. He is shrouded in a dark aura, not because he is God of Darkness. 

This is bad. I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Remn begins to speak in rambles. 

“Right, you broke it. It can’t be helped. Or maybe a large monster summoning flute? The regular monster summoning flute can only summon monsters but the large flute can be used to direct them. But to use that power, you’ll need my approval—”


“Sorry, my strength is still weak. It doesn’t matter how many monsters are at our beck and call if we’re dealing with Yumiela. Hahaha.”

“No, there isn’t any…. Patrick broke that large flute, too.”

You got this, Patrick! I can’t handle this anymore. 

When I gave him a look, he shook his head. You were the one who broke it, Patrick. I had planned on keeping that large flute, but it broke on the spot. 

It’s not like I wanted to break the barrier tools either….

It would only make Remn feel even more unhappy if I gave such excuses. I don’t know what to say to him anymore. I’m sorry, Remn. You don’t have to keep trying. 

But he wouldn’t give up. He spoke in a small voice that I could barely hear. 

“What about the elixir? Have you destroyed it yet? It is a magic tool that I carefully crafted. I tried my best to make it useful for humans.”

“Oh! I didn’t destroy the elixir! Rather I haven’t even seen or heard about anything like it!”

“Ohh! I had never heard of a magic tool with that name either. It’s probably still down there, deep in the dungeon!”

Patrick and I worked together to cheer Remn up. 

His expression instantly changed to a cheerful one and he said,

“Really?! Yayy! You know what, the elixir is amazing! We should head over there as soon as possible.”

Thus, we were going on a trip to get the elixir. 

However, I know. I know that the elixir is not that useful. But I thought I’d keep quiet for now, for his sake, since he was so excited and happy.

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  1. Artyk04 says:

    Remm: Light attributed sword?
    Yumelia: Nope
    Remm: Light Barrier?
    Yumelia: Nope
    Remm:…. Large Monster summoning flute?
    Patrick: Nope
    Remm: Elixir?
    Yumelia: Cool (not really)

  2. Kojiro_S says:

    Well, you can use elixirs to grind for AP, provided FF magic jar monsters exist on that world.

  3. Why is the elixir not that useful? I don’t remember it mentioned.

    • Number43 says:

      I don’t think It’s been mentioned. She probably knows about it from the game, otherwise saying she hadn’t seen or heard about it wouldn’t make sense.

  4. jayswing103 says:

    I know how to stop Yumelia! They just need to find her a Patrick of her own! The power of love conquers all!

  5. jayswing103 says:

    Other Yumelia just needs her own Patrick.

    • Number43 says:

      It says she destroyed humanity, thus she killed him. Plus Patrick wouldn’t like a mass murderer. Their relationship wouldn’t have started if he couldn’t tell she didn’t mean any harm, despite the crazy monster flute shenanigans.

      • Ap0cryph0n1 says:

        Idk, I can see Patrick getting alternate universe Yumiela to develop feelings for him by accident and reincarnated yumiela kills her right as she’s coming to terms with being a horrible mass murderer

  6. Holow hollow holow says:

    Evil Yumiela will reincarnate as her daughter isn’t she?

    I mean she is a monster because the world hate her……..no one helped the other Yumielas all of them are dead and only one of the originals become strong enough to survive and the Yumiela with cheats.
    To be fair the original deserves some love in her next life even if she did bad things it was because of the hatred towards her for no reason.

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