Day 5: Gathering

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After completing three visitor events, I decided to go out to do gathering tasks today. 

On a side note, Ciel-chan has been here yesterday and today. She always wears different clothes and asks me which one I like better than the last one. 

I still answer with my honest preference, but the response is always the same. 

One thing that has changed is the addition of a new option like, 『I like them both equally』.

I tried to pick that option as I thought today and yesterday’s clothes were cute. Well, nothing special happened. 

By the way, after Ciel-chan, Mikoto-kun is my favorite character. 

He is a boy with pointed dog ears who is always smiling. He seems kind, but at the same time, he looks helpless, which makes me want to protect him. 

Today, I’m going to an area called Serenity Hill. This is the closest gathering point from the town and is suitable for beginners. 

Although there are aggressive creatures in this fantasy game, there are few creatures in Serenity Hill, and even if they rarely appear, they can be easily escaped. 

That is why I can go there alone, unprotected. 

Having the equipment and defensive measures is necessary for bringing a hunter to more dangerous places. 

The first step is to go to the town’s central district, where you will be taken to a huge elevating device. This takes you down to the town’s lowest level. 

The elevator was not a roomy elevator but just a fenced-in lift, so it felt like an amusement park attraction, which was fun. 

People who are afraid of heights may not like it. 

Then, walking through the south gate and along the street to reach the destination. The townspeople told me that phantom beasts also appear in this field, but I won’t be attacked as long as I walk along the road.

The scenery’s atmosphere and background music changed at a certain point, and the road came to a dead end. The wind is howling and echoing through the air. 

First, I decided to pull out an unfamiliar plant different from the orthodox grass that grows in large numbers. 『【Healing Mint】 obtained!』 appears on display. 

The item is stored in an item box in the shape of a shoulder bag, and the inventory can be opened at—

【Healing Mint】

A medicinal herb that restores [Endurance] when eaten. Bitter. The main ingredient for [Life Juice].

Common usage: medicine ingredient.

There was an explanation like that. It seemed to be a special item, different from ordinary grass. 

When I smell it, the fresh aroma is so refreshing I can almost smell it through my nose. 

I also randomly picked other unusual items, such as plants with several small white flowers, grass with whitish flowers that looked like frost, and gold-colored flowers. 

In the end, I gathered the following items. 

【Stamina Basil】

A medicinal herb that restores [Endurance] when eaten. Bitter. The main ingredient for [Stamina Drink].

Common usage: medicine ingredient.

【Coffee Grass】

A medicinal herb that restores [Abnormal Condition: Sleep] when eaten. Bitter. The main ingredient for [Awake Coffee].

Common usage: medicine ingredient.

【Brave Chamomile】

A medicinal herb that restores [Abnormal Condition: Nervousness] when eaten. Bitten. The main ingredient for [Smelling Salts].

Common usage: medicine ingredient.

【Winter Marie】

A medicinal herb that restores [Abnormal Condition: Burn] when rubbed on the affected area. Really absorbing. The main ingredient for [Cold Liqueur].

Common usage: medicine ingredient.

【Moon Lavender】

A medicinal herb that restores [Abnormal Condition: Blindness] when the squeezed liquid is poured into the eyes. Really absorbing. It takes a minute to show its effect—the main ingredient for [Eye Drops].

Common usage: medicine ingredient.

Unfortunately, I didn’t pick anything that would be useful for making clothes. Since I’m not a pharmacist, I wonder if I will have a chance to use these items myself. 

I should be able to get some money if I sell it. 

There were some other items I was interested in, but my item box is full, so I’ll have to call it a day. I’ll come back tomorrow and look for some more materials. 


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・World Events Discussions】

>> Takenaka
Maybe I should stop playing this grotesque game. I’ve already had my heart broken once by Black Moth

>> Takenaka
Why don’t you install the Child Patch app?
For 700 yen/month, you can live a peaceful life

I don’t want my money sucked into a shitty app that turns every phantom beast that comes out into a bird, a bear, and a butterfly w

I looked it up LOL
On the contrary, I’m going to be heartbroken hunting this cute bear

It’s traumatizing
Bad for your upbringing

[Ma Yu]
Kremer is so cool
It’s a shame he’s an event character

I can’t keep up with so many events and things to do—
It’s basically a job at this point, I’ve lost interest in doing it

[Yoshio www]
What do you mean www

It’s a character game
I’ll be updating this every Sunday.

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