Chapter 65: Learning Separation Alchemy

It was getting dark, so I used [Light].

I lit a fire in the kamado to protect myself from the cold.

At the same time, I put fish on bamboo skewers and grilled them. 

“Wow! Nyanko-san, please share with me~!”

Aurene then showed me the black crow beast, Bad Crow, that she had killed. 

I dissect the Bad Crow with my claws and put the meat on a bamboo skewer to cook it the same way.

“I haven’t had the pleasure of eating fish in 16 years.”

She had never caught a fish before. 

Sometimes she ate fish that her friends caught. 

Once the two fish were nicely cooked, I handed one of them to her. 

Itadakimasu~. Nomnom.”

I took a bite of the grilled blackfish skewer. 

Mhm, I can’t get over how tender the white meat is. 

It makes me want to drink sake. 

But since I’m a cat, I can’t drink alcohol.

“It’s delicious~.”

After we had eaten the fish, we ate the Bad Crow. 

It was slightly bitter and tasted terrible. 

We should have eaten this one first. 

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Yosh, now let’s try separation alchemy. 

I take out the wood.

The wood stock is running out, and I’ll replenish it tomorrow. 

“Nyaa— (Reassemble against cause and effect. Separation Alchemy).”

I chanted with the image of extracting nothing but carbon from the wood.

I’m getting sleepy again. 

“Nyanko-san, Nyanko-san?


This separation alchemy also consumes a ridiculous amount of MP. 

I was so sleepy that I couldn’t move anymore. 



Appraisal Results

Name: Tomita Minamoto

Lv: 28 (20 years old)

Race: Cat

Skills: [Appraisal Lv 100] [Appraisal Obstruction Lv 3] [Four-dimensional Space Lv 100]

[Light Lv 11] [Lightning Lv 3] [Heal Lv 5]

[Blacksmith Lv 4] [Accelerated Alchemy Lv 4] [Transformative Alchemy Lv 7] [Separation Alchemy Lv 3] (NEW!)

[EXP Value 100x] [Skill Acquisition Lv 100]


HP 1,920/1,920 MP 0/1,341

ATK 337 DEF 287 MAT 397 MDF 265 SPD 473 INT 310 LUK 104

Title: [The One Who Defeated the Champion] [The Savior] [Super Miner] [Fake God] [Fake Grand Mage] [Beginner Alchemist]

An orange tabby cat that has been transferred into another world. He used to be a human. 

He has the strength and resistance of a dragon.



Appraisal Results

[Separation Alchemy Lv 3]

Description: Alchemy skill. Separating objects. 


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