Day 23: The aforementioned girlfriend (Part 1)

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【Twin Snake Shell】
 Widely used as monster material. It contains plenty of ingredients to increase [Endurance].
 Common usage: medicine ingredient

【Yellow Ivy】
 A yellow vine with heart-shaped leaves. 
 Widely used as monster material. It contains ingredients that increase [Affection].
 Common usage: crafting

【Forest Wolf Tusk】
 Widely used as a hallucinogenic material. It contains ingredients that increase [Endurance].
 Common usage: blacksmithing

【Forest Wolf Meat】
 Somewhat tough but tasty meat. It goes well with stewed dishes. 
 Common usage: cooking

【Aqua Balloon Fruit】
 A yellow-green fruit that is extremely rich in water content. The juice flows out simultaneously when the thin rind is prickled with a needle. 
 Edible. It contains ingredients that increase [Skill]. Widely used as a hallucinogenic material. 
 Common usage: cooking

Arranging the materials I had brought home yesterday, I admired them. Since each item is in Kimakura. is given a different graphic, it is fun to look at the strange materials. 

I especially love the heart-leaf yellow ivy and the aqua balloon fruit, which are kept in jars like specimens. They are beautiful. 

Some of them will be kept and used for decorating the shop. Since material items don’t deteriorate, leaving them as they are is OK. 

Yesterday’s expedition ended with Mikoto-kun and me collecting most of the materials. 

Sometimes Conner-san would scare away rats and bats, and sometimes he would make us aware of traps. I guess he did his job a little bit. 

Viti-chan worked the least for me, but I don’t mind because she is cute. 

She would watch me as I began to forage, and we would start to gather the same materials together. It was significantly slower. She could only gather one item when it took me to pick three. 

With Mikoto’s willingness to hunt and catch many preys, her ineptitude was a bit conspicuous. 

Nevertheless, I was glad we didn’t get into a critical situation where someone died. This was partly because I had prepared a lot of recovery items, but the field didn’t seem too challenging.

Since there were a lot of things that concerned me, I decided to look into a strategy site. 

According to the guide, we should have no problem 【The Tomb of the Ancient Kings】 if we prepare one character with self-defense skills and a recovery potion. 

Regarding Viti-chan, I wondered if it had anything to do with the skills she possesses. It seems that her actual value is displayed in the underwater field. 

Without good communication, players often become a liability in other fields. 

I also learned that organizing a party of three or four people is even more challenging if the player doesn’t deepen the friendship between themselves and the help members. 

These NPCs who join as helpers have skills and stats that change according to the player’s level. But teamwork and work efficiency require training, which gradually grows as players develop friendships and bonds with other party members. 

This is why the standard practice is to party with only one character for a while and aim for more than 90% cohesion. Then, they will try to find a suitable party composition for that character. 

While I was thinking how nice and easy it would be to party with NPCs to further my progress in the game, it turns out this was a rather complicated system. My first expedition was filled with many reflections. 

Even though it was my first expedition, I got Mikoto-kun to form a partnership with me. The favorability as a client seems to carry over to other situations. 

The strategy guide said that Mikoto-kun is a competent expedition helper. Perhaps I should start by building up cohesion with him. 

Let’s deliver Yellow Ivy to Wilifrea-san’s house. When I opened my door, a call rang out. 

The caller is my only (unwilling) friend, Mr Takenaka. 

Boutique-san, are you in Lestein right now?

I’m here

If you have a spare moment, please come to the plaza before the guild!
I’m in the middle of a triumphant return~


I have been traveling around with my girlfriend wearing the outfit that Boutique-san made for me
It was a great decision to commission this from you!
She is so fucking cute. You should come to see your work for a minute

Right. A sudden invitation to show off? Why is it so sad that I have to see the normie’s glory even in a game?

I’m curious to see what Takenaka-san and his girlfriend would look like if they wore those outfits. Even if it’s her boyfriend’s bias, I’m curious to see what makes him excited and say she’s so fucking cute. 

If I went to Wilifrea’s house, I would inevitably have to pass through the plaza. 

I left home half excited and half dreaded. 


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・Beastmaster Room Discussions】

>> Rika is staring at [Cave of Nothingness] with envy. 
>> Looks like she found a new place to live
(´;д;`) bwaah

That sentence is traumatizing. Can you stop?

[Under siege]
The options are [Encourage] and [Held back], which is mean
I’m starting to have some difficulty in choosing [Held back]

[Milk kingdom]
>> Seems like she’s thinking back to her hometown
→ The system can be avoided if you don’t take them to their hometown. It’s useful for replacing strange beast
>> Looks like she found a new place to live
→ This system is only mean when it is randomly generated

Why… why are you there, Rika-chan

Rika-chan was an asocial 

So, you parted ways?

I’m not… but it left a lump in my heart…

Even if you maintain the favorability, that event is still going to happen
It’s better to know what happens 

When this message appeared three times in a row, I had to say goodbye
And all those happen in a different field 
‘I found a new place!’ seems like an excuse to get away from me


[Under siege]
Eh, what happened? Stop acting scary

What’s wrong?

[Milk kingdom]
Calm down. I’m sure y’all can guess why
If it were in the general discussions room, you’d get ganged up

I’m sorry
I know it’s not allowed in the general room, so I just complained here

It’s rare to see you so upset

On his day off, he’s always sending me Hime-sama’s pictures and says it’s a fruitful endeavour


I’d forgive him if he sent it in a private message
The idiot used the clan’s talk without reading the atmosphere. We have some people who lost too
I’m livid I’m lost a member because of that


I know he’s not a bad guy, though

Ha~~ if I had known this was going to happen, I would have never corrected the message
“I want to get in touch with you for commission work! Please add me as a friend! I’ll be waiting at xx at xx time!”
I wish I had gone through with my composed and pushy attitude

I didn’t know that happened w
No need to guess. I think it was Bu-something who made that outfits
I’m sure he’ll be ignored or blocked w

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