Day 12: Catching bugs

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During a conversation with customers today, Ciel Shanta came in again. 

So far, she’s visited the most. She probably didn’t come for only two or three days. 

Today was different. She looked around the store and gave a reaction when she found me. 

“Why did this place suddenly look so much better?”

Err… I saw you yesterday. There hasn’t been any change in the store lineup since yesterday…

If I corrected her, would it be tactless?

“Fufufu, you’re just what I expected. In appreciation of your hard work, I give you this.”


I had received a few things from other customer characters, but Ciel was the only one who had never given me anything, no matter how many times she visited. 

The item I received was called 【Star Crystal】. I’d never seen anything like it before, but I was happy at the thought of it being a gift from her. 

Ciel then asked for another fashion check. Her behavior changed again after I answered the question. 

Today, I chose the option ‘I like today’s fashion,’ but she looks kinda sulky. I usually give the same answer, and she leaves without responding. 

“Hey, did you notice it?”


I asked back bluntly. What in the world does that mean?

But she never answered and left. Eeh, I’m a little confused about this.

At first, I thought she liked me because I got a gift, but she seemed in a bad mood. I don’t understand her. 

Today, I’m returning to 【Serenity Hill】 to gather materials. I have poured all my money into this captain’s costume, and I need to earn some money again steadily. 

As I walk through the town toward the gate, I sense I’m attracting much attention. 

Am I being too self-conscious? I’m confident that I’ve made good clothes. 

It isn’t very comfortable with making assumptions. Nobody cares about me. I don’t care. 

To convince myself, I looked up and saw a man who seemed human, and our eyes met. He was staring at me with a blank expression on his face. 

I hastily shifted my gaze. Uwaa~~, I was being watched. 

Does that mean he is paying attention to me? Perhaps I wasn’t wrong. Well, it’s a pretty flashy outfit considering the color scheme. 

Indeed it’s a good thing, right? That must mean I did such a good job, right?

Okay, then, I’ll walk proudly. But let’s not make eye contact with strangers. 

There was one thing I especially wanted to do on this foraging trip. When I arrived at Serenity Hill, I took out my 【Butterfly Net】.

Today I want to try to capture some phantom bugs. They can be sold for good money and used to make unique clothes.

I tried to capture bugs a few times before, but it wasn’t working for me. I’m too bad at it. 

According to the strategy information, different bugs have specific movements, and you can get used to them. I seriously can’t read the ladybugs and firefly-like insect movements. 

Do I have trouble reading?

It seems that I’m not the only one who feels this way. There are many comments in the comments section saying how impossible it is. 

After reading that, I gave up immediately. 

If others can’t do it, there’s no way I can since I’m not very good at action or shooting games. I’ll just buy the bugs.

For those who are terrible at it, there is a remedy. There is a tool called 【Honeycomb Staff】 which is an item with higher compatibility than a Butterfly Net, as it can catch bugs on its tip by simply walking around with it. 

The Honeycomb Staff price is five times higher than the Butterly Net. Moreover, the consumable value is only half of the Butterfly Net, making it difficult for the poor to afford. 

Just as I was about to give up, I had a miraculous flash of inspiration. Right, the 【Accuracy】 skill.

This acquired skill that came with the captain’s hat can be used as long as the hat is worn. Even if it hasn’t been learned, it can be learned only if the hat is used. 

Using this skill wouldn’t be easy to collect bugs, which is not my favorite thing to do? I decided to go for it. 

Whoa, there is a firefly-like creature floating in the air. Right now, it is just after sunset in Kimakura. In this world, morning, day, and night rotate in 10 hours, so insects are very easy to spot. 

After executing the command for the accuracy skill I had registered, I pointed at the target with my left hand. Then with a beeping sound, the aiming line reticle is aligned with the firefly’s light. 

“Go—!” I muttered and confirmed the command, causing my body to move on its own. Then I noticed that the firefly was caught in the Butterfly Net.   

『You’ve caught 【Flyer Fly】!』 is displayed, then the bug becomes light and stored in the item box. 

I feel a bit creepy and uncomfortable. 

When the world event started, I was quite surprised when I was forced to move my vision. But this is the first time I have had my body controlled by a computer. More precisely, it’s not that my body is being controlled, but my senses are being tricked into perceiving it that way. 

The feeling is similar to the chills in one’s stomach while descending in an elevator or the goosebumps one gets from metal noises. 

Chasing after the erratic flying bugs, my body twisted in a strange direction. 

There was no pain at all, but it was a little scary. 

I wonder if I will ever get used to this. 

It’s good to know that accuracy skill helps catch bugs. I’m a little intimidated by this strange motion correction, but I’ll do my best. 

【Flyer Fly】
A firefly-type phantom bug that has a large number of fire-attribute phantoms. Nocturnal and short-lived. It flies clad in flames. 
It is widely used as a hallucinogenic material. 
Typical usage: Blacksmithing


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Unofficial) (Locked) ・[Taketori Monogatari (株)] Clan’s Room】

Roscius-kun, the Alpaca King, urges me to pet him with a pawing attack when I stop petting him

[Pure White]

Senpai, stop uploading cute animal videos every time you see them ~~(。´Д⊂)
I’ll regret not becoming a beastmaster~~

Felt-kun, the naughty glass, went out of his way to hide in Norn-chan’s nest and sleep with her even though he had his own nest

[Pure White]

Still, the image is a no no ~~(。´Д⊂)

Boots Kitties playing with Full Moon Rabbit’s Arum-tan as a ball

I want to see that video ~~(。´Д⊂)


[Pure White]

Aaaa~~ no matter which way you turn, it’s a living hell ~~(。´Д⊂)

You look like you’re having a good time
I’ve just been freed from overtime

[Pure White]
I’m working overtime to my heart’s content
I’m in the middle of a precious break time to get some healing from Nonaka-san’s video

Sorry about that

[Pure White]
Damn, I really shouldn’t have gotten into a managerial position 
I should’ve done more to avoid it by pushing my junior
I should’ve run away to Fukuoka too

(shit, I think I stepped on a landmine)

Thanks for your hard work
(I was just about to calm down the angry White-sama, you son of a bitch—)

Thank you for your hard work (*・ω・)
(Ayumi is staying quiet, reading the very delicate and subtle atmosphere)

I’d like to ask something~~~~

Oh, Takenaka-san, who is enjoying the holiday to the fullest, you’ve come to the right place!

How do you talk to a girl you don’t know?
How can I make it look less suspicious?

[Pure White]
I’m calling the police

No, no, you’ve misunderstood
It’s Kimakura. In-game? 

[Pure White]
I’m calling the police

Take… just because you can’t meet anyone in real life doesn’t mean you can do it in Kimakura. Using it to hit on girls is a little bit…

Didn’t you check her status at all?
Did she have a cute avatar?
She’s probably an old man in real life
Anyone who thinks an old man is cute is an old man, they understand each other

That’s not what I said! Could you not make me into someone I’m not?
I’m asking for advice to avoid being misunderstood like that! 
Don’t disrespect me like that!

From my experience, these people don’t talk to you in-game out of the blue. Instead, they give you supportive comments or follow on SNS 
Then, they will contact you in-game under the pretense of coincidence
Isn’t that a rather common and effective method?

It’s not like that~~

There was this girl today who was incorporating a button item I made into her outfit in a very tasteful way~
Not sure if the girl herself is making them or not, but I’d like to get in touch with the creator
If possible, I’d like to ask her to make my clothes

[Pure White]
And if it’s possible?

I’d ask them!

Seriously, I think people will be suspicious no matter how you approach them
With that in mind, isn’t it best to be direct and tell them your thoughts?

I guess so
But that girl is in semi-active mode…

Isn’t that like being told to stay away from the beginning?

Maybe try wearing clothes with the same buttons to appeal to them?

[Pure White]
From what I’ve heard, it sounds like you’re just seeing her by accident
You don’t even know when you’ll see her again

But if we were wearing the same outfit, she’d recognize me from her field of vision
It would stand out

What is this feeling of itchiness, it’s like listening to a high school boy talking about the girl he fell in love with at first sight on the train

What did she look like?
I’m curious

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