Day 10: Drawing/drafting

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I have been researching brand tags. 

First, once you reach a certain level, you can register your store as a brand with the guild. Then, a brand tag can be issued for 30 Kima—this world’s currency—per item. 

When this brand tag is incorporated into a manufactured item, it is said that others will not be able to repair, dismantle, or resell the item. The system is designed to prevent customers from being unfairly ripped off. 

According to the players’ opinions, exchanging unused items for money is not unusual. The store will be avoided if you put the brand tag on everything. 

Putting tags only on items with original designs or items with low supply relative to their demand seems to be a well-balanced approach. 

Since I had reached the level needed to create my brand, I immediately went to the guild to register. The tags themselves can be issued through the guild application. 

But I realized after issuing about ten tags to try it out. The store name is registered as the brand name. My brand name 『Boutique Vivia』 sounds like a name from the Showa period. 

I was planning on changing my name later, but now that I’ve gone this far, I’ll leave it like this. It’s getting more and more tedious. 

I will put tags on all the original design items I make now. 

It might be a bit self-conscious, but I don’t want to feel bad about it later. I’ll consider Memeko-san’s advice and be careful to protect myself. 

The library has three recipes available daily; if you’re lucky, you get a skill. In addition to communicating with customers, library visits have become part of my routine. 

Today I got recipes for 【Skinny Pants】, 【Pleated Skirt】, and 【Napoleon Hat】.

I want to start making clothes based on these recipes, but to do that, I need a recipe, materials, and pattern paper. 

Pattern paper can be purchased at handicraft stores but is ridiculously expensive. One or two would be fine, but if I were to get the pattern paper for all the recipes I found, I would inevitably run out of money. 

And not all types are sold. Some are not readily available at stores. 

As a remedy for such poor beginners, an analog 『copy and paste』 function is provided. The process involves generating full-size drafting data from a recipe, placing a sheet of drafting paper on top, tracing lines, and cutting the paper accordingly, making the game seem like a game. 

Not that I don’t like this work. But when I’ve made three sheets, I feel like, Oh, I’m done for the day

It would be endless if I had to copy every recipe I found. It would take up a good part of my precious game time, which is limited even for me. 

I’m going to rearrange them later, I might as well make the typical recipe pattern and go through with the similar ones unless I have to. 

Games are merely entertainment. They are a recreation. 

The best way to do it is to do it within the limits of what you enjoy. 

I decided to wrap up duplicating the draft and work on tailoring. Now that I have more recipes, I will finally start making costumes for myself today. 

The first step is to make a large quantity of pure white 【Intellectual Cloth】 with a dye kit. 

Intellectual Cloth has an attribute that increases the concentration value. Since the concentration value will affect the effectiveness of the skill, maybe wearing clothes made from this cloth will allow me to do somewhat better quality work. 

After the cloth is made, the pattern is reworked to my liking using sheeting cloth to do temporary sewing. 

 The pattern paper I used is 【Napoleon Hat】, 【Open Collar Shirt】, 【Jacket】, 【Pleated Skirt】, and 【Engineer Boots】. Since I have obtained a hat recipe with an interesting shape, I would like to make a pure white captain’s costume with this as the centerpiece. 

Because accessories are pretty necessary for this kind of costume, there were a lot of missing materials after all the ideas were finalized—ribbons, buttons, and so on. 

Once I rush out to buy those things, I will have almost no money left. 

I feel like I’m always running out of money. I’m living on a tightrope. 

Well, it’s essential to contribute to economic stimulation.


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・General】

I met Magdalene for the first time! 

Is she a disaster or something? w

Did the love hunter manage to capture Magdalene?

Huh, can Magdalene be captured?

No, I was just wondering if you met her

I could meet her~~~~
My long ears~~~~
Now I can make progress in completing missions for characters I haven’t gotten around to~~~~

I’m getting cold feet. That love hunter is going to take my favorite character
I wish I had never met Magdalene in my life 

Don’t come to Dirca, okay?


Dirca has a reputation for having less content 
But I like the visuals

I’ll cancel my membership if I start messing around with Dirca

I don’t think Momo’s comment sounds like a joke 

I’m not kidding
One rival like Chon is enough

Ueee If Momo-sama says that to me, I have no choice but to back down

Thank you for the endorsement

[Yoshio www]
How can you talk about your favorite characters so casually?
World Event ends tomorrow www

My world event is over in three days

Eee, are you past your prime that you haven’t finished yours?


[Yoshio www]
Check the world room www
Kneel to me, you fool www

No way w

>> Yoshio www
Ryl-sama’s secret aaaaah
I don’t care about Dirca or anything anymore

Our star player


Yoshio is asserting dominance LOL

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