Vol. 1 Chapter 10: My changing school life and the game

「Oh, the dark attributes also have recovery magic. 」

「Hai, it can heal the wounded arm. 」

The day after the outdoor training, I was summoned again by the principal, Ronald.

I had been severely scolded for blowing the monster summoning flute by Patrick and apologized yesterday.

「You can grow an arm… what’s the story? 」

「Hai, his arm was damaged. 」

When I said that while pointing to my shoulder, Principal Ronald’s face expression was changing, his usually smiling face stiffen.

I know it was a close call. If it slides a little, it might not be his arm but his head.

「Well, that’s about it. How was his Highness party? 」

I asked about the prince and central nobles results of their outdoor training.

「I think Prince Edwin, William-kun, and Oswald-kun are doing reasonably well. 」

「Ah, you mean that they are the only ones who defeat the monsters. 」

It can’t be helped; central nobles are not eager to leveling up. But why Alicia’s name isn’t mentioned? Her light magic is essential for defeating the demon king.

「All the monsters that appeared seems to have been defeated by them. It’s not good, but the people around them are praising them for it. 」

「That’s good, but what is Alicia-san doing? 」

She was a commoner but can use light magic, that’s the reason why she can attend the Royal Academy. It’s not necessary to train light magic, but she can’t slack on leveling.

「Like all the others, she hasn’t defeated a single monster. It seems like his Highness and his friends tell her so. 」

「Do you think she’s willing to do that? 」

「Hmm, Alicia-san seems not as annoyed as she would have others believe under the protection of his Highness. 」

I sighed when I heard the principal’s answer.

In the academy, Alicia is always hanging out with the capture targets. At this pace, she may not be willing to fight voluntarily.

「Are they together all the time at the school? Also, she said she wouldn’t lose, but what does it mean? 」

「I’m pushing Alicia-san to get stronger. Be prepared, she might ask for support. 」

If the time arrives, I’ll just throw her into a dark attribute dungeon. Be happy that the monster that comes out will be in your favor.

Since the day of the outdoor training, my school life has been changed a little. Patrick began to talk to me often.

When we require to get a pair in class, I have no choice but get partnered with him.

「I’m sorry, Patrick-san. You want to be with your friends, right? 」

「Don’t worry, I’m indebted to you. 」

Is this about the injury that I helped to heal? He’s an upright guy.

「Don’t worry about that. And there was a potion, too. 」

「Then, I’ll team up with someone else. 」

「Please take care of the injury that I healed. 」

「This can happen because of you. 」

He’s so friendly that I can lightly bicker with him. Perhaps the best friend I had since I was born in this world.

Since we are in the swordsmanship class, we face each other while holding the wooden sword.

Patrick’s sword movement look amateur, but it’s on point and beautiful. Will those that working for efficiency looks good? It might not be the correct word, but that’s how I describe his training form.

Compared to those, my leveling up would be unsightly and uncouth. Despite I emphasize on efficiency.

「Haa haa, I give up. 」

He seemed to have dropped his wooden sword when I was dodging his sword while my mind was wandering.

「Thank you, partner. 」

Said Patrick while he is trying to regulate his breath.

「I’m not a good partner, and I don’t help much. 」

「No, that’s not true. I use Patrick-san’s swordsmanship as a reference. In terms of skill, I’m nowhere near. 」

I simply rely on my high-level reaction speed and power, so don’t make such expression.

「Do you want to learn swordsmanship? What do you want to fight? 」

Well, now that you mention it… with my current condition, I will still be able to defeat the demon king. Isn’t there no point in getting stronger?

But this world is wide. The world is spreading beyond the game map. I wonder if there’s someone stronger than me.

「Isn’t it like a demon king? 」

「Demon king? Is it true that he will be back in two years? 」

「I don’t know. It’s either Prince Edwin’s delusion or his Majesty concealed it. 」

That’s a lie, and I know the truth.

「I can’t say either of them. 」

Lately, the prince was so awful that he can’t tell it was a lie, that the resurrection of the demon king is Prince Edwin’s delusion.

At the school, he’s playing around with Alicia. Recently, the story about having cakes on the courtyard circulated all over the school.

In this state, is the demon king revival is only the prince’s thoughtless remark? Some say that. Also, the rumor about me being the demon king isn’t going down at all. It seems to get stronger after the outdoor training.

「Doesn’t Patrick-san think I’m the demon king? 」

「First of all, isn’t the demon king a male? And I don’t like that they blame it on the black hair. 」

I looked at Patrick, whose tone get a little stronger, and started talking when he noticed it.

「When I was little, I was worried because of my hair color is close to black. When my relatives start saying that I was dark. My family told me they didn’t care, but I always hated this dark hair. 」

While saying that, he touched his grey hair. If I had to say, I think it was grey and closer to white.

「I think it’s whiteish. 」

「Oh, white? Compared to Yumiela, that’s right.

That’s why I respect you, you had black hair, and you’re so confident about it. And I swear not to despise the color of my hair. 」

Patrick stared at me when he said that. I averted my gaze when it began making me embarrassed.

I thought it was something like a confession. Nope, not at all.

「Thank you. I think Patrick’s grey hair is lovely. 」

「Thanks, I think your black hair is also pretty. 」

When I reached my embarrassed limit in the conversation, I invite him for a mock battle to end the conversation.

「Ah, ano, why don’t we have another fight? 」

「Okay, I don’t mind. 」

When I can’t get my mind to settle, I make a mistake with my strength. As a result, I send Patrick flying.

「I’m so sorry, please forgive me. 」

I frantically apologize while using recovery magic. And I can feel the painful stare from my surroundings.

Patrick opened his eyes and got up. I’m glad that he didn’t lose consciousness.

「I’m fine, and the pain is gone. I’ve always thought that the recovery magic feels comfortable. 」

「It looks bad, though. 」

His face looks bitter when he remembers how his flesh swollen up and his wound recover.

「To be able to use dark magic, Yumiela is amazing. 」

「I’m just lucky. 」

The magic attribute that can be used is sometimes determined when they are born. Denying his words, Patrick shakes his head.

「It is not. If I can use dark magic, I might hide my ability.

Just like with the hair, Yumiela didn’t deny it. It’s not something that I can do. 」

When I heard that, there’s one thing that comes in my mind.

「Was Yumiela able to use dark magic from birth? 」

In the game, it was explained that when Yumiela falls into the darkness, she could use dark magic. But the truth might be different.

At school, in-game Yumiela is hiding her ability to use dark magic. If that’s the case, she must have hated the heroine, who was loved by everyone around her and proudly using her light magic.

「Huh? Yumiela could use dark magic, couldn’t she? 」

I thought about myself in the game when Patrick looked at me strangely, I tell him not to worry.  


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