Chapter 37: The alchemist returns to the castle

Alchemist McDawn POV

“I knew Neko-san must be an exceptional mage.”

On her way back, the alchemist girl talks to herself. 

“Not to mention the pencil… Neko-san is talented enough to create something like that. I guess the reason Neko-san lives quietly in the forest as a cat is because Neko-san prefers not to be disturbed.”

Neko-san must be a retired mage that is tired of being treated as a genius by the rest of the world. I can understand that feeling, she thought. 

“Neko-san also didn’t look too happy when I gave the money. I guess money isn’t something a cat needs.”

It wasn’t because he had a lot of money that it didn’t trouble him, but he simply didn’t spend the money, and she didn’t know that. 

“The one who defeated the Basilisk must be Neko-san, too.”

But, if she reported what had happened, she would disturb Neko-san’s retired life. 

“Yup. I have to make sure not to tell anyone about Neko-san.”

Although she had heroes escorting her as a precaution, she thought she could go alone next time. If anyone asks what she is doing, she would tell them that she’s looking for a secret ingredient. 

With that thought, Nico returned to the town and arrived at the castle. But the castle was noisier than usual. 

“Master Nico! Are you alright?”

A soldier came rushing towards her.

“What’s wrong?”

“Huft! There’s a report of Sylph the Demon King’s sighting in the Franbel Forest! His Majesty was about to faint when he heard that Nico-sama and the heroes went to the forest.”

Demon King Sylph is in the forest?


“The heroes said they didn’t see anything in the forest… But, someone from the Adventurers Guild did.”

“Recently, I’ve heard the news that some Adventurers Guild members have been lying about the Basilisk subjugation?”

“It’s no wonder that people are suspicious about it, there’s a letter written about it in the sky. [I’m the ruler of this forest]. The magic in those letters must be the Demon King’s work.”

Upon hearing the soldier’s words, I looked in the forest direction. 

Sure enough, something is written using lightning. 

“Therefore, you are requested to refrain from entering the forest for a while.”


During my next visit, I would give Neko-san a lot of tribute and learn valuable knowledge from him. 

The appearance of the Demon King means that there’s a probability that Neko-san might be moving away. 

Hmm, too bad. 

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