Chapter 50: Poor flamberge

Though I knew the way to the castle since I walked according to human pace, we arrived in the evening. 

There was a carriage parked at the forest entrance, and we were told to get on it, which we did. 

Ueeeeek! Several minutes into the ride, I threw up. 

“Whoa?! Neko-san, are you alright?”

McDawn-kun, who sat next to me, worried about me. 

Come to think of it, cats are prone to motion sickness because of their superior semicircular canals. 

I wrote, [I’ll walk by myself.] and got out of the carriage. 

Forgive me, but I’ll leave the cleaning to you. 

I went straight into the town and on my way to the royal castle, I saw a familiar stone statue at the castle gate. 

“Grawwwrr! (I told you, I’m Flamberge the Holy Dragon!

Hey, stop attacking me with the bow and arrow for god’s sake!).”

“Damn it! What the hell is wrong with this gargoyle?

There’s not a single scratch on it!”

The stone statue I had given offering on Flamberge’s grave was caught in a rain of arrows from the castle.

“Caww! Caww! (Hey, mysterious cat!

They can’t understand my telepathy!

Tell them it is I, Flamberge, the Holy Dragon!).”

Flamberge’s spirit resides in that stone statue.

And since we can’t communicate, we are probably being treated as suspicious and are being attacked. 

“What the hell happened? There’s a gargoyle in front of the castle!

They’re part of the Demon King’s army!”

The soldiers who were escorting me also joined in the attack. 

What am I going to do?

I tugged on McDawn-kun and wrote, [Stop the attack.]

“No—, I don’t think I have the authority to do that.”

[Isn’t that Flamberge, the Holy Dragon?]

“Eh? The legendary dragon that became Flamberge Kingdom’s symbol?

Hahaha, the dragon is already dead, Neko-san. 

That thing must be a dragon-shaped gargoyle.”

When I told them they were wrong, they didn’t listen to me. The stone statue realized what I was doing, he became disheartened and took off toward the forest.

“Uwaaaaaahhhh! We’ve managed to fight off a magical beast—!”

The soldiers raised their fists in the air, their voices loud and clear.

Is this alright?

Even though they look different, isn’t that this kingdom’s symbol or something?

“The gate looked like it was open, let’s go.”

I followed McDawn-kun. 

Somehow I feel sorry for Flamberge, I’ll offer him some meat when this is over.

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