Chapter 76: Mix everything

I split up with Mac and headed back to the woods. 

Returning to the woodhouse, Flamberge’s stone statue greeted me. 

“Graaarrw (Welcome home, wonder cat).”

“Nyaa— (I’m back.).”

While greeting Flamberge, I took a black chunk of adamantine. 

The impurities can be removed using [Separation Alchemy].

It is heated and softened by applying an electric current using [Lightning] and then processed with a fingernail. 

Recently I realized that [Lightning] is a skill capable of manipulating electric currents. 

For example, it is helpful for processing metals whose melting point is too high to be melted in a furnace. 

This is no longer what you would call lightning, but it’s a minor detail. 

I am making a propeller attached with blades. 

In the center is a square hole where a rod is inserted as a center axis. 

The mithril chunk is processed into a stick shape and fitted into place. 

The stick has a steering wheel-like handle, which, when turned around, spins the propeller. 

Another mithril chunk is taken out and heated with electric current to make it into a drum. 

At the bottom, I make a place to fit the stick with the propeller I mentioned earlier. 

After setting the propeller stick, the manual hand mixer is complete. 

Alright, let’s try using it. 

Then, I dump the wood chips and water into the mixer and use [Accelerated Alchemy] to put the wood in the same state as if it had been soaked in water for weeks. 

After that, mix everything using the mixer. 

“Grawwrrrr (What are you doing?).”

“Nyaa— (I’m making paper).”

“Grrwwr (???)”

For about 10 minutes, I stirred it with a mixer. 

Okay, that should be enough. 

Now I need to drain the water while spreading it out thinly. 

Once the wood has been shaped into a frame, I pour the plant fiber paste I made with a mixer. 

After that, I use [Accelerated Alchemy] to make it as if it had been dried for a few days. 

As I expected, you can’t make the right thickness in one try. 

After trying a few times and getting the hang of it, I made about 20 large sheets of paper. 

By cutting them down to A4 size, I should be able to make about ten sheets from one large sheet of paper. 

“Nyanko-san~ I’m home~.

Wow! I’ve never seen parchment paper before!”

“Aurene, wait for me.


Aurene has climbed over the wall in one swift movement. 

Sylph baa-san used a ladder propped against the stone wall to climb over. 

The sun is already setting. 

I must cook dinner soon. 

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