Day 24: Kimakura.’s dark side

Day 24 login

After finishing work and other chores at home, take a breather and log in to Kimakura. But first, let’s do some research. 

The subject of my research was Rylstein-chan. Since I have never encountered her in my shop, how could I meet and socialize with her? 

And I want to know more about the date events. 

After picking through the various site that was listed in the search, I found—

[The requirements for Rylstein’s visit]
・Must be a Chef, Tailor, or Artisan
・The shop must have a display of sweets, women’s clothes, or accessories
・Have not completed all the job beginner-level missions or reached level 60 or higher
・Don’t advance Ciel Shanta’s communicative mission progress beyond level 2
・Don’t raise Ciel Shanta’s favorability


[Does that mean I have to be a Chef, Tailor, or Artisan to interact with Rylstein?]

[Starting level 50, you can enter and leave the noble town, where you can meet Ryl and gain experience raising her favorability.]


<※ Whether aiming for a visit or meeting in a noble town, don’t get involved with Ciel Shanta. Rylstein’s favorability and Ciel Shanta’s favorability are supposed to be inversely proportional. It is impossible to meet with Rylstein when Ciel Shanta’s mission [Ciel’s Fashion Check!] progress is more than level 2. Should Ciel come into the shop, ignore her or, if she starts a conversation, don’t give her specific comments about fashion. If it’s a choice answer, choose the [I don’t know] type of response.>


Incidentally, I spotted a horrifying video titled ‘[Ryl Kakin] Spending 500.000 yen to win Rylstein’s date event [Yabai www]’.

The main idea of the content is that the poster tries to win Rylstein’s date event limited to one person per month.

The player with the highest increase in favorability for the character in question will be given the right to a date. If the character is popular, the final result will be a battle of in-game purchases. 

The poster is raising 500.000 yen from supporters through crowdfunding to win the battle against a hardcore Rylstein fan.

Having won the number two most popular Mikoto for 100.000 yen, OP is proud to say that it has raised sufficient money for its war funds. The fact that the entire process, including fundraising, is entertainment means that the enemy can easily read your cards. 

They added another 500.000 yen from their pocket to the 500.000 yen collected without informing their supporters. In total, 1.000.000 yen was poured into Kimakura.

The result is defeat. Rylstein went on a date with another player, while OP donated a large sum of money to Kimakura. It was gruesome. 

To summarize, I will only be able to meet Rylstein after I have reached at least level 50. And after I cut ties with Ciel.

Also, I need to pay 1.000.000 yen in real money to date Rylstein. 

This was the moment I came to know Kimakura.’ dark side.


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・General】

[Tori Tamago]
It’s the worst~|
The boss found me in a bustling jungle, and I was barely escaping when a squall hit me
I died from the massive sludge

Be prepared for squalls since there’s a good chance it’s going to rain

[Southern Hemisphere Migratory Bird Bureau of Investigation]
Is the weather probability random everywhere?

There are regional differences. Some have more rain, some have more sunshine

It rains a lot in Shirahae, while it rarely rains in Lestein

You should take care of yourself

Shirahae is a gardener’s paradise!|
No need to water the plants

In the forest with Tefana
Has this already been posted?

I’ve never seen it before

This is my first time seeing it

I followed her everywhere, and I haven’t seen it
Does this have something to do with the management
I’m not going there

Tefana is the forest guardian. It’s not surprising she’s there
If you’re her stalker, you should patrol the forest too

I knew it was weird
Magdalene’s mission should have been opened up, but it didn’t change when I met Magdalene
Maybe this is the starting point

[Tori Tamago]
Does this mean that Giltoa and Magdalene have paired routes?

[Piano Jam]
This is going to make Giltoa’s fans crazy

What about Magdalene’s?


First, take off the mask
Then, talk

There’s an aesthetics for that

The pairing on the official introduction page suggests that this is a possibility, so it doesn’t surprise me

After the event, the players who are shown in the video look like Ling and Yoshio

That’s right, but…

[Milk Kingdom]
You’re part of Yoshio’s party, aren’t you?
The regulars are Yoshio, Lingling, Zoebel, and who else?

ee has taken over my spot
Gatherers are often doing their things unnoticed

And lately, you don’t deny it
Even if ee said something
I’d be happy to take their spot

[Pan Festa]
This is it LOL|
>> Lingling: for some reason, you are mistaken, but ee is not our party member
>>KUDOU-S1: oh, really?

[Piano Jam]
Are Ciel’s fans still breathing?

If you’re logging in, it’s normal

[Piano Jam]
Oh, yeah
I used to see him around Danama a lot, but he hasn’t been around lately

Maybe because we’ve been active in Lestein for a while now

Recently he built a second house in Lestein
He originally had one in the noble town, but I think he’s building another one in a remote area and messing around with the housing a lot
And he says things like, “I want to make love to Ciel-sama’s in a quiet place….”

It’s beyond nasty and pathetic

It’s starting to look a little less like a noble form of love

[Milk Kingdom]
No, it’s gross w

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