Chapter 60: Mac’s acclaimed fairy tale

When I knocked on the door, I was greeted by Nancy. 

“Oh, welcome back, Nell. 

You were able to buy so many. 

By the way, who’s that?”

“Her name is Niko and she is weird!”

“Hello, oneesan.”

Niko curtsied. 

I was concerned that her wig might come off, but she seemed okay. 

“The little lady had more meat than she could carry, so I offered to help her carry it.”

“Maa, thank you for taking the time to do this. 

Hey, Nell. 

Don’t call oniisan who helped you weird.”

“This person is a woman, right?”

“I’m a woman.”

“Eh? Ahahaha.”

Having misidentified Mac’s gender, Nancy awkwardly accepted the meat. 

After that, she went off to the kitchen to take her time. 

It was still too early for lunch. 

“See you, Niko-san. Bye, bye.”

[See you.]

“Hold on, guys! I want to talk to Neko-san more!”

[Come visit my house in the forest later.]

“At the moment, the forest is off-limits because of the elf and gargoyle’s presence.

This is the only chance for me to talk to you!”

Flamberge’s appearance seems to have made people more cautious about the forest. 

The conversation is getting more and more complicated. 

“Please, Neko-san, I wanna hear all your wonderful knowledge.”

I think you’re getting too attached to me, Mac. 

“Neko-san’s story? I wanna listen, too.”

We went into Nell and Nancy’s bedroom. 

And I was supposed to tell them a story. 

[What do you want to hear about?]

“I want to hear your knowledge about magic, Neko-san!”

I refused because I didn’t know the slightest thing about magic. 

“What about your favorite book?”

At her request, I decided to tell her one of my favorite stories, Alice in Wonderland

She’s thrilled. 

At first Mac looked bored, but then she gradually became interested and finally asked me to give her the board I had written on. 

“This is amazing!

This is one of the most interesting fairy tales I’ve ever heard.

I’ll ask the King’s publishing house to create the book for you!
It’ll sell like hotcakes!”

Later on, the book became a bestseller not only in the Flamberge Kingdom but all over the world. I had no way of knowing that at the time. 

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