Chapter 75: Typewriter

Instead of going back to the forest the next day, I headed to the workshop in town with Mac. 

There were about eight dwarf-like males inside the workshop. 

“Good afternoon, everyone.”

Mac greeted them. 

According to Mac, dwarves are good at blacksmithing. 

The government is protecting them because they are friendly to humans. 

“Wow, there are so many kamados!”

Nell is delighted to see many kamados lined up in the workshop. 

“Oh, Nico-danna!

The mithril chunks Nico-danna made for me were pretty good!

It allowed me to make some fine armor for my soldiers!”

“That’s good to know. 

By the way, I have a favor to ask for Neko-san—”

“Huh, what?


“Nyaa— (Hello).”

The little old man looks at me. 

“Haha, is this the Cat Sith you’re referring to?”

“Something like that.”

I take out my wooden board and write, [No].

Stop giving me weird nicknames. 

“Oh! You can understand the human language!

That’s amazing!”

“Neko-san is awesome!”

Even though it’s not about her, Nell looks proud of it.

“Let me hear what you want.”

I showed him the typewriter blueprints I drew last night after everyone had gone to bed. 

Before my death, I did most of the illustrations for the conference myself. 

It’s too expensive to outsource.

Many labs were always in a dire financial situation. 

The dwarf takes a look at the wooden board with the blueprints.

He holds it up.

His hands are shaking.


“What’s wrong?

Was it technically difficult?”

“Sure, it’s hard, but not so hard that you can’t do it.

More importantly… this is a great idea.

A machine that writes letters is unbelievable.”

The uncle takes a bottle of sake out of his pocket and drinks. 

Please don’t drink during the day.

“Pfft! Yoshh! 

Nico-danna! I will take care of it!”

“And how long will it take you to do it?”

“At least a week, no, maybe a month.”

“Alright, thank you.

The King will cover the cost.”

“Thank you for your continued patronage!”

We leave the workshop.

Mac is going to pick it up when it’s finished. 

In the meantime, I’m going to start making paper. 

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