Day 17: Takenaka

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“Ah, hello, good afternoon. I’m sorry to have called you out on such short notice.”

“No, no, don’t mention it. I’m the one who requested to meet you in person. Or rather….”

—it was a man!

I almost choked in surprise, but I swallowed it down. 

Takenaka-san was a human with striking round gray eyes. He was dressed in an Arabian costume and carried a pole taller than he was, a large bell on the tip. 

I assumed he was a woman since he was attracted to my super burikko outfit and responded to my message. The text messages were also very feminine, with meticulous attention to detail. 

No, but could he be a woman inside?

Kimakura doesn’t allow you to disguise your gender based on your status, but you are free to create your character and wear whatever you want. I think some people play with the opposite sex’s appearance.

I was meeting Takenaka-san today at a small fountain plaza near the library. 

I had many questions about how to contact the client. In the end, I decided to meet him face to face because it would be smoother to talk directly with him about his requests for item production. 

He didn’t seem like a bad guy, which was apparent from his text, so I didn’t have the option of ignoring him. When I checked the store where I purchased the buttons, I found that the owner was Takenaka-san. 

So, here we are. 

“I see you came in that outfit.”

“Ah, I did. This is the outfit Takenaka-san liked, isn’t it?”

I spread my arms out with an embarrassed smile so he could see the whole picture. 

Then, Takenaka-san put his hand on his chin and nodded in admiration. 

“As expected of Boutique-san. I’m relieved to see that you’ve got some guts.”

Eh? Why is his impression of my outfit like that? I mean, he thinks my name is Boutique?!

“Ah, excuse me! You are Vivia-san, right? I remember. No~, I think you probably received some negative comments because of this commotion.”

“Ah, yes. I did.”

“I thought that people who were worried about such things might hide for a while or dress plainly, but Vivia-san is very confident, and I’m impressed.”

Makes sense. I did have that thought in my mind, too.

First, in the highly anonymous world of online games, would we be so concerned about what people think of us? 

It’s not like I did anything wrong. I have done nothing wrong.

I was finding it difficult to make such judgments myself, so I used today’s meeting as a light experiment. 

The fountain plaza was just the right location. Neither too close nor too far away from the platform to be exposed to many people while moving. My idea was to walk around in this noticeable and recognizable attire as the person who started the revolution event. The intention was to see how the users would react. 

I planned to rely on Takenaka-san in the worst-case scenario if I were to get involved with a strange person. Although it may not be something that Takenaka-san can do anything about, having a connection with someone can lift my spirits a little. 

“I was totally fine. Sometimes I can feel people looking at me, but no one has approached me. This is why I used it for a light experiment. I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s okay. There is a special culture that is common in the online game, including Kimakura.”

Eh? Is that so? Doesn’t it have a low population problem? What is this special culture?

“Especially people in the forum, there are a lot of hardcore fans and fun-loving people, when there is something to talk about, they immediately jump on it. Have you ever seen the Talk Room, Boutique-san?”

I knew it existed but was unfamiliar with such a basic community tool. While I was stunned by Takenaka’s high specs, he pulled out his multi-tablet to show me the Talk Room. 

Since he was so kind, I’ll let him off the hook for saying my name wrong again. 

“The logs are kept for a certain period of time, so many people read them even if they don’t participate. It’s also a place to share information about the capture information.”

He then scrolls down the screen and shows the scene immediately after the revolution event. Wow, I didn’t know there was such a commotion here. 

Ok, I get it. A certain vibe is common to all of these talk rooms, video comments, and messages in the shop. 

That doesn’t mean I condone unkind words and actions. In short, I don’t think I should be too concerned if someone criticizes me or speaks ill of me. 

I have the impression there aren’t many obsessive people, and they are all very dry, even though they say whatever they want. 

“There are few people who are a little crazy or insane, but….”

“Stop with the smooth-talking.”

“Damn, Kimakura is a place where there aren’t many people who try to interfere with others. It’s a good thing about the people. That’s not to say that there aren’t people who are insane. People like that will eventually come at you no matter where you are or what you do, so you should quickly report them to the management. Boutique-san, you should play with an open mind and a big heart to look down on all the outsiders.”

“I understand….”

Hmm. I learned a lot. 

Kimakura is a world where some people suddenly come barging into conversations as they pass by, dismiss them without even looking at them, and mispronounce other people’s names endlessly. People like that think they are the sanest people. 

Although I’m tempted to go into it like crazy. When in Rome, do as the Romans do….


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・General】

Another production help, please|
The things to do are too constant

Ano, Kimakura. is a production game (whisper

I don’t want to get involved


[Song Sari]
The new character is cute
|She has a sullen young face (*´ω`*)

I don’t want her partner to be like an intellectual yakuza

[Don’t deny it]
I only want a nice intellectual

Eh? Is he her boyfriend?
Was that mentioned in the introduction?

The couple’s characters are usually paired on the introduction page 
There will eventually be an episode event like that

[Behind the shadow]
I don’t want that kind of episode
Are they pushing them for non-normie?

It’s a great delight for the hardcore shipper
I’m thankful for the variety

Is the management going to make partners only for cute girls?

Ryl-sama is for non-normie

[Yoshio www]
Takenaka senpai, gratsss w 
Did you succeed in picking up Boutique-san? LOL

That stuff is old, unemployed kids
The non-celebrity psychopath’s topic is akita

>   Unemployed kids  <
 ̄Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y ̄

[Don’t deny it]
Huh… is this a dream… Sasa is saying something sensible… 

Sasa, for all that they deny everything they say, is saying the right things

[Song Sari]
What do you mean sensible (´・ω・`)


I don’t know what sensible means when I talk to you guys


The regulars here are quick to hold sensibility’s bargain sale

The gestalt collapse of sensibility

[Behind the shadow]
Sensible sensible sensible sensible sensible sensible sensible sensible sensible sensible sensible sensible sensible sensible sensible sensible sensible sensible sensible 

Stop it www

Did you call me? (●・ω・)

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