Vol. 1 Chapter 12: Dragon Subjugation

At the end of the first year of school, when the long spring vacation was approaching, many students invited me to tea parties and parties.

They were told by their parents to extend an invitation to me, so when they invited me, they do it with a fearful voice. When I refused their invitation, they had this complicated expression mixed with relief and disappointment.

Naturally, I was told to come back to my parents’ house. The invitation didn’t even hide the purpose of introducing me to a wonderful person. In the first place, these are the people I’ve never met, and I wouldn’t say 「I’ll go home. 」 to a house I’ve never been to.

There was a place that I really want to visit this spring break. If there’s no invitation for me to go there, I’d still go there on my own. But it would be better if I was invited to go there.

A week before the break started, when I’ve been tired of waiting, she finally talked to me.

「Yu-yumiela-sama, may I speak to you? 」

「Hai, it’s fine, Jessica-san. And you can drop the -sama. 」

Her name is Jessica Monford, and she’s the one I was waiting for.

In the game, she was friend with Alicia, but because of Alicia’s being approached quickly by the capture targets, they have no relationship.

「Yumiela…san, do you have any plans… for the long break? 」

「I don’t have any plans, I’m free. 」

So, invite me to your home.

「Ano, recently, there’s a dragon appearing in Monford, my family’s territory. Right now, livestock is the only damage, but we don’t know when people will be attacked.

The army won’t do anything since there was no human harmed, so I thought Yumiela-san could do something about it. As I thought, you can’t… right? 」

「Let’s subjugate the dragon. 」

That was a prompt decision. I didn’t expect the story to go so well.

This is an important event in the game. In the original scenario, Jessica asks her friend, Alicia, for a help for the crisis in her home territory.

However, because of my irregular influence, they never become friends. And so, at the last straw, Jessica asked for my assistance.

I have my reason for accepting her request. The reward for this event is very attractive.

「Um, is it really okay? 」

Jessica seems to be bewildered because this was going so well. Aren’t you glad? I’m happy that I’m the one you asked for doing this.

The last day of the first year happened without any incident, and now I will come to Monford’s territory for my break.

Jessica, who was afraid of me, on our way inside the carriage she was able to speak to me normally.

Baron Monford’s territory is a place full of nature. Oh, it’s the countryside. It would make sense if a dragon appearing in this territory, there were an uproar.

「I’m home—, I bring someone who can handle the dragon— 」

Jessica announced her return in front of her residence with a loud voice, and the servants came out one by one, delighted at her arrival.

「Welcome home, Ojousama. You bring a friend along. 」

Heh, a friend. It’s a pest control extermination machine.

When we were admitted into the house, we met Jessica’s father. It was a short meeting with Baron Monford.

「Thank you for your invitation. I’m Yumiela Dolknes. 」

「Thank you for coming. However, there’s a dragon appearing in this territory. I might not be able to entertain you so much. 」

Baron Monford said that in an apologetic tone. Eh? You should be talking by letter, right?

「Dad, Yumiela-san is the one who will subjugate the dragon. 」

「Is she as strong as the Demon King as Jessica said? 」

At the Baron’s puzzled expression, remembering Jessica’s explanation. Did you write that I was as strong as the Demon King in your letter? When I threw a sidelong glimpse at her, she explained in a rush.

「Yumiela-san is level 99. Um, and I wrote that Yumiela-san was strong enough to defeat the Demon King, not that Yumiela-san is the Demon King. 」

I saw the Baron still looked doubtful. It’s been a long time since I felt like this.

The next morning, I immediately decided to head for the mountain to get rid of the dragon. And I was kept company by two soldiers as a scout.

Jessica was offering herself to go with me, but I politely reject it since there’s a potential fight that could occur today.

「Hey, why do we have to accompany the noble lady’s selfishness? 」

「It can’t be helped. It was the lord’s order. 」

The two soldiers who accompanied me saw me as a selfish girl who wants to see a dragon. I started to walk around the mountain in quick steps without paying attention to their whispered quarrel.

Halfway up the mountain, I found an open space surrounded by the trees, and I decided to wait for the dragon there.

「Let’s take a short break here. 」

They arrived out of breath in my place and sat down on the ground.

「Ha—a ha—a, young lady, I forgot to say, but I’ll run away as soon as the dragon comes out. Let’s do this sightseeing moderately. 」

Are you still misunderstanding? At this point, you should have known since I don’t even feel out of breath in our walk.

It’s here. I stare at the sky without responding to the soldier’s words.

「W-what is that? That shadow… Is it the dragon? 」

When they looked at the sky, they find a shadow. The shadow gradually gets closer and larger until it reaches the distance that the eyes can see.

「C’mon! Let’s hide! 」

The soldiers quickly hide behind the rocks nearby.

「It looks like they’ve found us. 」

When I told them it’s useless to hide, the dragon was circling around us. Are they on the alert for those who trespass their territory?

As anticipated, the dragon that appeared was a fire-type dragon. The only warning I got before it shoots fire was when the mouth opened.

While looking at the dragon, I think of a way to kill it. If possible, I want to kill it while their body still in perfect condition.

Many of my long-distance magic attacks will erase the dragon remains. And the magic attack that comes from the target’s shadow can’t be applied to an airborne enemy.

「I… I’m done for… I’m going to be eaten by the dragon. 」

Soldier-san, are you have given up already? I decided to give up on getting all the precious raw materials since my companions are in a bad state of mind.

「Black Hole. 」

When I cast my magic, the dragon’s left wing was enveloped in darkness, and then it disappears with the darkness. The dragon, which lost one wing, rotates in a tailspin before hitting the ground.

I tried to stop the finishing blow, but he seemed to be dead after the crash—what a weak dragon.

「Yes! That was amazing, Ojou-chan! 」

They high fives in a moment, and feeling overwhelmed started to shed tears. They felt moved, but didn’t they tell me to handle the dragon myself on our way here?

「It’s okay to feel happy, but we’re not done yet. 」

Even though the fire dragon has been defeated, but it’s not over yet. The dragon that settled in this mountain is a pair.

In the game, the boss is said to have a fire attribute, so many of the players reinforced themselves with water-type weapons and fire-resistant armor. However, after defeating the fire dragon, they will fight with a wind attribute dragon.

And of course, the second one was stronger. It’s a trap event where you must take countermeasures against wind attributes.

Suddenly, a roar echoed all over the mountain. I wonder if he’s angry about his wife being killed? Or perhaps it was her husband.

The wind-type dragon flew out of the forest near the summit into the sky, coming straight towards us. As expected, the wind-type speed is different from the previous one.

「Oh, watch out! 」

The soldier shouts when they see the dragon about to attack me, but there is no problem.

The dragon stopped before my eyes.

「Shadow Lance. 」

The lances extended from the shadow that attacked them was the cause of their defeat. The countless number of lances was protruding from my shadow. The dragon was stitched up in the air and died.

The soldiers had been on a roller coaster of emotion twice, feeling resigned to their death, they seemed to have aged.

I asked them to come down to bring more people to transport the dragon. This way, I can get the goods I want.

Did you ever wonder why suddenly a pair of dragons appeared and settled on this mountain? They do that to raise their child. They attacked the livestock because they have no time to hunt for monsters.

As soon as I looked at the area around where the second dragon appeared, I found the nest. Things went so well that I ended up smirking.

The dragon’s egg sitting in the nest is just what I’m looking for.


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