Vol. 3 Chapter 03: How the world works

Remn was alive. I don’t want to be a murderer, especially a God killer. Can you even kill a God?

After Remn woke up, he showed Patrick how to get in and out of the shadows. Once he agreed to share the information, we decided to listen to what he had to say. 

“Hmm, where do I start?”

“You can start from how you do the shadow thingy. Can I do it? Do you have any tips for someone who wants to learn?”

“Ah, that was something I’m privy to. Onee-san won’t be able to do it, no matter how hard you try.”

“I see. There is nothing more to ask. You can leave.”

I pointed to my feet. As soon as he said I couldn’t learn his ability, my interest in him rapidly faded. 

When I looked at him with cold eyes, he looked back up at me. 

“Aren’t you curious about my identity? Do you believe me when I say I’m a God?”

“God or not, it doesn’t make any difference.”

“You’re my miko, remember?”

“It’s either I’m your Onee-san or your miko, pick one.”

I don’t even care anymore. It’s enough for me to know that I cannot enter the shadows. 

Patrick asked, can’t bear looking at Remn’s slightly teary eyes. 

“Are you really a God? I’ve never heard your name.”

“That was what I thought as well. It’s suspicious, isn’t it?”

“I know you aren’t an ordinary kid since you can appear from the shadows… I’m sorry for doubting you.”

“Onii-san is so kind.”

He gave Patrick a fleeting smile. 

They are both beautiful, it would make a good picture. I’ll keep my mouth shut. I’m a houseplant. 

“No wonder Onii-san doesn’t know my name. Because their faith in me has already been lost… No, is that even the right term?”

“Does this mean that the faith in you is now revived? Is this related to you calling Yumiela your miko?”

“You are very perceptive. Let’s see, how should I articulate this… faith power? Onee-san managed to give me enough.”

They both looked in my direction. No, I’m not doing such a thing. Houseplant time is over. 

“I didn’t believe in God or anything until yesterday.”

“I’m sure the faith in me will flourish here.”

“Do you know the exact location where you feel the faith in you flourish?”

“Of course, it’s within walking distance from here.”

Then it’s definitely happening within my territory. I don’t like the idea that there’s an unknown religion forming in my territory. One way or another, I’m gonna get dragged into it, aren’t I? 

How did a lost faith resurface in our territory? And why did the Dark God faith cease to exist? I had lost track due to his beautiful appearance, but there’s a possibility that he’s an evil god. 

“I have a question. Can you explain to me exactly what a Dark God is?”

“Isn’t that too abstract? Alright. I’m one of the six gods that were born at the same time as this world was created. As God of Darkness, I rule many things like darkness, night, moon, dream, illusion, and monster—”

“Wait a minute. Did you say God of Monsters? Isn’t that the enemy of humanity?”

I can understand why his faith ceased to exist. 

I raised my guard around him. I could feel Patrick’s trepidation next to me. 

The history of this world is inseparably tied to monsters. Monsters have destroyed countless nations, and wars have been fought for the territory where monsters don’t appear. 

Remn sighed and waved his hand.

“It’s not like that. Monsters are essential to the world’s metabolism, they help to circulate magical power around the world. They’re a natural phenomenon. It’s like how people need water, but too much water could kill them.”

“Are you saying that you created the monsters for the sake of the world?”

“That’s not completely true. When I was born, the world’s structure was almost complete. I only created dungeons and magic tools. I thought I did my best for the humans by gathering and limiting monsters in inhospitable underground places and giving them tools that they couldn’t create with their own hands.”

Remn turned away with a pout. That childish behavior might be something that will catch us off guard. 

Magic tools are useful. The human-made magic tools seem to be made using inspiration from the dungeon’s magic tools and they use magic stones from monsters for power. 

There is no doubt that he is enriching our lives.

However, I know this because I have memories from my previous life. The magic tools are helping people but at the same time, they’re hindering the advancement of science. The technology in this world has been stagnant for hundreds of years. 

He gave them tools for their sake. Just like a parent who cares for his child. Can parents who merely provide for their child end up hindering their child’s growth? Would a God who only gives be an enemy or an ally to mankind?

These unusual and difficult questions can’t help but make me think in silence. Patrick also remained silent, as if he had something in mind. 

When Remn saw our expression, he stopped pretending to sulk and continued talking. 

“It’s hard to level up without monsters, right? By defeating monsters whose entire body is made up of mana, people can gain power.”

“Remn-sama! I’m sorry for doubting you. You are amazing. Let’s build a temple next time.”

So he was the God of Leveling Up. Why didn’t you say that earlier? Remn-sama is the real deal. 

Science’s advancement? What’s that? It’s none of my business. To be honest, I don’t care. 

Patrick bowed his head on his knees and whispered to himself. 

“Is that what you want? …I guess it’s the usual, then.”

“Oh, this kind of behavior is normal for Onee-san?”

Did they think I was someone who only cared about leveling up? I’m so disappointed. 

No matter, I need to level up. But my level has been capped at 99, maybe God knows a way to overcome that limit.

“Remn-sama, do you know how to unlock the level cap?”

“I have seen what you’re capable of, talking to you in person is overwhelming.”

“What do you think? Is there a level higher than level 99?”

I raised my head and made eye contact. If you ask sincerely, I’m sure he’ll answer. Look at those pure eyes. They’re not the eyes of someone who’s trying to level up and do bad things, are they?

“Onee-san, your eyes are scaring me.”

“Unlocking the level cap.”

“—There are many ways to do it. Because level cap are the laws of this world, it only works in one world—”

I’m only asking for a specific methodology. I don’t care if it’s the law of the world or a theory. 

I said nothing but kept staring at his eyes. In his black pupils, I can see the reflection of a woman’s intimidating stare. 

“Alright, alright, I’ll share with the class. Stop looking at me like that. Before we get into that there is an order to this story, let’s start with how the world works. Believe it or not, countless worlds exist outside of this world, called parallel worlds.”

“Do you mean different continents?

Patrick asked in doubt. I knew from firsthand experience that there are different worlds, but I guess it’s something unbelievable for him.

“Not like that. Everything in the world exists in more than one. The sun, the moon, the continents, the people, everything in the world does exist in places that never intersect.”

How that story relates to unlocking the level cap is still a mystery to me, but I can’t bear to leave Patrick confused. 

To help him understand the different worlds, I gave him supplementary explanations. 

“Different worlds have different continental shapes, civilizations, and no magic… right?”



“That’s not parallel worlds, you are referring to different worlds altogether? Theoretically, it exists but since it was beyond my scope, I can’t for sure say that it exists.”

Right, he didn’t say it was another world but parallel universes instead. It’s not a fantasy but a science fiction one. I’m sorry for confusing you, Patrick.

“I see. The parallel world is basically the same as this world, but with some differences in details.”

“See! Onee-san is surprisingly smart!”

I grew up watching many secret devices, so I have a basic knowledge of science fiction. Did I ever see a parallel universe in those? I wonder if Doraemon’s what-if phone box is a parallel universe.

Listening to our conversation gave Patrick a vague idea of what we were talking about. 

“So, a world identical to this one exists and the same people exist in that world, too. Is that correct?”

“Yeah, something like that.”

“Yumiela and I also exist in that world?”

“We have as many Onii-san as there are worlds. And Onee-san, too.”

A parallel universe, huh. It’s not surprising that this kind of thing exists since there are other worlds.

What does that have to do with unlocking the level cap? Please elaborate. 

“As I said, level caps are laws that only work inside a specific world. Now, try to imagine a tree. One of the countless branches is this world. For each branch, there is one of you.”

“One branch is a single world?”

“Yes. When you exist in your respective world, the level cap will continue to work. If you wanna unlock the level cap, instead of a branch dweller you need to become a tree dweller.”

From a branch dweller to a tree dweller. His phrasing is a little weird but I get what he was saying. 

If we can go from being this world’s residents to all those countless parallel worlds’ residents…. Isn’t that impossible?

“Is that even possible?”

“There are several ways to do it. You could defeat the tree dweller or beings of a higher rank than you.”

“Higher rank… you mean like God? Would defeating Remn-sama unlock the level cap?”

“Fufu, would you like to try?”

Remn replied with a devilish smile on his face.

Alright, then I have one thing to do.

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