Chapter 46: Camping in the graveyard

Aurene and I are hiding in the bushes where we could see our house, keeping an eye on the situation. 

“The supply units have arrived!”

“You’re late! We are starving here!”

It seemed that a group of people carrying a large amount of cargo had arrived at the location.

They were probably here to supply the soldiers with supplies. 

The roads in the forest are bad enough for wagons to pass through.

The soldiers stationed around my house don’t seem to have touched the stockpile in my warehouse. 

Could they be wary of being poisoned?

However, they took the meat I gave them earlier and ate it, probably because they couldn’t resist their hunger. 

“Did you notice anything unusual on the way?”

“Nothing? It was so peaceful it was frightening.”

They started eating, drinking, and generally making a lot of noises. 

By now, it was completely dark. 

They built a fire and kept a watchful eye around it.

Can’t they use magic to light the fire?

“What are you going to do now, Nyanko-san?”

[What do you mean?]

“The first option, we will kill them all and reclaim our house~.

The second option, I will put them all to sleep, capture them, and reclaim our house~.

And the last option, we are going to camp out somewhere else~.”

[The last option.]

“Alrighty, let’s go~.”

We moved away from the bushes. 

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

We walked through the forest, relying on the moonlight until we found a place that looked like a good camping location. 

…The location was in front of the ancient dragon, Flamberge’s grave. 

“This is the place~.”

Of all places, this is the one she choose~

This place is haunted!

This world seems like a fantasy, and I assume some kind of spirit exists here. 

I glanced at Flamberge’s grave. 

There were words written in front of the grave that I hadn’t seen earlier. 

It said, [Next time, I want to eat magic stones.]

“Nya—! (L-look! It’s here!).”

“What’s wrong, Nyanko-san~?”

[The ghost asked for magic stones!]

“Ghost? Magic stone? What is this about~?”

Before I could point it out to Aurene, they were gone. 

It was as if they had already conveyed enough messages. 


I swear I’m being haunted. 

“Nyanko-san is scared~.

Please give me some light~.

I’ll make a simple bed here~.”

I cast the light spell with my magic. 

While Aurene was engrossed in her work, I gave the Basilisk’s magical stone as an offering. 

The magic stone disappeared. 

Then, other new words appeared, [Please give me a doll to possess. I’ll make it worthwhile.]

Errr, a doll to possess?

This ghost is probably Flamberge-san, which means the doll is in dragon shape, right?

I retrieve a huge rock mixed with mithril ore from my four-dimensional space. 

“Huh?! Nyako-san, what’s with the sparkling rock!”

Disregarding Aurene’s comments, I scrape the rock with my claws. 

It took about three hours to complete the dragon statue. 

“Nyanko-san, the bed for us is finished~.”

Aurene had completed our sleeping space.

The cot is made of bamboo tied with ivy. 

I made an offering with the statue. 

I also include some wild boar meat skewers in the offering. 

Are you satisfied, ghost-san?

Please stop haunting me. 

I sleep in the cot, scared to death. 


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